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Poetry: Arouse Thee, Soul!

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Arouse thee, Soul! God mude thee not to sleep Thy hoor of death, in doing nauht - away; He gave thee power to keep, O! use it for his glory while you may, Arout?e thee, Soul! Arouse thee, SouJ! O there is much to da For thee, if thou would'st work for human kind The misty Future through, A greatneas loom - 'sis rriind awakeited nnnd! Arouse thee, Soul! Arouse thee, Sou!, Shake ofF thy sltiggiishness, As ehakes the lark the dew drop frorn its wing, Make but or.e Error Jes - One truth--th:ne ofiering to mind's altar bring! Arouse thee, Soul! Arouse thee, Soul! Be whnt thou 6iirely art, An cmanation from the Deity A fluttererof that heart Which filis ali Nature, aan, and earth, and eky A rouse thee, Soul ! Arou8ö thee, Soul! And let the dody do Some worthy deed for human hnppiness To joih, when üfe ia through, Unto.thy name; that Angels may boto bless, Arouse thee, Soul! Arouse thee, Soul! Leave of the earth; - And, if the body be not strong to dare, To blessed thoughts give birth, High as yon Heaven; sure as ileaven's air, Arouee thee, Soul! Arouse thee, Soul! ■ . Or sleep for evermore, And be what all nonentities have been- Crawl on till lire is o'er: If to bc atight but this tliou e'er dost mean, j Arouse thee, Soul!