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To the Señale and JIouseoReprescniaiïvesqftAè U. S. Ifahy peoplO ever had cause to render1 up íhanks totheSupremebeing for paternal ca re and r rbtection extended to thera ia all the trials and difficulties to which they have been frorh time to tirno exposed," we certainly are that people. From the first settlemeut of our forefathers on thia continent- through the dangers attendant upon the occupation of a savage wilderness- through a long period of Colonial dependence - throügh the war of the Revolution - in the wisdom which led to tho adoption of the existingrepublican forma of Government- in thé hazards incident to a war subsequently waged with one of the most power ful natíonáof the earth- in the inerease of pur population - in the spread of our arts and sciences. and in the strength and durability conferred oix political institutions emanating from the people and sustained by their will - tho superintendance of an overruing Providence hasbeen plaiiily visible. As' pre-" paratory, therefore, to entering once more upon the high duties of legislation," it becomes us humby to acknowledge our dependence upon Him as our guide and protector, and to implore a cohtinuance of his parental watchfulness over our be- loved country. We have new cause for the expression of our gratitude inJ tha: preservatiori of the health óf our fellow citizens, with some partial and local ex-' cepüons, during the past season- for the abundance with which the earth has yielded up ils fruiis to' thé labörs of thé hus-' bandman - for the renewed activity which has bëeri impartéd to Cqmmèrce-for tHo' revival of trade in all its departments- for the incréased'rewards attendant oh theexercise oí the mechanic arts- for the continued growth of our population and the rapidly reviving prosperity of thé whole country. I shall be permitted to e.xchange congratulatións Wilh you, gentlemen of the two houses of on these auspicious circu insta nces, and to assure you in advanceoFrtiy ready disposi-' tionto Cohcur withyou in the adöpt'ioh öf sucli measures as shall be calculated tö increase the happiness of our constituents and to adVance the glory of our coramon coup.íy. , Since the adjournment of Cungress," the Executive has relaxed no effort to render indestructible the relations of amity Avhiclx sohappily êxlst between thé tJnifed States and oiher coiuitries. The tvcaty Jately concluded with Great Britain has tended greally fo increase the.good understand-' hig v. lach a recipro'ciíy of interest is calculated to encourage,' and it is most ardently tobehoped that nolhing may transpire to interrupt the relations of amity vvhich it is so obviously the policy of both uatio.ns to cultívate.A questlon of rnuch importance slill ro-" maiñs ío be adjusted beíween." them. Tho territorial limits of the tvo countries' ín rclation ío' what is coïnmonly Itnown as the Oregon territory, stil] remain in dispute. The Uniícd Stufés tfould be at all times indisposed lo agrandize themselves at the expense of any oth'er íiation; but x'hile they would b'e resírained by principies of honor, which should govern Úi& conduct of nations as wéll as that of individuáis, from setting up a demand for territory whichdocs not bclong to them, théy would as unwillingly consent tó a surreñder of their rights.' After fhe faost rigid, and as furas practicable, unbiassed examination of the subject, the United States have ahvays contended tïmt their rights appcrtain ío the entire región of country lying on fhe Pacific, and embraced ú;ithin the forty second and fifty-fourth 40' of North latitude; This claim' behig controvcrtcdby Great Britain:those who preceded the present Ërcccutive, actuated no doubt, by an earnest desire to' adjust the natter u'pon terms rauïually satisfactory :o botïi countries, have caused to be subuittcd to the Br-itish própoitions for scttlement and final adjustment,which hpwever have not proved heretoforè accept'able fo' it.' Oú? Minister' at London has, under instructichs, ga in brought the subject to the cbnsideratioh of that' GoVerrirnèht; and vhile nothing Avill' bc done to compromit liie rights and honor of the States; overy proper expedient will be rcsorted tó irf order to bring tlie negociatibn now in pi-ogress of to a speedy and happy tennination; In the meaAtirae it is proper to remark that many of our citizeris are either already established in the territory or are oii their Way tliither for the purposè ófforming ncrmaiicnt sotllcments," wluie others are preparing to foüow - and in view of these facts, I m-st rcpfcat the recommendation continucd in previoua' meesages, for the establishment of milita.ry posts, at such places on tho lino of .travel, as will furnish sx:ur!ty añd: pro-'


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