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The whL nd democra pnrties in thaf State nppenr to have mited their efibrtp. at hmw, to prevent the growth of the üherty party by enacinj vy pnod stn'.w !iws. They also gravrly mtnict thoir dcloation in congfre6f on anti-slavery pnbjpc'F, hut pieh nstriirtinn-have üttle or no nfl tence-, the deleptes vvHI that no'lttnjf wn seriotiely intended or deeired by the pnrties whtch tlipy represent. At Wat-ninton in the nationn! governtnent, where the Tree etatcs clueflv Come In contact wMj the slave power, and where party intereets Wotild be emlangerd by Viporous cfiort. therenothingr js dono, nor is ihy complaitit tnaáe for doingr hothinj;. Mr. Slade. eiutíe his paHicipation in the Harrison and Ty!er caHipaigij, hts scarcely been heard from on the snbjoc. The followinjr latv is exoollcnt on the point to Whieh it relato, tt tvill be seen that the Ct is different froth What we publishod two weeks since, the sennte havingf afterwnn!? inSfcrted the fst-ovïsfi nfter tection 3, probnb'y fetrlng it would Confíict wiih the United States Constitutie).- JËx. Paper. No. l5.--Aír Aart, töh tflK PRörftCTiON oípersonal LlSKRTt.It is hereby fehafc'fid by ihe Genern] Assctnbiv of thfc Sute of Vennoht, as foílotts: Site. Í. Ño court öf refcord ih this Statr, noranyjudjrethereöf, 0 justice of the peare nor other rnagislrate, adlitig under the aulhority of thia Slhte, shall hereaft er take co?öiüatioh of, of grant ny certifícate warrnnj or other proci-99, in atiy cape nmwg tinder tcciinli three of b act of tongrptg, passeri Pebildfy tWel'tli, Veríteen hunrfrpd rtniJ ninety-three, entjtld 'an net rpet:t irijj fügitive from jtioric', afid per8on sfiapiiie fforn the eervice of their ffiastel-3,' to ariy perpoh Claim - iuff ny othör persou ae a fügiiiVè lafre, ift tjjis Sute. Skc. i. No slieriff, deputy sheriff; high bailiff, constable, jniler, or other officer or citizen oí this State, ehüll hereafter, eeizn, arrest, or detaur, or aid ín the seizurp, arrest or deient ion or iöiprisonment in ony jaiJ or othr building, belongringto this State, or tol ny coimty, town, city, or person the-eiü, o' ny persor, for the íeStoñ íhat he is or may be claimed as a fn?jive ílavp Fkc. 5. No slierifft dep'üy sheriff, high bil ff, onsblP, or other offccrf or citixen of this State, Fhall transport, or remove, or uid r oeeiat in the transporta t ion or remova) ■of nny fugrit ve slnve or nny perpon claimpd b euch, fro": any ploce in ihis Sta;e to any other place witlijn or w thout the sameSuc. 4. If any such judgr justice of thf peac, magistrale, officer or citizon ehal oflênd jiLiint the two pipcerfing srrtionp, ucfijudge, jiiBiice of the pencp, tnngistm'e. &ccr or citizen, fhoïl be uapject to the peftMlties provided in section five of tías act. Sec. 5. Any jtirjpe of any coort of record in Chis State, any jiictice of the pence or other ma?irrate, aiy sheriff; dppntj sheiiff, high baiüff, conBtoble, ar juiier. or any citizen of! thi Siete, wJro shnll offw] n?ainf!t th)J pfovwionn of thia net, by actiog direcily or indirecily under the of section lhne of the oct of Conjrress aforesáid, ehal! forfeit a aum not exceeding one thow?afl! dol lrg, to the use of the State, ta fie recovered opon information or ndictinent, orbeoned in the States Prison not exceeding five years. Provided. That this act ehall not be construed to extend to any citizen of this Stnte acting as a jtidjre of Ue arcuit or district court of the UhHed Smtes, or ns marshai or as deputy marshal of the ditrict of Vermorii, or to any person acting under the comrnandor aulhority of said courts or marshnl. Skc. 6. An act entilled an act to extend the right of trial by jury,' approved October 29th. 1840isrepealed. Skc. 7. Thia act shall take effect from its paf8age. Approvrd Nov. 1, 1843.


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