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We publish this document entire, because every one will wish to know what John Tyler proposes to do for the benfit of the country. Our engagements have precluded us from giving it an examination in detail. But the fact that we have a Southern Slaveholder for our President is plainly cvinced by his menacing and belligei'ënt denuncia! ion of Mexico for at7 tempting to reduce Texas to subjection. This rodomontade will doubtless be treated with the contempt it deserves. That Mr. Tyier is exclusively southern in his views, is furtherdemonstrated by his zoal for extending the markets for cotton. rice, and tobáceo in Europe, through the action of our foreign ministers and of special agents, while the numerous and valuable agricültual producís of the Free States are entirely overlooked.It Will be seen that a moderate TarifF ís recommended, as the only one Ávhich can be stable and permanent. Mr. Tyler's project for a ional Currency will probably receive but little favor Indeed, he admits that there is now riïiich less necessity for any action of' the National Government than there was two years since; and he intimates that the people wilJ soon recover from the difficulties and embarrnssments off late years, even if Congress should hot legislate at all respecting the currency In tbis he is right. In cotnmon vith his predecessors, Mr. Tyler recommends large appropriationsj the' Kávy, This dèpartment has already swallowed up a large portion of the public revenue, and it appëars to us that a diminution rather than dn increase uf expenses is the policy that should bc pursued.CC A fricrnd rtnd sübscriber writes us from Tallmadge, Ottawa County: I "You wil] be gratified to learn that the .Liberty eause is progressing finely. Last year the Liberty vote in this Town was trom fivë to eight, this year it stood lor Representative as followsj For J. W White-, (Whig) 15, Henry Pennover, (Dem) 14, and Bethtfo! Chdrch (LibV 12 ' I For BeWiënfj 14. It is just to gay howeyer fhat finany of the Democrats were so dissatisfied'witii the nomination of M r. Penn oyer that many did not vote at all. A nother important fact I wísh you to notice ís, that the Wlvg'cnrfdidales ior Gov. Lieut. Governor and Congress, fec'eired.not one vote, the contest being between fhé' Democratie and Liberty Parties. This is doing well 1 think for a new place.


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