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The following table is supposed to be nearly correct.It will be seen the vote has increased in each State the present year, and thus far it has doubled once a year. Suppose it to continue to doublé each year, in 1848 Mr. Birney will have 1vo thirds of the votes in the Union. The increase the present year f rom thirty-four to fiftyseven thousand is a phenomenon well deservingtheattention of politicians. What has produced it? Will not the same causes, whatever they may be, continue to augment the Liberty vote? Look well te it, Gentlemen? Your overthro'w may be nearer than you anticípate. CCf A famous Whig writer at the Eastj known as ;'Junius," has written a tract against political abolition which is said to be jfirst rate. We shall examine it when we can obtain it. This open attempt of the Whigs, to use Up the Liberty partyr makes their true position appasent, which is, direct antágonism to the Libertyparty. We have no objection to this issue, if they choose to make it. ÖCThe Liberty vote for Representatives in Flowerfield, St. Joseph County was 35, Whig 6 and 7, Democratie 16. - In Park it was 17 and 21 Liberty, 8 anc 12 Whig, 32 and 34 Democratie.CtThe Detroit Advertiser soys th cost of carrying the mail in 1827 wa $9,50 per raile. In 1840 it was $12,25 and in 1841 it was $20 per miles. LL ThrEE MORE SLAVEnOLDIÑG f OR I eïgn Ministers have just been áppoint ed. Robert Wickliffe, Jr. of Ky. to Sar dinia; Abram Rencher, oí Ñ. C. to Por tugal; aud Dalney . Carr, of Va. h Turkey. Noble representatíves oíafree people! - Albany Patriot. Receipfs for the Signal of Liberty, ly Mai1,from Dec. ïf to Dec. 15, 1843. S. Tucker $2, W. in full $3. H. G. Colé $3, O. Streeter S'2, of'which #1,50 is in fuíl for J. Woolston, S. N. & J. J. Parker 2, R. Graves $1, M. Bacon $1, L. Devey $1. S3 was received íYom L. J. Cady in September, and credited for SignaL


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