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@E320OXi SOOKSEVERV vaneiy ol' Schooi Bioks n use i this State, Cor s iJe it Detroit prices at tij New Bouk Store, ior CASH. by . . WM. R. PtRRY. December 15. ?#43. 34. ÜWITY OF ZNTSBSST. NOBLE AND SPRAGÜE, WÜULD c.-iil ihe nieti:ion ol tlie ciiizens n Ann Ar!or. nnd the communiiy in -.'cnor li ti the toet tint 'hey, belioving thnt tw hvadtro heitcr thfti) one. hnve fornicó ; co-partnershij or the pnpi"w 'irc-"-iv;n? ■ rho TAILORING BUSINESS). n nu iis ornuciius. I ney win be niw.irs on tnnü I w. doors VVest of the Wnshfenmv. in ihö Low ' ;;r Vsllage of Ann Arbor, whcid ill ?hc fóvoi ' cjienï with their pntromtre may he surc of sntis„ I faeupn. iSTo pnins wil! bc pp:ircii in rnnkinre rhfiir garmcnts lashijiiaolé, comfortulile. and du" rabié. Thoy fopl confideat (tom pnsl e.perience. nnr' f'ro:n the nitortion wíuíh itiey pav to ibeir busi I uess. thnt ilicj cnnriot ;iil ol t."ivn2 niíiveisa" -atisfnciioh, and tiiev rtre deleridined not 10 l Diitilone by irv t.tiii))i'slutient wcat of New Yoik V. B. CUTTING dt ne on short noiice. ond prrict atteniion will be pnid to the orders uf" llu I tustomer. . . P, S. Wc like to hnveforeot by the wny tol I Ticnit'M). we too nre in the recoipt .of ' Vcw York iiid. Boston Fasliiuns. Cor the Fall anci VVinrrr, of 1:3-4. 2.-3)1. iORLR & SrRAG.üÈ. Ann Arbor. Lower Towti, Nov. ',i, 18-13. RKRPhX'TFULLY inóm-sthe ladicsof Ann Arbof nud is viciniiy, thnt shé hnsj?t re.:..'ived her !atest Pnrterns ibr Hafo.GajK. Cióaks. lud lrosses; and she rospectfully invites tliem ' c'll and e.vnmmi; for themselve. Rhe Jikewisé renrforg tlicm her sincere thanks for ilieii 'vvronnfre for the past year, and beps n continun non ï 'er establishment will he found midwav between tbe Upper and Lower Town. Ann Arbor, Nov. 2. 1843, 2S-tf.NATU RE'S GRAND HSSTORATIVB TH IS valüablé vegoiatile medicine stmd un rivallêd íor the íüllowinír Comilnint8, nz: Dispepsia or Indigestión, Disensed Liér, Bilious DisorJeA, Dropsy. Asibma. Cotnivenë, Worms nnd loss of Appetite, nnd by cleansiéfe' thesiomaeíi nnd bovvels, cures pniris n the dev Stomsch and Breas', Colda" and Conghs of long st mdirtg. Homsenéss. shonriess öf breath, Nervous complíiínts, &c. which is freqliëntly the efiVct of disease. lts virtnes FOrpass nny thing hereiofure knovn in removing Öt. Vitua Dnnco; - invo bottles have bcr known t. cíiíe this af flicrine disense, after hnving baffled évcry exer'ion for Unir years. It hns a most powerft1 influence. in removins nervous conipliinitf. It is pleasant fo ohe. nnd 3o eaéy mits opérntiah, that .t mny be dministered to the ín i ata v.nth afiíty. For flale by W. S. & J. W. MAYNÁRD, Aan' Arbor. . Numerou certifícales rnicht be givén Were ii deerned rieceasary. Let th'è follotfing sulïitièr CERTIFÍCATE. This cenifips thnt I bnve teated the beneficia! ''fleers of "Ilolnwns N'Uures Grand Resto ra - fice" in niy fnmily. (hnving ued ii for years,) ntv wimesso'l i-a healing properiics'in nunicrous insinncea amone tWs. I most cliéerfullv reccrttirnenJ i( :is nn nva'unhle mediciné; and' if by o huns the diaeaaeil nr induc-d lq try it. Í hnve 'Iik snu'sfnciion of believing tbat I have rendered ihem an service. G. BECKLEY. Ann Arhor. Nov. 24. 1843. 32-w. ÁBBOT & BEECHEfi. DETROIT WHOLESALE AND RSTAIZ. DUALERS IN DOMESTIC STAPLE' AND FANCY DRY GOODSJUST rcc-iveí! a larger Stock than èvèi of Heavy IJrown Slieetiags, Shirtingsond tñÍU inga, Bleached G-tods, Calicóes, Aproa Ciiecks. liaggings, Burlapa, Diapers, Crath, Muslin, Fuaiians, Móls Skina. Satiincts. Sbcup's Gray Cloth, Buckskin Clotti, Fancy Cassinierda,Woivcrinè Coaiings, Alapnca Liia're. Chángéable Strip Do. Fancy Alapines. Crape Délaines,}ndlaCloih Moudm De' Lninrs. Parit-ians. Chüsans. Shawls. Rob k Roy?, Cíírdinnls, Datnask fihavvfs. Rlack, Bl.we Black. B'royi'ri. nnd Blue Bi oíd CIKuh?. Feit and Püot Over Contini's. Bhnkets. Fhnnelsl nríd Superior BlüÁTER CLOTBIS, ï.eathef, Cotton Yarn, Tea, Soga CoíTec, Rice and Tobacco. vil öfwhich froo(!s will besold nt ihé ILQJVF„-?T PRTCF.S ihat they can be boügíit for Wést of NiV Tork Ciiv. and we víisü oiír Frioütís to give us a Culi befor'e Buying. WANTED. POT ASH, W00L AND FLOUR,For vyhicli we will pnv the highest pnces either in CASÏI ..r GOODS, at ihe CHEAPESTT CASH P RICES; No. 144, Jerlêrson Avenue, Comer JBates" StrérV D'vrólt. Detroit, Nov. 13, 1843. 29-tf.Strayed F ROM the siibscrit-er, in the toWn of Saïïnè obcut ü-e 2(fth ot' júly lasi. 1W0 yoké of Red Oxen. One yoke were of large stee. nnd one of thetn a palé red, vriih a rope aroiiñd hia horns when they went away. The other yoke were of middlins size, and one of ihern had a vliiie spot iu iiu lije!it;n(], uncí somo white on ne ol' lis hiiul Ieg?; They are aboiít iér Véars d. Wboèvèr will return snid oxenT, oV'gfívo inlormation 7riere tlicy may be íourid,. to Mr. Fird, or to Mr. Vnu fíusen. in Saline, vil- Injje, or to ihe subscirber in the town of Highland, Oakland couniy. shnl} lie libernliv íward ' ' H ÍRÁtii JBARRÈTT. October2, ]843. 3. FASHIONABLE HAT STORE, W JJARXUM, would rcpectful]y in'bnn tlie eitizens nfÜoirou, and siirroúnding ountry th;it he has consiaíiily on banda Vaíiahje assonnient of Mats, Caps, Furá &E. whicli he olirjs for a:ile on the most réasotiöble terms .t ATo. 75. Jèfferson Avenue. Centlimen nnd Labíks froiíi abroad on vistting ihe Ci;y wiíl do vfell to give hhrt a calt bétore piircpasinir elspwhere. Detroit, Nov. lOtb'. 29-6in Ülotice. AM. NOBLE would respecifaíly remiftd a his cusíoniers, that as lie haá tafcérVa 'partiiiír, and is making new arrangémeñlá 'di bis buíiness. lie wishes for an immediaté seflíement wiih afí who are indelted to him. Afín Ar!)or, Nov. G, 1843. 2Ö-3m. $25,000 W#IÍTp! Whew! They must be dear," Sir;.' 30,0 VFOKTH?.' Worr vft. inWiiDfif frnni nnnp.iranrpa.$7Ö:OCO WOHTHIM Tlia, is 11. jucimg Irotn pnces. C ALL at ó Wnrd"s old ê and. tfhere they tafk understandingly," and selF Gan'&s so ihat i good stock, wül nniount to lesa tháíi $10.000 uiider ihe present sysiem. VIATOR. Ann Arbor, Nov. 7. IS 13. 27-tf. FOil salè, Whclesule .ƒ Rètnil; by J. BF.CKLEY & CO. Aun' Arbor. Aug. 15, JS43. I7-6w. MARRIAGE eERTIFÏCATES, OV superior quality. just piinted and for Sula nt iliis Office. Ann Arbor. Nov. 2, 1843. ' " FIREÏ FÍRÉÜ FIREÜ! G D." Hiir, Agent of ihe iEma It.suranccCftv wili property ngainst ios oï ani igphy Fire n reasonuble terms. ' 27-tf Wesleyan B.yma Eooks, füisT rèceived and lursaleby a ; . t beckley. Ann Aroor. Nov. 18, 1S4S. 30" Attention Ziádíe SPINNIHG WAEEL8, QU1LL VVUEELS, 1CEEJ.S and SPOOLS, lor sale by XT . C. J. GARLAN'D. ovemb(ir}8, 1843. SOS. PETTIBOiVE SURVIiYQR., waKKR, AND LAND AGENT. (Office in (J.oun iiuuse Square. Ann Arbor. June VJ, 643. 8-ti. BLANK IF.EDS. A7ORTGAGES, EXECU'nONS, SUMSiq?ïgES, &c. just ii:medainl Sor sn)è ut the ÏÏT8I0NAL OFFICE. XL WOCD ! WÓOBÜ WANTKD immediately, any qunntitv of DRY WOUD in paymcnt for the Signal of Liberty. Come soori. Tor Sale. OXEyolíeof WURKIMG OXE. Knquir at iho Hat Store of H. AGG. Lower Towifc. Ana Arbor, May 29, 1F43 !J-u'


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