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HALTSEAD'g sax-ss pxtts. 5ti i ILL3 FÜH 23 0'E.VIS. THE Bñek Pilla answer the ptirpose more c ccuially for any dudase Tor whicli nny oiht pill js leconniieiidcd, and supersode them alu gather in medical excellence and vinuo. Jf yo doubt tiiis. j.iist try will cost you only iv shillings- iiud ihe y.ui. witli me, wül he suis ficd. Iftheynre uot what I recoinmond ihei io be, denounce them and pui ihem down, hu cannot conscjeniiously recoimnend tJiein for cure all tor cvery (hing. Bul this I do say, wjtli out fear ofcüninidiciion. tljat no piJJs nro thei equaf in rcinoving disenses O.riginaiing in ili stomacli or bowe.'s. For inror and bilions dis eases. such as duin agite, íever nnd aguo, inteiniíttant and remittatu fevers, tho Brisk Pilis pos eess peculiar proporties lor thcir speedy removal From ten years experience as a praetising physician. I ain convinced that none enn cqual tliem. - Read what othcr pil!s are goed for, and what the will cure, nnd if t!ic Brisk are not superior u them all. then discard their use. Do not beKevc all ihat issaid abou: on infnlliblo pil! - thatntiVer fails to cme nny diseasc - but.try the Brisk Füls - tha eheopest pills in nse- 2-? pills lor 83 ceriis' nnd then yu will have a chnnce to j idge of thcir nierit ordeinerit. As o li!oid clennser. ar.d purilier to tlie (iiscasedsystcm. tliey perhapa supersede every pil! i uso. 'i'hey are qnick vxd eonyin the open íion. givfng Kfo and tone to all the torpid 6rnna! iíitowiiiíj off iiupure iiiatiers. or hninors; fenvin'g the sjsicm héñrltíiy nnd clean.i hts isaii thnt nny oimj medicine can ao.nutui i - standing the grentshow oí Wordsanil ticatiouscer tificates. We are determined to let ihese pilis stand upoñ their own reputalion. wn or Joose. AJÍ we osk s, for a and itnpariisl ir'a'. Tluy can be taken by 61 '1 and young. ai nny tn:e wfth perfect safe i y. Thcy ■are un excellent medicine fojr c:n!(irri. for v.-orms, &e. Jn a wo;d, they possess nll the qnalitres oran npencni pill fbr laniily use. They have enred niany Jiseases which no other inedoeitie could remove. In conctysion I eny. ño not ííivd np or Jeípiir of a cine unn! yon have tríed the Brisk l'ilís. for thcy do pos■eef pectiünr prop?r:ics nnd virtncs. For Snle by S. P é.J. C. J.n-rtt. CíEbcrbaci:, Ann Arbor: D. H. RówlanJ, NíhíIiv.üc; J. i- Scnttergond, Plymouih: .' J. B. Dickson. Mt. Cleineiis: i!nitlnnd & Co.. Romeo; Spraue & Cn.. Rocliester; Cliurcb & B'irchárd, N. ?. Jacobs,. J. Owen & Co., Detroit. lO-Gm FASHXONAB&E TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. JR. VVALKFR wou Id announc-o to li. friends and the pubÜc in genera!, ihat lie ïê now in the receipt oi'ihe í! and winter liishions for 1843-4, which liave bacn selecied nnt! furnished by twoof ihe liest wtabltshuienie ín tlte United States, on the first of'the present ttiunth, after ihe kinds of gooiis and (ishions Oír the sea 6iin lnd become pcrmanenlly esiatilishetJ, whic!) Í3 beautifiiüy illusirntcd by nvu of ih mosi pple:idd faífnon pialen ever presented to tiiis coi'nruunuy. Auy -mierren v.-ho wish to fiave tlic "sí.mon" rvr.z." can fiíid it here furmshed nt ;t ec:is.'ii wlien diere can Le no misrake as lo whnt is or ií nút fa?!iionnl'o. Gcniitnien. picase cali and examine ;or yotirselves, and íí" ivec.innot ex Bibitsoniéiíijng iliat wííl saiis'y yon ihat ihe styl ol'coods and IüsIhoii of garmenis are chuste and benuiíful, then we aro ïmicïi mistaken. Mr. Walker wouW take this opporrunity to return lus sincere l]nnks lo all whu liave hiiher'o favored hiin with r lie: r arronngc. and bopes he has civen genernl saiisfoction. All whq itel d;s posed to liave an easy, at the sanie lime a fash ounble gr:rment. lc ratilicd ly calling at the shop of D. doorsoinh of Bencli & Abel s oíd store, where for thc convenience ofhunselt and cuotomere he hns locaied for the seison. where all deniands in his line will he t-.ecuted with neafru-ssand despaich-, on reasonnfih' terms for casii or country produce, but jtosll'vihj no credit. N. 13. Giuting done, und warranted to íit i ! proper I y n'iRtie up. ' üetober II, 1K43. 27-!,r. YPSILANTI ACADEM Y , A N I) Ií. íí. GKIFFEN. PiuNciPAi,. Mr. CHAS. S. WOODARl), ArsrsTA.NT. THE winter ten of ih;s nsfituttüu iy11 cnfin menee 011 Mí Bdby, Nüv. 20. ind continue 11 weeks. 'W'lnic iHis-'ácboo! is equal'y opeo to a!l of both sexes, who wiah b anuiré a soou educación, particular nueinion v-iíi be grveñ re th ose whu are preparing lo t.A. The exclusive .nd uiiintoirup'O'J iirentiuii of lije principa! will be pivori rto íñ:pa.rt a pr, ciiual kuuwkdge c the English b ranchéis, He o?cupics about-.hjlj r daily in lecuring. wnh ti;e ad oíiheap? pa'ratus. inínernls,' cr uthenvisa. Arp-.riATUS. - Tho Jnsiitmion is furnishec wiih Chemical, Pbüqsophical, and A.sironomicni apparatus. Surveying liistininents. Geoiuetrieal solícfsj Sec. to the amounf bt 300; also, a gouó' Cabinetof Mmerals wonh S-0. Tuitiox in the coinmon Eng.Psh hnmcljes. inc!;ní:.ig Composition nntl Declnrnnííon Croín 2.03 to S:].5O. In PhiloFOf.hv. Chemisiry, Aétronomy, Uistury. Rhefóriej jlownv. AÍgebrai Geomntry, Surveying &c. Innu .'4,50 to.t5.l;0. jVlezzotin:o nnd Clmiirse or Thfort-;i pniininr. 3.0J euch 'or J2 lesspnSj taught by IVlra. Gnifen. T!io tuition s to be pniil nt the mi(!'Me of thf term. jN'o deductioh for absence will be mnde, exctjpt fór protiactetl eckss,.and no one wíl! be t'ëcëivèa forles3 than fiveaiid a haff w'celts. - liooks may be had oí tiie prmcip.l at Deiroii prices. Boaiu. [iu:l!K)tDg.rooni and wnshincr. frorrl.ÜJl tú ;';!.-".O per íverk; fnrfurtlicr i-iñicnlnrí inquire of i!c'oal. Roo-is can be liireci cheap for schol'irs to bonrd ilieniselves. Rev. I. Al. YVenn. Ilev. II. L'. l'.nvrrs. Rev. O, F. North, J. FahcIiiM, AI. D.. J. O. Alien. M. D-, G. and E. M, Skinner, Lqrs. hnveltindly consented to form a visiting conirníitfe. lo be present at the Week reviews on Tliuisd.iy. ano at the public cxaniinniion of the school. Ypsilanti, Oct. 16, 1SV.3. 5-1;. WOOL'EN H Á ït TJ I5 A 9 T O E T . THE ubseribers would inforin the pulue liiai they are now manulaci uring WOOLIü-N CLOTH wii.h a dogiee of euccess equal to i'.un most sanguine e.cpectntiotis. AVitii the ;:;ic'nin ery they now have, they are able to iikimiIIichui from 75 to 100 pounds of 'wool per dáy. The cloth they have made fur the last thrce monlhsi? of the best quility. and thrit mude in tmure wil! be sí;;nlar. They have entireiy overeóme thrlüfficnlties of siaaii) un csiri;.l.shii;ent of ihii kind in a new couuiry. Tlieir terms are tfh ct-nts per yard for fulled cloth linisíied. or half th? cloth ilie wool will niakc. Jiany altermion of the tsrms aliould be detertntned on, public no tice 'vill bc .ven. All vyool recuived befun such notice is giyen will be worked on the abovt terms. Ifi.ny wish to have thcir wool worked without niixinij it witji o;hcr v.moI. it wil! be lione. prov! led thpy assor't it üiemselves, nmi lurnisli ii in quantities of 100 paunds of one q-finlity of wöol. Ir té much betier tosew p wool in sacks tiianto tte U up in blankets; tho cloth should bc 6trong. Pmvisions of all kinds will be receivp.d in pavment for inanufacttiritii; to the amount rcquireH lor the consuniption of the esnblisliment. Wpo' sentby railroar! to Seio. Will be properly nttentl ed to; the number of pounds should he morkedor thcaack with ink; n.'so the wciht of tl:e ick. - Tne wool will be worked in turn ;is it comrs in. 09 nearly as can bc do;ie with relerence to tludifferent qunlitie.-. E? Mnny Farmers have ezprèsséd to tis iheii gratificaiion in consiilemtion of our stprtmg tnif brancii of business, and inany have encournireil tif by their painnare during hsi ycar. Wc now invite all to brin? their wo,l. to' tbr? nmount of !5,0(0 ;.ounds. nnti rect-ive the benefit of the vory reaaotwble tennnn whidi weööer lo manufacture it. The estabi-Hhnient is 24 milest west of Ann Arbor, on the Huron. S. W. FOSTER. & CO. Sio, April 30. ÏR-13. ' ]_,(- BROKF. out of enclbsure of the subscnhei on orabouttheni2ht of tho ?8li 'vít. a smaü gray Mare. tour yonrs oíd, d.ji eíiod. Any person wbo will give nmice to the ownerby letter or othcrwise wh'ere said Mare may be found, shalt be rewarded by CHARLES I1ÜDSON. North Lake, Wash. co. Oct. 14, 1843. 46-3wCELEBR ATEO CHEMICAL PL ASTER The most ejj'tctuid remcdy y e i discovered f o lihcvtntiiistn, t'évèr Sores, Jt'hiie SictUiags, btflnmmntiun in the Eycs, Steelled Throai in iScarItl Ftrer, Quinsey, S'C &-c, rpHE CHEMICAL PL ASTER is ari import JL ant remeJy h-r thosc wiio are afrlicted witl clironic and inilammniory cümplaints, by iis eas ing pain. counieracüng ïnrlannnaiion, and giving speedy relief by lts active, srrerigtheninír. anodyne. diüplioretlc and connteriniKiiit propertics - an eiiêctual remedy for Chronic and lmiliunmntury ííheumfitisni, Agiío in il:o Breast. Scnlds. Burns. Eniisi's, Seríjíuln, I Meers, Old Sores ol iilmoet every descriptivo.. Ctinkered and Swell-d 'l'hront arising trom Scarlet Fevcr. Feluns, White Swcllinïïs, Chilblnins, &c. Persons sirflbring froinLiver Complaini, Pulrnonnry diseuse?. Innmmrinon ot" the Lunys, w'uh pnin iv the sido, );ick or lirribs. will finrj ie!ief ly ihe uso of tlits 'laster. In all cases it n:ay used wiih pprfcííl afoty. E. DLAN-S CÏIEMJCAL PL ASTER i up in hues at liJty cení? ;md out' cbllnr ach, wiih lu'l (ürr-jiions flccoñip'ányinrcachbox. ínrmhiciV.rcd and suld vhr,!-=;;i!e 'líy H. J!AllL I S & CC).. Asht:ihuln. Ohio. sola proprictors. wliom nll orders sliouid bc 'uioiT-iScd. Sold !so hy iheir Avenís tluongliont ihe country. 0IA liberal discount mad to dealers and p'iyei;ins. For tesiirtioniais .ind ceriifientes froni persons I the lusliest respeürjbility, u-Jio havo used the lietnitíal Fias;et. see anotlior column of" this paït Forsnle hy th? foüowiiif,' Agcnts in Michigan: II. W. R"ood: "ücs: J. C. iiiiorc. ■ C. S.ííir!:r.!i. F.d wnrdsbur i. !i. V'jm. O. Ajsiin, Whiie riuen. JsnacBenhñnij Jr., Connian'.ine. Danl. L. Kid.lierly. SeliO'.lcraü. li. B. üiisun. & F. Mnrch.jr PM Knlamazoo. Jnmea W. Cothren. P. M. Galesburgh. T Í,. Jïolkcom. P.' M. Battië Creek. James M'. Pnrsons, P. M. Marshall.Paul R:iynioud. Dniggist, Jnckson. "VVm. JaSkábn, !'. M. Leo'ni. líale ;:id Rinitli, Grak's Lake. Julm C. Win.-ms, Svivan. J Millerd & Sun, De.xter. Thonins P. Mav. Jr. Plymouth, Periii & Hall. N-.rthvill, ]!ead & I(-Carthy. Farmington, Peier Van Every, Frauklin, JuÜns l?cin. Puntinr, M.-ick & Sprake. Hochester, tntnëi Ricphení. Ütíca. E. C. G-.üup. Mt. Clemens, G. & .!. G. J-Jill. ?n John O wen & Co. f Detro"Dr..Tiios. M. Swseny, Dearbornviile, E. Sajrtsqn. Ypsilanti, .1. f!. LÜND. ) W. S & J. W. M Y.VARD. } Ann A.bor. ii CHRIST1AN EBERBACH, ) l -19-ly i il; "BEADY MAM CüfflMG??7 HALLO CK fy RAYMOJYD WOÜLD re-pecifuiiy mfbrtri the citizens o Ann Arbor. and t_e State geneJailys. iii;i tlu-y have now on hand 'the LAHGEST ar. CII E A l'ES'T stock of READY MADE CLOTIILW to he fóiiml at nnv establishment in (iu's Siaic which they are rieiennincd io eell at pncêêldicé [iban were before oifered, and they coniklenil. invile all persons in want of 'Rr.ady Mud, C'f.otk '71 se," yisiting Detroit, to cali at ihfir es :;ibiishi);cnl. '-Corner of Ji'ffcrson and Wo?dtcnrd Arnivrs," in the new brick block, Phocniz Btildhigs, wiiere liiey wtl.l iind evcry va:i.!v il crarmenis sui'ablc Tot gcnilcmen's Fa!l or VVin:er v.ear. and they beüevuat prices from Ih 'o 25 percent cheaper iban they can obtain theiii ui nny oihcr way. AIm. a vey t-.'ioice sefeclmn of "Broad Cloths, C&ssimeres, ■v'uicli t li cy are prepnred n maiiuiapiure to orcicr in a superior mannier and @ljpTe not tú be exceded in ;hc C-'y f New York or eisrwhere. Garnietiis ahvavs warranted tj lit and pitase or 110 sa!,!! A 10. a very b'èwvy Stock of DOiMESTIC CLOTÍÍS. PILOT and REAVF.R CL'OTirsi BELGIC CLOTHS, SATTINF.Tt?. WINTER TWELIÜS. and evcry yariety and description of goods suitable lor gen ilpÍTietñs earing nppnrel. all of whioti ehall tno] ! v:tji lo:o Tot cash, or &xchanged lor l'roductai niaiket pricc-p. All those wih:nff Baraaivs in nnv of thf r-hovi irt'dfs inviied i. cri r;i iho "FAS'HiOY ABLE CLO'VHING LNPOR!U'r' of i?, sn'jscrihers. Cor. ni Jefl'erscn) and Woodwan! Avenues, Detroi'. IIAI.LOC.x & RAYMO'D. Detroit, Sèpt. 23. J843. 23-tfMAXUFJCrrV RERS MfD MERCHJJYTS. npHF.8ubscribors.nrer.ovv rcccivinir, atthcir JL stores, 188 JefF-rsun Avcnuy, and corner i f Randolph nnd Wootlbridge streets. Detroit, ;■ nrre and general stock of DYE-WO0DS AND DIE-STUFF8. 35 tons LrwooJ. Fnstic, Lirnewqoii, ivcarrniriir., IJypsrnic Woud, n tlie stick, i 39 bbls. crouad Cnuiwood, ]ó! do Fus:ic 721) do Logwood, ldö do ' Rtfdwoods, 20 do Ahtm, 6 hlids Coppems. 4 (o Ji,ue V'itriol. 4 pipos Ombro pntl Crop Maddcrs, prime, Fi()(J Ibs Exunet Lnuwood. ;■) f.) iíesn!. Mnrlms nnr! Cnrnccas Indigo, 300 ib Iilueuiá:iHs, (Alleppo,) 250 rlo I'nwrtcred Curcmna, 2(i() o Veïdïgriè, 10 Carl.oysüil Vitriol. 0 do Acui Fortis. 4 do Spims Sea Salt?, 4 do iS'i'r;cr Acid, 2 rases Loc Dve. i!0') il.s." Tin. 2.'0 dn Cream Tartar, 500 rlo Q.iereciron Bark,' Togeihar whh a complete, nssortment of all tlu minor anides in tlie inide. : wu: P.ct-s i'ap'i"". Tenzir;f=, Mrusbis. iacks, Tent Iiooks. Dve Kot lies. Pickers. Unrlin" Iron.s. Nippftrs. Prtissiaie of 'Joir.pb. Sal Amoninc. Sal Soda, Susnr of Leal. Steel Reedn. Card Cleanerp, MACHINE CARDS, Sn!ine:t Worps. Shears. X-c Tliis eniirr stock hns heen pufcljajed wilhin i!k last iwo weeks, nnd selocted pcrsonnlly bv on fibe concern, wlio lias been in the business Foi the last ëlevon years. nnd t'h'cy have no liCMiatiói n siiyirrt t lint i lm qiinlity of these Lroo(Js is untrxceptinnnble. Thoy u-ill posiiivly bc so!d at tb( Imvest New York jobbing prices, witb ile ad(Ijlt'on of transporiniion only. The siibscrihers ave ihu sole Agcncy ïh tbif Slaio fnr the pnln n( '4'AUSON'S SHEARÍNO MACHJNFÍS.'V nd the üelebrifed "LEICESTER MACHINE CARDS," di'cidedly the besi in use. THEO. H. EATtfN, & CO. April II. 1343. 5!tf A T T O It NE Y A N D C O UN 8 E LLOR A T LA W. SAGANAW C1TV, 3IICHIGAN. JG. B. -.vül a!so .iet ns I-nnd Agent in ibe Land District in which this (Sagriritfw) County i; he will tnake iitvustmcnts for oibcr? lands, pny over for non-rosidents iheir taxes. at:! iye iñformaúon gcncrnUy to persons ín teres ted in this partot ihe country, or desirounof becoming immigrants to it. !Peters Pilis. ris íun iheysay to got well wuh ihem, ALL mankind throughout thcir wide and immense circulation, that ever try ihem conimue lü buy ilieiu. Peters' Pille are purely vegetoblu; Uiey woik no wiracles, nor do they proless to cure all ciiseases, because they are the acieüiific compound ola regular physicion, who hng made liis irofession the síudy oí his life. Dr Peters is o gradúate of Yale College, also of the Massn.-husetts Medical College, and has somewhatdistinguislied liiniaell'na a man of science and genius ainong the faniily of tiie late Gv. Peters. Peters' Vegetable Pilis are simple ntheir prepanition, mild in iheir r.ction, thoroueh in heir opermion, uncí unrivalled in iheir resulta. The town and country are nüke h'Iled wuh their pntise. Tlie palace ond the poor house alike echo wiih their viriues. In all climates they will retain thcir wonderful powera and exen thcm unalicred by age or eituation, and this rhe voife oía grateíül communíty proclaimed. Peters" P;lls preveru- keep off diseasca ii' timely used, c.nd h.ive no rival in curinr billious fever, íever and ngue,dyspepsia. liver complaínts.crotip, sick headache,jauntliec, asihma,dropsy, rneumatism, culirgeuient of the spleen, piles, colíc. femole obstruciion. heart búrnj furred tongue, nausen, cJi8ienüon ofthe stomach ondbowels, incipioni diarrliccn. flntulonce, habimai costiveness, lossof apjieme, bloclifd. or aallow coinpleiion, and in all cases ofiorpor of the bowels, where i cnthartic r apciion is indicated. producing jeiibf, nausea, griping or dcbiJiíy; and ive re)entall who buy theni continue to try thern. The niust triiiMiphnnt success has ever atten!ed their use and cjioihíIi is aíready known oí l;em 10 iríinortnlize and hnnd ihem duwn to pos erity vit!i tüc improvements ofthe ae incal science. Dr. .Peters was hred to the healng art. and n on!r to supply dein.mds, he has origimtted ind cvdled to his :iid the only 8eim fJriven m:ic!iinery in (ie world for pill workingr. "I'is pcrfeci, and its proceas, iinparts to the pill essen lial vntue. hccause by being perfect Iv - do you heur (lint! while a host can testify rhey bclieve they o we iheir salvation Ironi disr-nsu nnd dcaüi to Peters' Pill, nnd ij. cnlotnci and kni vee a re setting partially into disuse we are only iiiisli)k(.n. CüJcrificATEs.- Ttn's paper conld befilled with tliem by íesiileiüs o'iVIichigarij by your friends anrl ncighbors - ásk ourageiits. It s now WelJ kni'wn ihat the piopie will have Peters' P)J!s, and io hinder woii!d he.tpstpjj the rushing wind. Price 25 or SO cents per box. Tl"rtsÍRili.-.s Jlircn of hese truthp - their tiniversal reueption. ndc'cd to the tstimony of milions, 'Miep it bei'ore the vcip(i'' must and wil] be henrd tlirougliout this vale oftears. Their h'nppy influence on toung ladieB wlnlo suucrii)' unfer llie usual changos oí iiíe as directed by thc laws oí nature, tiiey ímpart a buoyaney ofhenrt. neling and actTon, on einstic step, volvet cheek, liilyand carnation complexión by heir action on fhe chyle. &c. ond ladies in deícatesüuaiions aiways admit iheir ppwer atid in íocence, and fake iham two or three at a r i m í- vithon'. in the slightpst ilcsiee incuirínjí the haz rd of an abortíoh: which Incts nre of:he ufm c' mportance. Pitnpirs: a young íady sent hei ove to Dr. Petrrs. iin() say siie feels more grateu' t- hiin lor tlio roswraiiiin of lier beauty thanit lio liad 83 ved fffe. 'Tis fun to get we! with Peters Pills.for ihey canse t lie hlood tocourst ujlir.ipid and 1,'entle throuirh the veins ns a nvoun'ai rivulet; 3 or 4 is a coinmoi; dose. henee iht patiënt is not comelled fo w.nkc a meaí. TROUBLE IN PLUTO'S CAMP. Quito astonished O!d Piulo cíimeto New York. 'HearíngTetérs liad gdt bis Pili F.ngine otwork.) To resign lus couunission, iiis huur glass and scyrlic: [ hnve come to leliver them nU np to yoti - áir. niy callin ús over - my husinesa istlirough; í hnve been f'or threeyenrs in a terrible siew. And freíilfy don't knów what on cartli J'am to do:- .NTot of your n'iyhiy siie do I come to cnmplnin. Bul a tarn.-il New Yorkor, onc PETKIIS by naine; The diseases niy aids. in this wnr of mankind. Are subdued by this l'eters, what help eau we find? I w'ould yifeltl him iV. York, sir, if there lie wou!(i si;iy: Dut, sir. Peters will have the whole world for hi sway. U'hile musingin council what conrse to pnrsue. l'har Engine o.rPt-;er broke. íórth uno view, The Ktng of terrors oolced a while, As thouuli -Iiïs soul wns tur cd to bile, At that unspariiiËt sciturire of jlls, By all men known as Peters', Pilis. These PilU o( Peters' stop rhe blaughter. And leaves theíi!;od as ptire as water. Now Peters makes. Fveheard him say, Frve huirired 'thousarul pills a day; So that the chance is very small Of people dyins ihere al n!I; For sopn the cheeks. so marked for doom, Begin iiUe ñhv ropo to üíbom. Look Ittrt! vil trli-i f.nj hem coniiniiè to biry lh"-m. For sale as ío!!.;ws. bji Meisrs. Bench & Abc, G. Grciivilie. F. J. 11. (Vane. Mnynard. &Co.. G Vr;irdr S. P. &. J. C. Jewett. J. II. Lnnd. H. Boeker. Dickjnson &. Cogswel!. and S. IC Jones. Aiüi Arbor: Geo. Warner & Co-, and J MiTler.d & Son, Dexier, Wna. A. L. Shnw, Limn: .1. C. Wmans. S'ylvnn. Unir, -. Smiih Grass Lake; W. Jackson. Leoni: D. T. Merri. man. Jackson; M. A. Shoepjnlier. Miclijfir. Centre: Broiherson &.. Ce. L. B. Kie!' & Gil bert. Manchester; I). S Unywood. Shne; Snov & Kevs. Clinton; J. Scatiergod & Co.,Plynoulh: Stone. B.ibcock & Co.. rmr! Julins. Movius&'CoV, Yí'silaníi: Piorro Tf-IIer. UeifqUï J. fe J. I!:!wel!. and Dr. Undorwood. Adnon: H:irt S-:, iMosbcr. Bpringvilie; Ilarmen & Cook. Brooklyn; Sniirh &. Co., Jonesville; L. JVI. l'oypp, Ci;icTLío - atid íihnost every whercelse. Öci. TO. l-!2 27-1 yATTENTION, JUiáT received al ho Ganeral Depot, ior UupaIü of (Jlo'hiers Stock, Maebjiiery, Dy. Stuff-, &c. &c.; io. lo'J. Jtff.TSun Avenue. Dilron, the followiiig laree, well assorted, anc; caref.iüy selecied stock, viz: 1U0 bb!s. St. Domingo Logwood, Cut, 5 Tons %i '; in Stick, 150 bbls. Cuba Futiic, Cut, 5 Tons í i in Stick, 50 U!s Nic-. Woo-.i. Chipped, 50 " Li'n.-i Woud, ' 30 " Red Wuúd, ' 12) ; Grounil Camwood, 10 ;' Quercitron Bark, 5)0 !h9. Kuiirally, - III Cases Exiraci of Lowood, 3Uf ll.s. Lic Dyc, 2 Ceroons Spanieh Indigo, 310 U'S. Surriac Siciiy, 3 C;í."Ks;!i.r, o .Cnsks Blue Vitriol, 5 Qusks Al um. 2 Barrels Red Tarjar. 2 Borrels Cféam 'l'iirtar, 3 Carboys Aqua Furtis, 5 ' Oil Vitrïc], 3 " Muriatic Acid, 500 lbs. Virdigris, 5) li Bbck'Tin, Tenséis, Twino, Copper Kettles, all sizcs, P.irson's Sheariiiê Machines, Curti' " 'i Sèrews and Press Piales, Crnnks. Pross l'njier, Steel Reeds, Wonsicil Harnpss, Temer Hooks, Emery, :i!l No's.. Olive Oil. Cloihiers' Jncks. Snttinett Warp, Clothiers' Biwslu-s, Shuttles, Piokers, Can.1 Clenners, &c. &c. The abovc, with n variety of other arricies beInngingr to the irade. havo heen pnrehnsed thit b-uiitmer y the subscribers from Manufacturócfand First Hands ir; the New York, i ïiladelphi. n:d Boston Markels, and every thing having received liis personal insDociioii. he enn wiih Uu inniost ciniidetu-c cfï-r ihem to purchasers as ih'::t and nrs'. ronjl la stock'ux ihe country; and is ir is his iixe;l detenuination (hy the low rfite? V. whieh ho vvill geil) iq prevent the necessi'y ol iur Clothicrs and MntiufV"iircr6 IcaviDg the State !O m:ike their ptirchases.. ho would mercli s-'iy to the trade, OALL, examino the cjooda nnd ascertain pricps before you say you can buy chenper anij iche'c elsc. He is ülso prejiared to contract for CARD1NG MACHINES made in tbis Statoor Eiat. P1ERRF. TELLER, Sign oftha Golden Mortar, 139, JeiTerson. Avenue, C17-tf.] Detroit.


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