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If there be any thing in Animal Magnetism, Mesmerism, Pathetism, or whatever it is cal!ed, astonishing disco venes are o boot being j made. If the tnind, after the body is deprived of sense, can be sent on a tour of observation tonny part of, wliy not to the moon, the planets, the sun, or the fixed stars? A few years ago when Dr. Collyer was sending people to the moon, and making the earth better acqiiainied with her gentle ncighbor, he was set down as a doublé humbug. But greater men than Dr. Coliyer are now laking the matter in band. It is true they are men of ilrong imagination - but we do not see, if clairvoyanee he true, why reason has not as much to do with their doctnne as fancy. The fol.'owing letter from Elihu Burrit, published in the last number of the Mognet, wili show tliat he is not altogether a skeptic opon this subject - and that, if there is any thing in reality in clairvoyanee, we shall ere long have an opportunity of becoming as well acquiinted with the manners and customs of the inhabitants of the heavenly bodies, as we are witli tbose of people upon the globe whose laneuage and habits diffèr from our own. Bangor Gazetle.Rev. La Roy Sunderland: Mt Dear Sir,- Mr. Shepard (some oí whose experimenta I hove witnnsaed with iurprrae and pleaure) has kindly permittd me to drop yon a suggestion upon I he remainder of bis page: - A few months ago, I received a communication from a gentleman residing in a remote part of tlte State, to thia effect. - He had sent a lad, in the clairvoyant state, to the moon, where he made many discoveries wiíh regard to the inhabitonts, &c. Having found his way into a building resembling a echool house, he detected a book, which, upon opening, he was unable to read At the request of the magnetizer, however, he copied offlwenty-eijrht well formed characterp, as different from each other ae the letters of onr alphabet. These were forwarded to me, f o compare with the characters employed in the Oriental languaore. A few weeks aflerwards I received another letter from the gentleman, containing the results of another discovery to the moon. The Jad snw thingg more definite ly this time; and took drawincrs of a monument, and a metallic horn. Upon the monn ment was an inscription, written in the very characlers which the boy found in the book. Í have jiist written to the gentleman, requcsfing him to begin a new series of experimente upon the moon, simultaneously wifh Mr. Shepard, and send the result to me. I would therefore propose that you do the same with your eubject, and to publish the result of the three series togelher, should there be a striking correspondence. The course I have proposed to Mr. S. nnd the other gentleman, was, to take their Bubjecls to the north-east side of the moon, and ?et them proceed through the soulh-west side; then, from tlie north-west totne snuui-eost; trom north to south; and 'rom enst to west: describing whnt they 8aw, as would be nntnrnl to a traveier jonrneyingthrough a new country. When each of tbr three subjeets has been through in the nbove order, t might be of great interest to cnmpare their notes on the moon. Mr. Shepard comrnenced tho 6er:es last Tucsday eveninp, in my prespnee; and bis experimenta were attendeu wilh surprisincr dev elopements. I hnve not roceived the restilt of that of the other pentlem-m. bnt daily rxpect it. I hope it may be convenient and ngreeable to yon lo commpnee a series, nnd carry it on in conjunntion wilh the two persons I hove mentionf.d. It wnnld serve to remove the incredulity of the public, if these experimenta should not be communicatcd to each otlier, nor any correspondence corried on betvveen them until they were compleled. I intend to be present at those tried bv Mr S. Yours. tri) Ir.


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