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A Call From The State Corresponding Committee

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Dear Brethren: - As the time is now at hand for us to petition our State Legslature for redress of grievances; we have )repared to send in a State Petition, Therefore we earnestly cali upon you to commence immediately to hold your pubic meetings, and collect the names of all thecolored men (if possible) in the State, and send them in to the Wayne Co. committeeat Detroil, to be attached to the form of petition, which is now being drafted by them. Then come, brethren, let us arouse from our lethargy, for we have a mighty work to perforan, which can only be done by our own united action. We have got to revolutionize public opinon; and howare weto do it! "Give me a place onwhich to stand," said theSyracusan Mathematician, "and with my everl will move the world." Brethren, we have just that place to stand upon. - Thereisyet a private & public conscience m the hearts of the Law-makers of thisState; uponitwe may stand and pour.a burning flood of light over their minds, and revolutionize their thoughts, and thus move the State within them. For ourselves, and in ourselves, there is a mighty work to be done; an influence to be exerted which can only be done by us. Then let us be ready at the first opening of the Legislature, to cast in our petitions; for upon our own action depends our politica salvation. HENRY JACKSON, } W. LAMBERT, of Detroit RICHARD CfORDEN, S Wayne Co. M. J. LIGHTFOOT, ASHER ARAY, ofPittsfield J. VV. BROOKS, 5 Wash. Co. THOMAS FREEMAN, of Ann Arbor, Washtenajv County. JEFFERSON FITZGERALD, of York, Washtenaw County. JOHN SMITH, of Pontiac, Oakland County. THOMAS JOHNSON, of Monroe, Monroe County. CALVIN HACKETT, of Jackson, Jackson County. A. C, WEST, of Marshall, Calhoun County. SAMUEL DICKERSON, of Lenawee County. HENRY POWERS, of Kalamazoo, Kalatnnzoo County. TOHN SCOTT, of Grand Rapids,Kent County. State Corresponding Committee. N. B. The above committee were appointedat our late State Convention to appoint public meetings, cali future Conventions, and transact public business for the colored citizens of this State, until the next Convention. Therefore we hope that our Brethren will feel their interest in the cali.


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