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Shiawassee County

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This coiinty is new, and rather thinly setJed. The total nnmber of votes given at thp late e'eciionj for Governor wa s 445. Ol these, 236 were for Barry, 171 fur Pitcher, ar.d 37 for Birney. There has been no Librrty nomination in the conmy tintil this year, when three gentlemen met and nominated Tohn F. Swain, for Representative. It po happoned that tickefs wcre distributed in only three towns. Henee the 6mallness of the vote, which yet was very respectable for n aeginning-, the nomination having been supported by every twelfth voter. Let the Signal have a free circulation in your county, gentlemen, and with proper exortions your vote will treble next year.{t5 On Monday evening, we dropped in to hear Dr. Comstock's lecture on Education. The Doctor presented a great variety ofainteresting facts on the subject. He took the ground that common schools should be made Cree as the air we breathe, and should be sustained at the public charge. He considered society as a pecuniary, political and moral partnership, and the improvement of the common mind was an object of interest to all classes of community. He contended that our schools could not be what they should be, until the profession of a teacher was rendered permanent, honorable, and lucrative, and in these respects it should be placed on an equality with the legal and medical professions.


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