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Thefriends of Liberty in this State are in good spirits, and are calculating on a large increase to thëir vote next year.- They intend also to make their influence feit at the Town Elections. Gerrit Smith writes concerning Madison County: "Whilst the Democratie vote isbutbetween three-fourths andseven-eighths.and the Whig but between on e-hal f and fiyeeighths of what they respectively were last Fall, the Liberty Party vote is more than treble. To carry the county for the slave next fall, we need not treblé, nor even doublé our present vote. It will sufficc, if the vote wethen give be but one half greater than that we have now given. To increase our present vote tothis extent will require but little labor, compared with that of trebling our last fall's vote. Far less labor than that would bring "every town in the county to the side of the slave, at the Town Meetings, next spring. May I not give the promise, and the abolitionists of the county will fulfil it - that Madison will be, at the npproaching Town Meetings, not a Whig county, not a Democratie county, but an Antislavery county? Such success of our dear cause in this county would be the knocking of a stone out of the arch of American slavery - would be the making of a breach in the blood-cemented structure, which could never be repaired."


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