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Tariff Revenue

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The following íable, exhibits the gross amount of Revenue which accrued from duties on imports, tnnage, Sic, every 10 years, Trom 1790 to 1840, compared with the population under census from that of 1790 to 1840.1 líese statsments are officiaJ, and may be found in the Appendix to Cosí Johnson's report on the Relief of the Slates. It will be Been that the average omount annually paid to the rmtional treasury by eacli person for the last fifly ycars through the tariffduties, is $1,66, or $8,30 for each family of five persons. OThe VVhig papers n re quoting p part of Mr. Adams speech in Piltsburgh. where he expressed his dissent from their views. The pnraprraphs, which express 'nis real position, are euppressed in many of them. It will be recollected that wheu Mr. Adams agreed to rrpresent a district in Congress, lie dcdared he should act independent of nnv paity. "So lonnf as I shnl! hold a seat in Congress, I shall exert nll the powers I possess to resist these encronchments: to promote the amendment of ihe Constitutmn to which I have referred, ond for the enlire aholilion of slavry in the country. The subjects on which I diner from the onti-slaverv party, nre diflprences ofjudfjment, from the convictions of niy own understandinr. over which I have no control. Bu t per haps I am wiln ihe ÍSlavery parly more. neatly thnn any othcr." {L? Some of the Whig papers are reproaching Liberty men with the re-adoption of the National Gag. They say that had certain Whigs been supportedby Liberty votes, they would have been elected, and the Gag abolished, How do we know that? Was there not a Whig majority of thirty or more in the last House of Representatives.and was it abolished then? Or was it not rather re-enacted in more rigorous terms than before? We cannot trust you, gentlemen. As to the right of petition. we can get along as well without it as you can. We are no more interested in maintaining it than you are. Why then talk to us, as though it was a matter that concerned us exclusively? - When the Liberty party come into powerr we expect that right will be restored. - But we see no prospect of its maintenance while the Slave Power governs both parties. It will be seen the Gag was re-enacted at this timeby Whig votes - (tr about onefourth part of the Whigs in the House voted against its re-peaLJlft Yet they have the impudence to charge us with its continuance!!


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