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Thé Detroit Advertiser has at last been compelled to come out in apology for Mr Clay's Duels. The Editors treat of this subject as follows: Duelling. - The Free Press and itsAbolition allies are just now abusing Mr Clay for having been a duellist. Duellinê according lo our ideas, is certainly wron % and yet it has prevailed throughout thSs country; except New England. Mr. Clay may have been erroneous in complying wíth this custom of the community in which he livedbut other public men have erred in the same way, without beingcon signed to ignominy. Gen. Hamilton was killed in a duel,and yet he was the bosom friend and confidential adviser of Georee Washington. De Wht Clinton was wounded in a duel, and yet he afterwards received all the honors of his native State and was supported by Mr. Van Buren and many others for the first office in the Union. Gen. Jackson killed the husband in a duel and forthwith married his prettv widow, and has been engaged in mote bloody and brutal fights than any other public man of his time, not even excepting Thomas H. Benton, and yet he ha since been elected to the Presidency and is now daily held up by the Free Press as the perfect model of a statesman.a patriot and aChristian gentleman. Why js Mr. Clay to be judged by a different rule Out upon the hypocrites! On this we remark that our objection to Mr. Clay is notso much to his Having been" a duellist, as that he is one now in heart, feeling, and practice. Former errors might readily be overlooked, where a change in feelings had taken place. But it is well known that he was an adviser and abettor and promoter of the duel in which Cilley was murdered,and then pronounced it "aniñe day's bubblel" The Editors admit that duelling is wrong - certainly wrong, but think that no one shouldbe "consigned to ignominy" for committing this wrong, and they cite the instances in which eminent duellists have been honored by the nation, as a reasoa why Mr. Clay should be thus honored. Their argument may be stated thus in a syllogism: Eminent men have been honored by the people, although duellists: Mr. Clay is an eminent man: Therefore he should receive honors from the people, although an unrepenting daellist.Thus they virtuallyapprove the honors that have been bestowed on persons who have engaged in "bloody and brutal fights," and the whole article goes to sustain the doctrine, that in their estimation, the persevering practice of düelling is na disqualijicationfor the Presidency. This they will not deny. It is, indeed, the only consistent ground they can take without condemning their own support of Mr. Clay. And what ground is this for Christians lo lake! Will not Whig Abolitionists enquire of their consciences how they can advocate the claims of this man of Moodï {L "The Mystery" is the title of a small weekly paper, published at Pittsburgh, Penn. It is conductedby Mr. Delaney,a colorgdman, and is devoted to the improvemennnra elevation of the colored race. From the numbers we have received, we think favorably of it. Price one Dollar a year. , The eight negroes, who fled from their masters at St. Augustine some time since with a sail boat, and murdered a settler at Biscaine, Cape Florida, have been indicted for robbery. They are now at Nassau, and will, it is said, be demanded as fugitives from justïce. - N. H. Paper, We shall see whether they will be sur.lendered or not. There sides to their case.ör Our exchanges contain notices of many cases of burglary arwi Iarceny in various parts of the State. At the recent session of the court in Detroit, thirteen persons were sentenced to State Prison for these offences. ör Mr. Chorr, who was recently convicted of the murder of Dunn, has been sentenced by the District Court of Washtenaw County, to be hung on the fifteenth day of March next, between the hours of ten and three o'clock.


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