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The lwo ílouses were orgamzed on the first 'day of the session. John W. Jones, of Virginia, was chosen speaker of the House, he received 123 votes, while the Whig candidnte John White, of Kenlucky, received 59,' and W. Wilkinu, of Pa., one vote. Thos the Slave ho;ders elected their Speaker as usual, by an overwhelmiog majorily, neither party venturing to propose a candidate irom the Free States. By this means, the appointxnent of uil the committees, and the laying tvt of the business of the House is placed uixler sWholding dictation. The number of Freemen in tuo Free States is twice thnt of the Slave States, vet the vote for Speaker stood thus: Candidates from the Slave States received 187 votes. Candidntes from the Free States, 1 vote! A cnucus of the Democratie membera had previously been held, at which the affairs of the party hnd been talked over, and Mr. Callioun's friends proposed that two thirds of the vote? present shnuld be necessnry to make a nomination binding upon the minority. This, öfcourse, was designed to give the slavery Demócrata a gieater influence over the Northern members, and was rendily assented to by thera. On balloting in this caucus, the result for enndidate for Speaker was, For J. W. Jones, of Virginia, 78 For Dixon M. Lewis, of Alabama, 9 Fot William Wilkme, of Penn., 15 So J. W. Jones was declared the candiJate, and was subsequently elecied. Mr. Bnrnard and the Whig members brought in a protest ngainst the admiseion of thoBe persons who claimed seals in the House, but were elected by General Ticket, in express violation of the law ofCongress. Tho Democrats ckimed ihat they had the propei certificates stating that they were duly elected members of the present Congress:- ihat no persons were present to contest their seots, and that it was not worth while for the House to go back of the regular cerlificates to inquire into an rregularity in their election which was only known to them by common rumor. There rniglit be some weight in these rendons: but wóat is tlie law of Congress worth ifany State may viólate it with impunilj? The Rules of the last House were adopted tvith an exception relating to committee of the whole. The One Hour Rule was adopted by a vote of 96 to 92. It ought to be made perpetual. On a motion to adopt the standing rules of :he Housp, Mr. Adams moved to except the rwenty-first Rule, which was lost, 9t to 95. Fhe partios were divided as follows, according ;o the Pittsbu'g Gazette: IWlnps ín favor of ihe nile, 14 Demócrata w 81 95 Whiga against the rule, 46 Deinocrats 45 91 The división according to Mason nnd Dixon's line, was as follows: Agai.nst thb Rule. From the Free Stntes, 66 From the Slave States, 3 91 ín favor or the Rule. From the Pree States, 29 From the Slave States, 66 95 The three from the slave States againsr the mie, were Messrs. Rodney of Delaware. Clingmnn of North Carolina, and White of Kentncky - all whigs. Will th Freeiuen look at this vote? Thr siaveholders of bolh partios imite in one solid phalanx to suppress Northern petitions! Does not this prove that there is a Slavk Powrr? Do we not neH a Liberty Party? Messrs. Hunt and McClelland, from thÏB State, voted against the Gag. Mr. Lyon we believe was not present. In the House, Dec. 6, C. J. Ingersoll iutroduced a bill to refund the omount ofGrn. Jackson's fine with six per cení, interest per nnnum. Thus this extraneous matter hns agoin been broached to consume the time to no purpose. An effi.rt to put up the printing to the lowbidder failed, the Whigs voting for it, and most of Demócrata agams: it. In the Senate, a resolution was adopted, granfing three daily - newspapers to cach tnember. Mr. Merrick gave notice of his itention to bring in his bilis for the better regulation of the transportaron of the mail and for the reduction of postage.Mr. Woodbury presented resolations of th legislature of New Hamrehire, asking thai Ihe fine imposed on Gen. Jackpon, by Jtidjrí Hall may bo unconditfonally refunded. Tht resolutions were ordered to be printed, and Mr. W. will cal! thera up at eome future peried. Mr. Walker gave notice that he would, onthe earliestday prncticable, ask leave f o bringr in a bilí to reduce and gradúate the price of the public lands in favor of actual settiers. Messrs. Gales & Seaton were elected printers to the Senate by a vote of 23 to 17. Both Hou6s adjourned over from Thnrsday the 7th to Monday the Uth. So ended the first week of the session.


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