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We are able to gather the following items from our exchanges. IRELAND. At Conciliatory Hall, Nov. 13, Mr. Daniel O'Connell saidthere was one point to which he wished to cali the tittention of the country, and that was the fact, that they had always looked for repeal by peaceable means,and that the principie of his public life had been that the greatest political ameliorations could only be obtainedljy peaceable means. He was the apostle of that new sect of politicians who condemned all changes effected by force, and which, although they might destroy one grievance, were sure to créate many. There was scarcely on record an instance of success by such means that did not termínate eventually in despotism and anarchy. Since he had entered the hall he heard that a man, who had been in America, was last night preaching sedition in the streets, and that a policeman in colored clothes, took him into custody. He was obliged to that policeman, and he sincerely hoped that the prisoner would be punished for the crime laid to his charge. Sedition or violenceof any kind was injurious to every person at present included in the government prosecutions, for nothing would tend more to prejudice the minds of the jury who would trv them.Mr. O'Connell then moved the adoption of a printed address urging upon the people of Ireland the strictest observance of peace, law and order. The following are its concluding paragraphs, and embrace the spirit of the whole address: "Attend to me - if there be during the trials the slightest outbreak of violence in any parish, it will be my duty immediately to abandon the repeal cause, and forsake a people who at such a critical period as the present would not follow the advice I so earnestly give them. Be therefore calm, quiet, tranquil,peaceful,. loyal. Viólate no law of man - obey with devout reverence the law of God. Follow my counsel, and you thereby will serve the cause, and gratify the heart of your devoted friend, Daniel O'Connell.At the repeal association, November 8, Mr. Daniel O'Connell, jr., read the draught of an address to the Queen, to be presented by each parish in Ireland; it protested against the military array by whlch the Clontarf proclamation was supported, as neëdless to insure obedience; inferred that the disposition of the Irish people had been misrepresented to the Queen; pointed to the peaceable conduct of large meetings; abstained from complaining the right to meet had been violated, but remarked that troops had been prepared to attack persons congregated "in utter ignorance of the almost nocturnal proclamation;" adding, "yetsuch was the respect for the law, that very many thousands of people dispersed on the mere rumor that the meeting had been made illegal by an act of almost midnight legislation!" The address was adopted. The Orangemen at the North of Ireland are re-organizing their society, but without secret passwords, tests, or other signs which have been pronounced illegal. The re-organization is said to be rapidly extending. MEXICO.The reported abdication of Santa Anna turns out to be only a temporary resignation of his actual administrative duties. which he has placed in the hands of a President ad interim. The survey of a canal to unite the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean by the Isthmus ofTehenantepec, is completed and Santa Anna has issued a decree in favor of the contractor, Don José Garay, and a prison capable of accommodating over 300 convicts, is to be built under his direction, for the contemplated canal. The judicial authorities of Vera Cruz and Oajaca are required to send to the said prison all persons found guilty, in order that they be employed in digging and working on said canal.- N. Y. Tribune. ENGLAND. Royal Indignation - The London Morfting Post makes the following announcement.uovent (jrAitDEN Theatre. - We are enabled to state upon authority, that Her Most Gracious Majesty and Her Majesty the Queen Dowager, have discontinued their private boxes atthis theatre, in consequencé of the meetings of the Anti-Corn Law League being held therein. The ship Nimrod, of Sidney, New South Wales, is reported as having on board, when last heard from, a 62 gallon cask full of gold dust, and bars, which has been obtained by trading with the nativesof the Is'and of Borneo. A sample sent to the owners proved to be of very rich quality. Accounts have been received of the áeath of Dr. A. Petit, who was sent on a 3cientific mission to Abyssinia, by the museum of natural history of Paris. In irossing one the branches of the Blue Nile, ho was seized by a crocodile anddefoured. American cheese continúes to arrive n England by hundreds of boxes at a 4Mbtime, and American beet is coming in ireeMatting made of India Rubber is now coming inlo use abroad. Roofs are also covered with India Rubber, at 8 cents a square foot. Seven hundred bbls. of adulterated Bordeaux wine have been thrown into the Seine by the proper authorities. A Missouri Mastodon has been sold to the British Museum for $5.000. The Mastodon speculations are doing a "tall business." More steel is now used in making pens than penknives, and for a good reason- Penknives are not so much wanted since quills have gone out of fashion. A Scientific Congress is soon to be held at Havre or Rouen to examine the qualities of a number of locomotives. Austria is about to send a Minister and a man-of-war to China. Mr. Cushing's letter to the Secretary of State is much applauded in the English prints. Ladies elastic gaiters are now made in London of such delicate materiaJs that they may be sent in an ordinary letter. Every county in Ireland abounds in mineral wealth. The master tailors in London have been ioing their workmen in the Boston style. They pay seven pence for making trowsers and do not even furnish the thread. There are 2500 Jewish freeholders in London. The late election coming on Saturday was the cause of their losing iheir vote.SPAIN. We learn by the last arrival from Europe, that the young queen of Spain, attended by her new Ministers, was lately present at a grand bull-fight at Madrid, given in aid of the funds for building a church! Thespectacle lasted three hours, during which eight bulls were killed, thirteen horses were disemboweled and one man carried off with his ribs broken. The exhibition issaid to have realized L1000. These cruel and brutal izing sports, which were discountenanced by the ex-Regent Christina and prohibited by Espartero, have now been restored by the revolutionary Government, for the special entertainment of a young girl thirteen yearsof age. So much for the progress of cizilization and humanity in Spain.


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