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Travelling in Europe. - The most expensive country for travelling we visited was Russia. England came next, and then Holland. In Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Prussia, Austria, and all the Germán country, expenses are about the same as they are in the United States. In Italy and France, travelling is eheaperthanwith us. In Russia, one of the most expensive items as well as the greatest ahnoyance, is passports. The custom of feeing the servants prevails all over Europe, and the demand is legión. At the respectable hotels in England, waiter. chambermaid and boots expect a per diem of about fifty cents. If you ride a hundred miles upon an English or Irish mail coach you must pay the guard and the coachman, who demand at least two English shillings each. The list of sundries, too, are many for porterage. Railroad travelling in England is very expensive, and the price in the secondclass cars is considerably more than in the first class in the United States. In Prussia, Saxonyand Austria, where altogether there are about three or four hundred miles of. ranroaa compieted, raiiroad travelling . is about the same as with us. In France 1 the difference is not material, but in th second class cars, which are generalij . equal to our best, the price of travel is cheaper. Travelling by coaches in Greal Britain varies from $4 50 to $8 for one hundred miles, the inside seats being the most expensive, and, in good weather the least comfortable. The prices in the French and Italian diligences also, vary, and al most in the same ratio. - Brooks1 Letters, Concealed Weapons. - In speaking of the custom of carrying concealed weapons, the Albany Argus forcibly remarks: 'No man arms himself with a dirkknife, for instance, without meditating violence, or without reference to some occasions when he may put it to fatal uses. The fact of a person having such weapons about him ought to be, by law, prima facie evidence of an indiscriminate design upon human life, either in self-defence, or in aggression, and he ought to be punished criminally, and asseverely in proportion, as in havin g in one's possession counterfeit bilis. The deadly intent ought to be presumed from the fact of possession; as the having counterfeit bilis is prima facie proof of an intention to utterthem.' Cheering üie Pope!- Ata recent meeting of the friends and insociales of Wm. Lloyd Gar risou, held in Fanueil Hall, the eubject of discusión Insh Repeal in connection wilh slavcry, Wendall Phillips, in concluding i Bpeech upon that topic, proposed tkree theers for Pope Grtgory XVI, which were ïccordingly given with the greateat enthulasm!"Tea in North Carolina. - The Richmond Enquirer publishesan extract from a letter from Newhill Puckett, at Lynesville, Granville county, North Carolina: "I have procured the seed of the Chinese Tea, so much used in America. It is genuine, matures perfectly well inourclimate, and can be raised in abundance with very little trouble. The vast amount of money that must be laid out for tea every year, induces me to address you at this ttme. My wish is to put it in circulation. through the medium ofsome newspaper in Virginia." The Enquirer adds: Mr. P. then goes on to say, that the stock of seed will be delivered to subscribers next fall or winter, at $5, if sent personally to them - if by the mail, at their own risk and expense, $2. Rkjected. - Tt is known that the Governnr of Massachusetts, some time since, cominissioned a gentleman in Charleston and another in New Orleans to watch over nnd protect the nterests of Massachusetts citizens (free colored men) arrested in those cities without any charge of crime. Mr. Maybin, thegentletnan appointed in New (Veans for tbat p-i ■ pose.has returned his commission to Gov. Morton, saying that his duiies as a citizen of Louisiana will not permit him to discharge rhe function8 contemplated by it.- JV, F. Tribune. Of course not. it was a green thing to suppoee that "a citizen of Louisiana" could be fonnd to discharge the duty enjoined by the law of Massachusetts, under which the Governor made those appointments. The duties, and the rigkts of a citiren of Massachut-etts, and one of Louisiana, are very different, notwithstanding the cr.nstitution. The Governor of Masiachiisetts mnst eend an agent to reside in New Orleans- a kind of "Minister near the government of Louisiana"- f he woiild havo th interest of the ciiizens of Massachusetts attended to. We should like to see that experiment tried. Never was minister so impotent- never ambassador so trampled upon -never diplomatic agents so contemned- we stake our reputation on it- as he would be.- Christian Frceman. The followmg is an extract from a declaration of the Continental Congrega, directed to b? published by Washingten on his arrival at Boston - "Ifit was possible formen, who exercise their reason, to believe that the Dmne Author of oar exislance intendsd a part of the linman race io hold an absolnle property in, and an vnbovnded power over others, marked out by infinite wisdom and jjoodnets as the objpcts of legal dominion, never rightly reeistable, however eevere nnd oppressive; the inhabitants of these colonies might at least reqnire from Ihe Parliament of Great Britain sonie evidence of this dreadful authority had been granted to that body."Mithign-n Crrdit. - Thompson's Reporter, in an orticle giving its opinión of the valup of the credit or stock of the 6everal indebted State?, tiitis speaks of ours: Michigan - This Slate, afrer repudiating some of her bonds, on the ground cf nu constderation, is indebted bul about 3,500,000. The public works bid fair to be productive- nll the laws that are necessary to reestablish her credit and provide for interest on the acknowledged portion of her debt, are already upon the statute books. The legitímate bonds are as good, barring three' years delny, ns the bonds of any other State in the Union. A Bloody Tragedy. - A letter received in Savannah from Sparta, Flancock county, Geo. says: Yesterday a negro belonging to Joe. R. Sarsnett, was hnng in this place for an attempt to murder his master; and yesterday or ral her the evening previoup, John Lawson killed Obadiah Culver and Enoch Jackton. Thpy went lo Lawson's house, entered, and one ofthem stmck him witiiastick. Lawson, fled from the housp, but as he went out. caught up a doublé barrelled cun; they pursued him, and about one hundred yards from his house, one ofthem fired a pist ol at him; lic whepled, fired both bnrrels siniultaneusly, and killed both in their men sent tor a magislrafe and gave himsolf up and sent for a lawyer to advi&e him on the inquest. He was placed under bonds of $1,000 for his a ppea ra nee p.t Court, but if the above be a troe statement of the circumstances, ha he will certainly go clear. Jackson we unHerstand, married Lnwson's sister, nnd out of this marringe erew the difficulty bet ween them. - Savannah Georgian. Stocklons Gvn.-Capt. Stocklon's great gun, or the one completing under his direction, at New York, it is thought moy change the whole mode of naval warfare. The cannon is mannfacturod from wrought iron. The very best pieces of metal have been melted for this purpose; after the gun is forged and bored, it is to be bound round with triple hoops of iroo welded, and neatly turnpd, and the pnrface sjnootlied. The gun is not so very large - it is easily loanaged; the tnerit of improvemenl consisting in theball used, and the immense distaïicc it is cnrried. Three kegs of powder to a single charge, nnd a ball carried to the distance of thrce miles, would enable a steams-hip, araied with tnis gun, to take a position out of veach of a 6eventy-four, and tear her all to pieces. The New York Sun, from which we take the above account, says that Fcientific persons acrree, that this gun will change the course of warfare.A Carriagb to be propelled by wind has been constructed by Mr. Abraham Marble, of Illinois, for the purpose of canying heavy bu rl hens and breaking praries with severa] olher little utilities. It is asserted that those who have examined the mode] believe it may be made useíul in level parts of the country, and state tbat it is quite a simple and ingenuous m ention, as the carriage may be made to run in any desirable direction, no matter from where the wind mny come. It is als represented bs heing well fixed so as to guard against sudden gales of wind or storms.- Where will wc stop?I ... - - Postages in the British Provinees. From the 5th of January next, the followmg rates of postage will be exacted on letters conveyed by post,in British North America or West Indies; for 60 miles, 4d; under 100 miles, 6d; under 200 miles, 8d; and for every 100 miles more, 2d. The rates are charged by the half-ounce, instead of by the enclosure as heretofore. On any part of British North America to Britain shall be charged a uniform Colonial rate of 2d in addition to the postage charged in England,and 2d in addition for every half-ounce.- Cleveland Herald. The Duel of Yesierday.-We ote sorry that we have to record onother almost fatal duel. Mr. Richard Hagan and Mr. Oran Bird, fought yesterday at ten paces, with pistois, near the Metarie Roce Cour3e. At Uie first fire, both parties were wounded, Mr. Bird's wonnd is comparatively slight - being a mere flesh wouud, in the ca!f of the leg. Mr. Hagan was yestorday morning conveyed from the ground, to Dr. Stone's hospital, and was, at the time this article was written, somewhat calm, being under the efTects of an opinte. His viroand, althongh very dangerous. is not,rn the opinión of his physician, mortal. -JT. O. Hernld. Important Decisión. - The Supreme Court of Massachusetts. has decided, on a writ of error, that it is not incest for a man tomarry the daughter of his deceased wife, by former husband; the affinity between the man and his wife's daughter. ceasing on the death of the wife.A Chance por a Long Suit. - The indictment against O'Connell,the great Liberator, ïs said by the Schnellport newspaper, to cover 93 feet of parchment; and O'Connell had given notice that he has ready for attendance thirty thousaud witnesses for his defence! A man was íecently sentenced to Jive years imprisonment in the Penitent lary for Mvrder! n Calhoun County. Judge Witherell sentenced a colorad man in Ann Arbor, at the late term of his court held in that place, for the same length of time, for the petty crime of stealing one pair of stockings! This is discriminé ing between crimes with a vengeance, wejsay.- Slate Gazetle. Of the 700 convicta in the State Prison, at Auburn, N. Y., W0 have been intemperate: and 222 moderate drinkers ! Crimes caused by rnm 290! and 810 of the crimináis had been addicted to gambling! An awful record this; and full of meaniug which is easily appréhended of all. State Printing - The State Treastircr, undei the law of last winter, has contracted with Bngg &, Harmon, of the Freo Press, for the Legisktive printing, at the rate of thirty cpnts per thousand for composilion, and thirty cents a token for press work. So that question is settlé?.JVeicspaper Lato.- ín case of suit for fraud, the Georgia courts have decided that refusing to toke a newspaper from the office, or going away and leaving it uncalled for, until all nrresrages are paid, is prima facie evidence of intentionalfraud. A TaU M. C- A letter from Washington says - Mr. Wentworth, one of the new mem bers from Illinois, is attracting many visitors to the Capítol, on account of his extraordinary height; he is seven feet two inches. Sporting Extraoi dinary. - A nogro man in Mclntosh county. Ga., lately come upon two fine bucks witb their horns firmly locked, and cut their throats witli his pocketknife. Compliment to JTew Egland.-Whe in town, Col. Johnson remarked that during liis jonrneyings in the New-England States, amid all the festivals which he ha I attended, he had never seen a person ín an inloxicated slate. There are four places of worship in New York, in which the services are performed exclusively in the Welsh language; aml'two periodicals are published in that city in the same language . - Knickerhoiker.The. Factory Girls. - Miss Farley, the Editress of the Lowel] OfFermg, says: "I shoult jndge that about seventy of the mili girls have written for the Offering since its comineucement. - Tribune. Canada. - The military establishment of Canada now amounts to 8,500 men, being more than the ntire army of the United States. An L on Ship, called the Iron Qucen, has arrived at New York from Liverpool, the first iron ship ihat ever arrived at that port. Patronizing the Post Office.- 22,396 letters were delivercd at the Cinnnnati Post Office during the month of Octobor, out of wbich 1,309 were ree. The entire erop of Potatoes inthe United States, during the year 1840, was, according to the census of that year, 113.183,619 bushels, valued at $48,295.994,25. A Female to bcHwig. - Martha Brown has been found guilty ai Pickens, S. C. jf the murder of her husband, William 3rovn, and sentenced to be hung in Janiary next.John Neal, Esq. of Portland, delivered a lecture before the Mercantil? Liberty Association of Boston, on Wednesday evening, in the course of which he remarked that our lawyers not only made law., Jbut they intcrpreled, and adminisiered them! They received ten dollars a duy to make laws, and fifty a day to explain thsmi In the Congress of 1843, oul of 292 membere, there werr 255 lawyers! - The fault is with the people.


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