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HALTSEAD's BEISK PILLS. THE Brisk Pilis answer the purposc more eficctually tor ony dieease for which any otlier pul is recoin memled, and supersede ihein allogether in medical excellence and virme. ]f you doubt this. just try tnem.ii vvill cost you only two iliillinCT- and then you. with me, wiil be satis fied. Ifrheyare nut whnt I recommend ihem to bc. ienounce them and put them down. ior 1 caniiot cunscieniiously recommeiul iliein ior n cure all for every (hinsr. Bat iliis I do sny, without lear ofcontrndiction. tliat no pilla are their emial in removing -diseases originatilifl ra ilic Btoniach or bowels. For liver nnd bilious disensos, such nsdum ague. fe-er nnd aguc. intorniiltant anii remittam ("evers, tho Brisk Pilis pos■en peculiar propenies ior thcir speedy removal. Ffötn ten years expeneucc ns a practiíing pliysician. I atn convinccd tbat none cui equal ihein. - Kead what otïier pills are ood for, and what they will cure, and il t!ic Brisk are not superior tu "them all. then discard their usc. Do not beücve all tliat is snid nbout an infallibíe pill - ihat nevar fails to cure any disease - luit try the Brisk Filis dlö cheapest piila in usc- 2i pills "or 25 cents -and then you Ui lve a chance to j idge of tiieir inerit rdemerit. As a blond cleanser. and npuiifjer to the dtseased system, they perhaps supersede every pill in usc. They are quick and enjy in tlio óperntion, giving lite nnd tone to all he torpid orffans; ihrovving offimpure matters or huinors; leaviiiif the systcm Jiealihy and clean. This is all that any one medicine can do,notwi - ataoding the great sliow of words and fictitious eer tificates. We are determined to let ihes: uills stand upon thcir own reputation, win or loose. All we ;sk is, Tor n fair and impariial tr'a'. They can be taken by old and youna:. ot nny time wirh perfecpsafety. They are an excellent medicine for cüildrfn, lor v.-orms. &c. In a word, they possess all ihe qualittes ofan operient pill for fnmily usc. They have cured many diseases which no otiier medicine could remove. In conclusión I siv. do not sive np or despair of a cure until you fia ve tried the Brisk Pills, for they do pos6oss peculiar properties and virtues. For Sale by S. P. & 3. C. Jcnvett. C. Eberbach. Ann Albor: D. II. Rowland, NorthviMe: J. S. Scattergood, Plymouih: J. Dean. Pontiac: J. B. Dickson, Rit. Clemena: Maitland & Co.. Romeo; Spracue & Co., Rochester; Clmrch & Burchard, N. P. Jacobs, J. Owen &, Co., Detroit. 10-GmFASHIOMABLE TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. JK. WALKFR would nnnounce to liis friends and the public iirgrneral, (hai he is noT n tlie receipt of the full and winier fashions for 1843-4, whieliJiave beea selected and furnishcd by twoof the best establishment in the United States, on the first of the present month, after the kinds of gooris and Ihshions lor the seaon had becönie permanently established, which is beautifuily illustrated by two of the inosi eple.idid Tashion piales ever prceented ro this communiiy. Ahy genileincn who wish to liave the 'i:MOff pure." can find it here furnished ot o soason when there can be no m5t:ike as to what js or is no: fashionaiile. Genilemen. please cali oud examine Vor yuiirselve?, and if wecannot exliibit someiViinfir i'hat will satisíy you that ihestyltof eoods and (ashion of gormems nre chaste and bentulful, ilien we are nuich mistaken. Mr. WalUer woukl taliethis opportunity to return liis sincere tlinnks 10 11 who have hit heno fnvored him with rheír pmronage, nnd hopes he has civen general sntis.raction. All who fcel dis havo an cnsy, nt tile snme time a fasli ionablc g::nnent. can bo grntiíied by calling al the shop of D. Insh. one doorsoúih oF Beneh & Abel's oíd store, where for ihe convenience of himseit and cuatoiners lie has located for the eeasoit. where all deniands in his line will be executed with neamessnnd despaich. on reasonable lerms for cash or country produce, bul posU'vdy .- 1 credit. N. B. Cmting done, and warranted to fit i! firoperly irlnde up. üctober 11. 1843. 27-tf.YPSILANTI AC ADEM Y, AND II. IJ. GRIFFEN. Prkncipal. Mr. CHAS. S. WOUDARD, AssisTArrr. THE win;er term ot tliis instuufion will cumtnence on Monda_v, tip?. 20, and continue 11 ttteeks. Whïlê ihisschöbl is equal'y open 10 all of boih sexos, who wish to acquire a good educauon. particular ademion will be given u those who are preparing to icaJi. The exelueive and uninionupied attention of ihe principia will bc jri ven 10 iittpntl a r. ciical knowitídge o: the Engtiah branches. He oceujiics aunui hal; nn iiour daily in leciuring. witli the aid ol'iheappara;tií. mineral?, or othenvise. Ari'AV.A ri's. - The lnsiiiu:ion is furnisiiec witb Chemicil. Philusophicn!, and Astronómica! apparajus, Survcying Instruments. Geometiicai spliils. &c . 10 the nmount of 300; also, a goocj Cabineiof öiinerals wonli óO. Tt'inox in the c-iífiítíon Kiil'I sli branches, in flÖSlrig Cu:n;osiii)n nnd Icclair.ation ror $2.0i) 10 $o.5(). In Phüosojihy. Cliemisiry, Asironoiny. Histury, llheturic. jlo'any. Aljriébra. Gcurnetry, Sarvcyini. &c. IVöm $4,50 to 5.00 Moz7.otin'O and (Hiiii'rse or Tiieorem pninringr, Z-'3.Q) cacli lor 12 lessons. taughi by jlrs. Griffen. The Iniiion is to bc pnid at the midiile of thr term No deduciion fur absence will be mndc. oxcept for protiacted sicknes?, and no one wi! be réeeived tbr It-ss than five and a half weeks. - Bpoks may bc had oí the at Detroit pricc-s. DoAnr). Incliulino; roen nnd wnshingr. frotp 01.ü()tá $1.50 per week; forfurther pnr'tioufiirf inqüire of t!ie principal. Rooms enn be hired clic-;p for sclioJ-irs to board thémsëive's. :v. I. ?.I. VVprtn. Rcv. H. P. Powers. Rev. O. F. Nonh. J. Fairchü.l, M. O.. J. C. Allen. M. D.. G. and E. M. ökinner, Esqrs. Imvekindly consentec! to forni a visiting cortimitfee, to bj present at the Week reviews on Thursduy. and at the pnli'.ic nxnniination of the school. Ypsilanti, Oct. lii, 1313. 5-1 y .. W.QQLËN :: Til 1Ü subscr'bers wou ld infor;n the public ihpt thcy are ' mw nianuíaciuriníj VVOOL1..N CIjOTII wuii a di-gree of successequal to ihen most sanguine cxpceioüons. With tho inachin ery ihey nuw have, they are to manufacture frotn75 (o' lOtí pófa'nds of'wpnl per dny. The cloili they have made i'or the last thrce inontlis isof t i ie best qnnliiy. and tint irtnde in luturc wil) be similar. Tliey have cntirely overeóme che (]lücu!tics oí' staiiiug an esiaLlishinent OÍ ffiú hind-in a nèw country. Their terins are '1 cents per yard f;r fullod cloth (iniihcd or hall tht cloth the wool will niake. lí'üiiy alterniion oi the teViiis sïiöuld he deterhnried on, publíií no tice will he given. All wool icceived before 6uc!i notice is given will be workcd on the abovc terms. - Ift.ny wipIi to lili yo their wool worked wit!;out ii .M'ii: a witli will be done, piovided they fissort it tlicniselvos, and Uirnisli it in q:aiitities of 100 pounds of one q-(inliiy of wnol. It is tnuch betier to scw up wool in sacks thanto tic ii up in blankei6 thc cluth should bt etronír. Pro.visions of all kinds will be recciverl in pnyment for inánufabturin to the nrríbunt rcqnired Jor thfi cónsu tíption ofihe est-iblishment. Woo; 8èntbv railroad fi Scio. will be properly nttendC'l toi the nn u!orol ;.)!inds shírtild he markedon thesaclt withink; nlso the weiafrt of the sack. - The w.iol will be workód in i urn is it conirs in. as nenrlv .13 m be done with referèncê to the different qiuilitie-;. O3 Miny Farmers línv'e express-ed to ns thcir gratificaiión n cníísltlération of ottr Btartnür thit branch of business, orid rúan y bnveencournsed uf l)y iheír paJfinn'gedritig th hst ye'ar: We now invito n'l h- briwg their wool. to i lie nmonnl nf Ö5.0C0 ))ii'iíls. riiiii'rééelvc the benefil of the very ransonable 'ennson wliieh wcofTerto manufacture it. Tho cstablislmient is 2h milest uest o:' AnnArbor, on the Ilunm. S. W.FOSTER. &CO. Scio. Anril rïf 1H4H. !-tf5 'iüKK out ol liie enolosur ot il;e eubscober _O "pn or a'vjut tho mi;!it of '.he -28i!i uh. p smal! grny M irc. füiir vc;iis old, noi sliod. Any pereon w!t '.vül ive noúce lo the ownerby letter or othcr.-.vise wfter'è sul M ;ru tnay bc fíKind, shüll te re '.v ai Jed by CHARLES T1UDS0N. ' Kortb. Lake, Wash. co. Oct. 14, 1813. 46-3vE. DSJLM'S CELEBRATED CHEMICAL PL ASTER, The most effcctvul remedy yet discovered for lihevm'ilism, t'ever Sores, fViiie Swellings, Infiinnmtilion in the llyts, Stvdled Throtl in IScarItl Ferer, (uinsey, S-c. tc. THE CHEMICAL PLASTER is an important remedy irr thuse who are afflicted wiili chronic and inilnimnniory complaints, by i(8 easnía pain. countcractins inflainmation, and giving speedy relief by its nctive, strengthening, onodyne, diapiiorericand counterirrituni properties - in eflbet ual remedy íorClironic ond luiñammntuiv Ivlieumaiism, Agne in the lireaat, Sc.ilds. iiurns. Bruises, Scrofiiln. Ulcera, Oíd Sores oi ;ilniost every descriptiön. Cnnkered and Swcllcd Throal arising frötn Scarlet Fever, Folons. White Sivellinge, Chilblains, fcc. Persons sufljrinjr Oom Liver Complainif", Puhnonary discasea. Jnfliimniatiou of the Lungs, wiih pain in the df, bick or limbs.. will (ind relief by the nse of this P!a?tor. In all cases it rnay be used with pcrfeci saliety. E. DEANS CHEMICAL PLASTEtt ib put up in l)o.cs at riliy cents and one dollar ench. wiili f uil directions accowipanyinrcach box. Mnhufnctnred nnd sold whóíssaíe by H. HARRJS & CO.. Ashtabuia. Ohio. sole proprretors. to whom all orders should be nddressed. Sold also by their Ajrenis ihroughout the country. ETA liberal discount made to dealers and physicians. For testimoniáis and certifieateR from persons of the biffhest respectibilily, who have used the Chemical Piaster, see another column of this paper. For sale by the following Agents in Michigan: H. W. Rood, Niles,J. C. Larrimore. " C. Sfcanahan, Edwardsburgh. Win. O. Ausun, White Piireon. Isnac Benhani. Jr.. Conatnntine. Danl. L. Kiiiiberly. ScHonlcraH. II. B. Huston. & F. March. jr PM Kalamazoo James W. Coihren. P. M. Galesburgh. T. L. Bolkcom. P. M. Battle Creek. Jatnos M. Parsons, P. M. Marshall. Pnul ltnymond. Druggíét, Jackson. Wm. Jackson, P. M. Leoni. Hale and Smith, Gross Lake. John C. Winnns. Sylvan, J Millerd & Sun, Dextor. Thomas P. Mav. Jr. Plymouth, Perin & Hiïl.l. Korthvilte, Mead S MisCarthy. Farrnington, Peter Van Every, Franklin, Julius Dean. Pontiae, Mack & Spraguc, Rochester, James Stephens. Utica, E. C. Gallup. Mt. Clemens, t l r e fi ) Detroit. John O wen & Co. $ Dr. Thos. M. S'weeny, DearbornvilJe, E. Samson. Ypsüanii, J. H. LUND, ) W. S. & J. W. MATNARD, Ann Ajbor. CHRISTIAN EBERBACH, ) 4-1y GREAT BARGAINS IN "BEADY MADE CtOTHIHO .' !" H.QLLOCK &■ RJ1YM0.NDWOULD re?pectfully inform the citizens of Ann Arlior. anti i_e State generally, ihai they have now on hand ihe LARGEST and CHE A PEST stock of READY MADE CLOTHING" lo bc found at any establishment in tliis State, which ilicy are cletermjned to sell at p'icesZoirc han wete offered, and they confidentie invite all persons in wam of '■Rr.adij Made Clolhing," visiiing Dotroñ. lo cali at their establishment, '-Corner of Jefferson and Wosdicard Arenucs," in the new brick block, Phoenix- Bvildings. where they will find every va'riety ofgarmentasuitable for gentlemen's Fall or Winter vrear, and they believeat price3 from 15 to 25 percent chcapèr ihan they can obtain them in any other wny. Also. a very choice se'ection of "Sroad Cloths, CassimereSj and IFestings," whicli they are prepnred to nianufacture to orrier in a superior mnnner nnd stj-le nut to be exce '.ed ín '.he C'i-y cf Nvic York or elsi where. Garitienia ahvavs warranled Ij fit and p'ease or no sulfJ! Alo. a very henvy Siock of OCÜUKSTIC CLOTHS. Piï,OT and BF.AVKll CLOTHS. BKLGIC CLOTÍIS. SATTINFrcí. WÍTÍTER TWEL.DS. and eveij varioty and descripiiun of goórfs súitnble lor gen ileineii's wearing ajiparel. all of which shnl! be si'U vnylow fyr cash. or exchanged lor Produce nt ni.'iiket ricep. All ihofe wishina Eargains in anv of the aboye inicios ar invited tij c-'ill ra the "FASHION ADLE CLOTHING EñlPORlUHr' of the snbscriberp. Cor. oí Jeilbrson and Woodward Avfiimes. Detroi'. HALLOCK & RATMOND. Detroit. Sept. 28, J843. 23-tfJUJNUFJCTURERS 1J'D MERCHJÏjVTS. TH F. subscriben nre now receivinp-, at ihcir stores. lSd Jèffrson 'Avestúé, and corner oï' Rnndplpl) nnd Woodbridge strceis, Detroit, o ree nnd jrenerni stock of DYE-WOODS AND DIE-STUFFS. 33 tons Logwood. Fustic. Limewoot!. Nicarras;nn. Hypcrnic Woud. ia the stick, i30tbls. eround Camwood, 15Í) do Fustic 120 do Logwood. 109 dd Jieihvügds, 20 do Aluin, 6 lihils Coppcrns. 4 So P.!ue Vitiiol, 4 pipes Ombrc and Crop Madders, prime, r00 tbs Extract Lowood. lii)0 do Repgal, M;idrns and Caraccas Irldigo. SM) dó Blue Nntiralls. (Allcppo.) 25Ó do Púwdcíed Cúrcuma, 2l:0 do Verdigris. 10 CarlVoysOíl VUrinl. 6 dö At-ui Fortip. 4 do Spirits Sea Sak?, 4 do Nitric Acid, 2 cnse? Líic Dyo. ZO') ü)s. Brmquo Tin, 2.".0 do Crcam Tannr, 500 do Q lercciron BarW. Togcther with h co:nple!.?assoTtmentofall ihe minor anieles in the irnde. tb wit: P.ess Papers. Tenzk?, Hrpstiés, Jncks, Tent ilooks. Dve KiMiies, PieUers. Burling Jron.s. Nippërs. Prusfiaienf notrs-li. S'il Amoniac. Sal Soda, Snirnr of I.pad, Sieei Iteeds. Card Cleaner?, MACHINE CARDS, Satinen VVarps, Shears. &,c. This entire stoc!; !ins been purchased within the !ast t u'o weeks. andselfCicd pcrsonidlj by one tfthe concern, hu has bern in the business f'oj the last eleven yearf, nnd ihey have no hc-itation ín sayina liat the qiifiütv of these coods is unrt.xcepiionable. TJjey will por.itivly be soid at the luvest New York jóbbirig1 prices. with the adilirion of transiJOrtation only. ■ The swbscribers have llie sole Agcncy in thisSinle fr the siiïé nf MFARS0N?S SIIKARÍ.VG MACHINES." ■ind the celebnted "LEICESTER MACHINE CARDS," dtx-idedly the best in uso. THEO. II. EATON, & CO. April 1 1. 1843. 51 tfJAMES Q. BIRNEY, ITTOJINEY AND COUNSELLOR A T LAW. EACAN'.W CJTV, MICHIOAff. G. B. wül also act ns Land Agent in the Land District in wliich ihis (Snganaw) 3ourity is; hc will make ii-.vustnients for othcrs ands, pay over for tiüii-rcsidents their taxes, and ;ive infornriiuion gcncratly to persons interested n tbis part of ilie country, or desirouaof faccomng immigrants 10 iu IPeters Filis. 'Tis íun theysjiy to gefc.well wnh them, AJAj ninnkind throughout thcir wide and immense circulution, that ever try them continue to buy them. Peters' PüIb are purcly vegetable; tliey work no mímeles, nor do tliey profess to cure all diseases, because tliey are the scieniific compound oi' a regular physician, whö hns made his pröfession the study of his life. Dr Peters 8 a gradúate ot Yule College, also of the Massmhusetts Medical College, and soniewhatdisiinguished himsell'ns a man of science and genius among the Ihnn'ly of the late Gjv. Peters. Peters' Vegetable Pilis are simple in tlieir preparación, mild in their nction. thorouüh in iheir openition, and unnvalJed in tlieir reeuhs. - The town and country are alike filled with their praise. The palace and lbo poor house alikc echo wiih iheir viruies. In all climates they will retain their wonderful poweis and exen them unnlicred by age or situition. nnd this the voiceofa gratelul community proclaimeti. - Petera' Pilis prevent - keep off disensos i(" timely used, r.nd have no rival in c uring billious fever. lever and ague,dyspepsia, liver complnints.croup. siek hendaeho, jaundice, ftsthmn.dropsy. rheuniatism, .cnlargenient of the spleen, piles, eolio, female ohstrueu'on, henrt burn, furred tongujg. nausea, distenr ion of the stomach nndbowels. ineiptent diarrhcea, flatulence, habitual costivenees. loss of appeine, blochedj or aaliow complexión, nnd in all cases öftorpor of the bowels, where a cathanic or npcnenf is indicated, producing neitber nausen, griping or debility: and ?e repentall who buy them continue to try tíiem. The most triumphnm success hns ever atten ded their use and enough is already known o them to immortalize and hand them down to pos teriry with the improvements ofthe age ni nied; ical science. Dr. Peters was bred to the healingart.and in order to supply demande, he ha? originated nnd called to his aid the only steam driven machinery in the world for pill working. 'Tis perfect, ond its process imparts to the pill esseniial virtue, because by being perfectly - do you henr ihatl while a host can testify that they believe they owe their salvation íroin disenso and death lo Peters' Pil!, ond if calomel and knivesore getting partially intodisusewe are only mistaken. Ckrtificates. - This paper could be filled wiib them by residents of Michigan, by your friende and neighbors - nek ouragenis. It is now well known that the people will have Pefers' Pil's, and to hinder would betostop the rushing wind. Price 25 or ÍSO cents per box. The resisilesa forcé oí these truths - their universal reception, added to the testimony of miliions. "keep it before the people'" must and will be henrd throughout this vale of tears. Their happy influence on joung ladies while suffering under the usual changes of lile as directed by the lnws of nature, they impnrt aancy ol heart. leelingand action, an elasiic step, velvet cheek, lillyand carnation complexión by iheir action on rhe chyle, &c. and ladies in delicate situaiions oiwavs admit their power and in nocence, and take them two or three at a time without in the slightest degree incuiring the haz ard of an abortion; whichfacts nre of the utrrnsi importance. Pimple?; a yoong ' lady sent her love to Dr. Peters, and eays she feeTs more grateful to him for the restoration of her beauty than ifhehad sa ved her 1 i fe. 'Tis fun to get well with Peters Pilis. for ihey cnuse theblood tocourse is limpid and gentle ihrough the veins os o mountain rivulet; 3 or 4 is a common dose. henee the patiënt is not comelled to mnke a meal. TRO U BLE IN PLUTO'S CAMP. Quite astonished 01(1 Pluto cnmeto New Ycrk. '. üearing Peters had got liis Pili Engine nt work,) To resign his commission, bis liour glass and scythe; [ have come to deliver them nll up to you - Sir. my calling is over - tny business is through; f have been for threeyears in a terrible stew, And J reaily don't know what on earth J'am to do; - Not of your rrighiy sire do I come to complnin. But a tarnal New Yorker, one PETERS by name; The diseases my aids, in this war of mankind, Are 6ubdued by this Peters, what help can we find? I would yield him N. York, eir, if there he would stay; But, sir. Peters will have the whole world for his 8way. While musingin council what course to pursue. That Engine of Peters broke forth mto view. The King of terrors looked a while, As thouah his soul was lur ed to bile, At that unspnring scourge of ills, By all men known as Peters' Pilis. These Pilis of Peters' stop the slnughter. And leaves theblood ns pure as water. Now Peters makes, I've hcard hini say, F(ve hundred thousand puls a d;iy; Sn ibat the chance is very stnall Of people dyihg tliere at nll: For soon the cheeks. so tnrrked for doom, Begin lik e nny roso to blooni. tibok h:rc! all ich'i try tliem coniinvcto bmj t%ém For sale ns follows, by Metóre. Befich & Abel. G. Gninville. F. J. I). Cnine. Maynard. & Co.. G. Ward. S. P. & J. C. Jewett, J. II. Lund. H. Becker, Dickjnson & Cogswell, and S. K. Jones. Ann Arbor: Geo. Warner& Co-, nnd J. Millerd & Son, Dexter, Wm. A. L. Shíiw. Lima: J. C. Winaiis. Sylvnn, Halp, & Smith Grnss Láke; W. Jackson. Leoni: D. T. Merri. mnn. Jackson; M. A. Shoenmlier. Michitrnr Centre: Brr.iherson & Co.. L. J$. Kief & Gil hert. Manchester; D. S. Haywood. S;-lme; Snow & Kers. Clinton; J. Scatiergood & Co., Plymouth: Stone. Bnbcock & Co., nnd Julins. Movius&. C".. Ypsilanii; Pierre Teller, Deiroit: .7. & J. Bid well, and Dr. Underwood. Adrion: Hart ife Mosher. Springville; ííarmen Sc Cook. Brooklyn: Smiih & Co.. Jonesville; L. M. Boyce, Chicnso - and almost every whereel.e. Oct. 19r 1.42 27-1 yATTENTION, JUtíT recéived al tbc General Depot, for tlitpnle of Clo'.hiers Stock, Mnchitiery. Dyt Siuff-, &c. &c, No. 139, Jff;rsun Avenue. Detroit, tlie foliowing large, wed assorted, and carefnlly selecied stock, viz: 1 'Ju bbls. Su Domingo Logwood, Cut, 5 Tons 'f '; ia Stick, 150 bbls. Cuba Fustic, Cut, 5 Tons il i4 in Stick, 50 bbls Nic. Wood. Chipped, 50 ': Limn Wood, " 30 Red Wood, " 12) " Ground Cainwood, 10 " Quercitron Bark, 5:)0 lbs. Nutiralli?, 10 Cnses E.vtrnct of Logwood, 300 lbs. Lnc Dye, 2 Ceroons Spanish Indigo, 330 ll-s. Sumac Sieily, 3 Casks Modder, 3 Casks Blue Viiriol, 5 Casks Alum, 2 Bnrrels Ked Tartar. 2 B:ine!s Cream Tartar, 3 Carboys Aqun Fortis, 5 ; Oil Viiriol, 3 ; Muriatic Acid, 501) lbs. Virdi;ris, 5) BlockTjn, Teasds, Twinc, Copper Kettles, all sizes, Parson's Shcnring Macliines, Curtís' " " Screws and Press Piafes, Cranks. Press Paper, Si nel Reeds, Worsted Hnrrirss. Tenter Hooks, F.nierv, all jVs.. Olive Oil. Cloibicra' Jacks. Sattmctt VVarp, Clotbiers' Bnishes, Shuttles, Pickers, Card Cleaners, &c. &c.Tho above. with n vnriety of other irtiihs bcIonging to the irnde. have been pnrehnsed thsummcr !y the subscrihors ffóm Manufacturennnd First Hnndsin thu New York, t hiladelphia. :u:d Doston Mnrkels. and cvery thing havin" receivecl liis peraonnl insnection. he enn with i]nutrnost enntidenre ofïïr tlicin to purchnsers us :hheit and mosi ro'nj.lf.e stock in the couniry; nnd t.s it is his fixed detenuination (by the lovv nitei a'. whicli he wil! sell) to oreveiu the necessi'y ol onr Clolhiers nnd Mnnufho-urcre lenving thp átate to mnke their purchases, he would nierelj sy to the trnde, CALL, examine ih; joods nnr) nfcprtnin prices before you say you can buv cheaper tvnij vkere else.He 8 also prepared to contrnct for CARD1NG MACHINES made in this State or E-ist. PIERRE TELLER, Sign ofthe Golden Mortnr, 139, Jefferson Avenue, 1 [17-tf.] Detroit.)I.OWER TOWN [J Bfl HrflH JrFBp Kbv Ey BsksF JeTRA Sb Pb E9 e9 u tt3r B3 MESSRS. DAVIDSONS & BECKER, have just receivetl from New York a Iarge and splendid assortment of Fancy and Staple 1KY GOODS. AIso, a large quantity of Dry Groceries Crockery, Sbelf Hardware, Nails, Boots and hoes, Men's and Boy's Caps Paints, Dye Su and Medicines, &c &c. &c. which they willsell lower than bas ever before been offered in tbis place. For particulnrs cali at their Store, No. 3, Brown's Block, (formerly occupied by H. Beckcr.) The highest Market price will be paid in Goods for most kinds of Produce. ö Remember that they will not be undersold.=ê# Ann Arbor, Lower Town, Nóv. 13, 1843. 29-6m IIBHIT MUST received at the Farmers' and Mecbanics' Store, a general assortment of Fancy and stapleGroceries, Crockery, Boots and Shoes, &c. &c. which will be sold cheap and for ready piyojily. C. J. GARLAND. Ann Arbor, Upper Town, Nov. 20, 1843. N. B. As usual, any Goods purchased of l-im not givin? satisfaction in price and quality, the purchaser has the privilege to return them and receive back his moru y. 32 C. J. GARLAND.RIVER RAISIN INSTITUTE. THE winter term of this Insiitution wi'l commence the iirst Wednesday o( November ne.xt. and continue 15 weeks. It is pleasnntly situated in the town of Ratsin. one müe east ol' ihe direct rood from Tecumseh to Adrinn. Rooms. - '1 hereare now on ihe pienïises suit- able rooms for the aceoinmodation of fony students. which are designed tobe occupied Tor private study and lodging. Oilier necessary buildings are provided (or recitation nnd boarding - Most studente will prob;ibly boaid Uien selves. Expensks - Tuitiön lor fifteen weeks, common branches 4 doilars. Higher English branches, includitig Greek and Laiin. 5 dollars. Room rent 8 cents per week. Incidental expenses 50 cents per term. Sindents are expected to furnish whntever they wish to use in their ruoni6 except andiron8. Students who have to buy their books will do well to defer so doing, and buy them hero. The school is open to all applicants of suitable age and tnornl character irrespectivo of compUcionor condition. Il is very desi rabie thnt all who design to attend school t=hould be ready to commence with the Ifirm. otherwise there cinnot bc a regular classificatioi; of the studftus. and wiihout snch L'lassificiition comparaiivdy linie ndvnacemetii c;in be made jn sludy. A'ny furthcr ïnforniatïon r-especting tl?e f iisrtnion can be obtnined by ad■ hesin?, postpaid, JOHN PATCiJlN, Principal. Rnisin. Le ïawer Co.. Mich. Rnisin. Oei. 3, 1813. ' 24-3w. AUcHtiosi, Isavaiêds. TÏ7H0 has tried the Te'ísian and Jcw W Dnvid's or Hkkrew Plaster! and is not reüfly to testify ihat they ore decidedly the best niodicines now in use? The above medicines hnve been bcfnre :he public some four yt;ars, and pbysicians at tho Easi have ns-etJ ihem extensively in their practice. and were ihey her(!. tiiey could teil you of the excellent quiilitres of these medicines. Readkr! llave yon ever used ihent? Ii you hiive not, ask thoso who hnve il' idey are not wlmt we recornmend thém to be. They nre the Ckcnpsst as wpll as the besr. A box of piaster coninins ínilicicnr to spread ft or JO plnstefs - price 50 rents. The largc Boxes o! Pn.r.s cini;tin 73 puls for fi'.ï cenis: the snuil! boxes 33 pil)lor 31 cents. No persons shoultl condemn them until they have iried thom. and then we are pure hoy will not. These . edicines are for sale by one or moreagcnis in all villaLres and ciiies in the United States. Cnll on the áent, and he will ive any inlormation wanted. " For snle by J. H. Lund. S. P. &, J. C. Jeweit. C Kberbach, Ann Arbor; D. M. Lndd. Milf.rd: M. C. Rakin, Noi: D. H. Rowlnnd. Northville; .T. Scatierood, Plymouth; P. Vanivery. Frnnklin; J. Dean, Poniiac: J. Millerd. & Son. Dexter: Dr. Snaer. Jnckson. 10 -6m.JÑnrder & SisicidcS PASSIiNG your WW c;s a fevv dayssince, I Wrié n'unost horror struck in noticing n cu; i n (iil ■jrotracted niimler. Cieapist. Store in tovvn - 'New Y.irk Whulrsnlcnmï Rmm:1 Cirip cnsh Sf;ore" ''Bufiulü Clieap Store" leci me lo cali wlierc í saw the '-Kings English" lie mnagledL nleèajng. Syvng. Al nnoihcr placo I saw a c'eai display of (i Red Rngs" nnl flaming lianti lil!s. whcre on examinntion I found that iliey claimed to havcltonght their goods at "Aucñoñ" and I knew 'hai íroodssoldat auciion were of inferior qñiuity, and such as would not bear the tesl oí prívale sale scrutiny. Oli.thotig'.n í.how they :u their own (hroats in liuying iheir goods n t aucion. I passcd on to F. Detiison's oíd stand wherc I found f I. Beckkk fairly settlcd wi;li á largo STOCK OF GOODS, elcctcd at privatfi s-iks. enibracing neaVÍy every thing callod f ir in tle ountry, at low pricp;. foi cash. produce, or sood credit. AndhcreJ found that the pure Enplish was spoken, as Inmassured t is ot his Store in the Lower Town. VÍA-TOR. Ann Arhor, June 12, 18 X 7 tf. SIAÏL ROADTEMPERANCE HOUSE. TUK undersiiriK-d would respectlully iniorm the frienris of Tempëraneè. and the public sjeneraHy', ihnt the nboe nnmed l-fousc, formerly known ns the Teniperance IJotel.nnd sUu&tpcl on the corner of Michigan avenue and Waèbfttgton street, near Uie Ceninil Itnilroad Depot, hnving undergone tboroiigh repnirs and vêry gre! -iddM'nn:il iinprovements, is noiv ready foilie ieccption of all thuse wlu inay favor hím wiih e cill. The accomrnodniions, n every respect, orfnot inferior to irny Temporáneo Hoiiso in ihr country, nnd every ationiion wil! l.e given to such as be8tow ih'jir putronage upon this laudable enterprifip. N. B. Carriages always in ren-üncss to convey passengers to and fioni Bou is nnd Cara. WM. CHA MP. Detroit, May 9. 1843. 4-1 y NOTICE. ALL those indebted to the firm of J. Bécley & Co. are requosied to mnke payment immediately. Oct. 23, 1843. iCLOCKS! CLOCKS! TÜE enbscriber hoving juat receivod severa] cases of BRASS and WOOD CLOCKS, o' various deseripiions, is prepared to scll tliem Cheiip for Cash. Also. a ccneral nssortincn: oi JTZSWZ3Z.RT, consisting in prut of Gold Finger Rings, nnd Büsom Pins. Jleartsand Crosses. Silverand Common Thimbles, Watch Chaina and Keys, Pen;il Cases: also, Spoons, . Sugar Bowie. Butler Knives, Toptti Bno Hair Prushes, Pocket Booksj Violin Strings. Needies, Pins. I;loök8, and Eyfs. Speciacles. Fine, Dressing Combs, Side Combs, Back Combs, Pocket Coml8, Wnter Painis. Mamhg Coïtn, Steel Pms. nnd Tweasers. PnufF& Tlncco Bnxcs, Elastics, &c. All of wliicli wijl le sol'J as rlieap ns at any other estalilish-nent this sile of New Yftrk. N. The siilian-riher tlnnkful for so Inrge t i-hnre of pnblic patroiiaprfí. g'ill solicitan continnpncc ptthé same. CLOCKS AND WATCH .ES of evfry desfjiiption rrpnired and warmnied. leo, .IK WJOI.RY reri:iirec) on ahmt noiice.- SIxip at his old stand direcily opposite the Court House. C. BLISS. Ann Arbor, No" 6, 1843. 28-1y. Cash and Barter to re. C. J. GA RL AND, HAVTN'Gpiirchased the entire Stock in tradc of Godlrey and Allen, will be happy to wait upon such as will give him n cstll. Hú Stock cons8ts of a generul assortment of goods. and will be sold cheap. and for reudy pay only. VVANTKD, In exchanse lor GOODS, most kinds of country produce, nnH 000,000 FLOUR BARREL S'IAVES & HEADING. for which a fair pricc wjij be paid. Ann Arbor, April 19, J813. 52-tf.flilSiucry A: Drcss iTSakiitgr. M'ns. C. BUFFFINGTON, RESPECTFULLY nnnounces to the inlinhitnnis or A;in Arhor und vicini'y, thiii kbe Ji;is oppned a shop, midwuy, bel ween thf upper mul lowcr villages,wliere the business of MILUJYERY 4' DRESS MJKIJVG wül bo -nrrie(l on, in all its branches, witl piipctnnlit y , de.patcli, and in the best and mus: fashionnhle stvlo. Ann Arbor," April 8, 1843. 50 íy , r TUK l'Al'l U J11LL i,I.iaKR'IUWS) A.ND AKBIIR EI3(JO'!'il woulil rospeciCuliy inlbrm iln nliribiiiiiiis'if Aim Albor and viciniiy ihat iie coinirnif's ilie Inusiriuspof at the olJ st:ni(i. in the I'nper Mili. Oíd Bookf will be iioiitly reboumi on sliori uoticc. All kin(l3 of RL'J.IaG done to order.- Country produce taken in payment. April' IJ), 1Ö43. 52-lf. Chccsc. FOR Sale by C. J. GA RL AND. Ann Arbor, Upper Town. Mny r. '4S. í WOOBWOETII'S HGTB&uNORTHERN, EASTERN, ANI SOUTHERN STAGE IIOüSE. TM E undorsigrifcd respeuilully nnnouncos to lile Public, that he ib now ihc Proprictor o' vhis iVell known cstablishuien1.. 'l'he Houe 'inving been ihorouMy overhaulerl. nnd refi'.icd n n mnnner cnlcdatod tu tho comfort f oiuzons and Mie travelling public. The house qecupies bu eligible pnsition, on (lie -íorner of Woorlbridgc and Randolph streets, in a 'nisinesp purt of the city. Thopo win mny honor him with thoir counlenince, m;iy be nesured that no expense or atten'ion in ti ís powcr, will he. spnred, lo tnako tlieii' so'oitrn in Deiroii ngree'iblenivl snlisfíjcrory. [4C)-ly] S. D. WÖODWORTH. WILLIAM VvILKINSON CIjAIVIS the atiotition of ihe inhabitnnis of Ann Arbor and the siirroiindinj coiinirv. ind in(brni8 thetn lie lina locatod h maelf thr Vorth ftide the square, ncar the Posi Qfilce. opnosite the renr of (he Court House, whore lie i ilwnys on bond to wait on ilmse who wish to biigc liitn with a cnll. The faimfirs are eure t' be suiícd with good cottifortnb.'o ñts. All who 'iré more fashionably inclined can be accommolatfd. hnving received the latest FashiousforFall and Winter. Cuttinn: dne on the shortest notice, nnd warranted to (it if mnde up by experienced hands. Ann Arbor, Oct. 1, 1843. 33-tf. RAÍL ROAD HOTEL. 134 BY 1843. PATRICK & ANDREWS. OrPOSITE THK WESTERN AND NORTHERN RAIL ROAD DEPOTS, DETROIT, MICH. THE nbove Hotel hns been greatly enlarged. and fmed up ín a style equal to iiny public house in Detroit, for comfort and conveniencc - íts location is in a hcahhy and pleasnnt part ot the 'city, bcing situaiod on the Public Square. nti'J in the immediate viciniiy of the Central and Northern Rail lloads, and conyenient to the '"""""'STAGE ROUT S divergingtt ilie di J leren 1 parta o) the State. Tkavei.krs wishing to tnke' thc Cars or Bonts cnnnot find a more convenient place than this. being near the Cnrs on both Rm! Roads, and in immedmte connection wiih the Boats. The Proprietor8 assure the public, thal no pams will be spared to furnish their TABJ. E with the best the Market nfíbrds, and iheir customerewuh evervattention in theh power, requisite to thoir comfort. CA lili I A GES SfBAGGAGEWAG ONS nlwnys in readiness to eonvey Passengera to and from the Boats nnd Cars free of charpe. TERMS - 75 cenia per day, or 25 cents per meal. PATRICK & ANDREWS. Nov. 6, 7813. 28-6m. WHOLESALE & RETAIL. JÉ. JfliF.dHitEJY, BSOKSELLERANISTATIOMEB, SMART S BLOCK, IS7 JEFFRRSOf AVBNÜE, DETROIT. Keeps const.'intly íor sale a complete ssortinent of Misccllaneous, School and Classical Books; Letternnd Cap Pnper. plain und ruled, Quilla, Ink. Sealing VVnx, Cu;lery. VVrapping Pnpf:r. Printjng Paper, oí al sizcs; and Book, News and Canister Jnk. oi var:nns kindfl. ( BLAWS,B002:S, ; Full and hall bound. ol every vaneiy o KulingMEMORANDUM BÖOKS. &c. To Merchairs, Teachers, nnd oíhers. buying : in qnantitieo.-n Inrjre discoi'nt nade. SABBATH SGHOOL & BIBLE SOCIETY DEPOSITOR 51-11; VV1IOIJALE As RE 1 AIL. STAP LE JJYD FJUYCY wkáy wM XË9 u TqgtjjJ %f' yy mBmr Jfajr M T'nti Subícriber8 keep constantly en hand Irgennfl choice stock of DRV GOUDS BOOTS AND SHOES, DRY GJiOCER ÍES, S?c. which hare been selected wkh care, and are of the newest styles and best quilines. As they ore determinel not to be undersold. they solicit the patronage of those wishing to pinchase. Amongother thirgstoo numerous to mentiun. they have a large and excellent assortment of SIIEETINÜS, DRILLINGS, SUMMKRSTUFFS, CALICÓES, FULLEO CLOT1IS, SATÍN ISTS. BROAD CLOTHS, CASSIMERES, ÜAMBROONS, LINENS, t CAJV1BRICS, MÜSLINS, 11ANDKERCIIIEFS, iw. &c. Bonnet Ribbons, a very beautiful assortment. Shawls, Broche, Silk, and Thibet, of thc richpst pnitcrns. P. irasols: of a!I kinds, qualities, and prices. Hose and l'df Hose, Cotton and Wornted. Bonnets, Leghorn, Tusan and Straw. The above r.ssortmeni of GOODS will be sold na cheap, or cksaper than can be purchased in Detroii. er Wooï, Potash, Flour, ji and all kinds of PRODUCE will be feceived in payiuent. ABBOTT & BEECHER, 144, Jefleison Avenue, July, 12. 1843. (12-tf.) Detroit.KEEP GOING AHEADBïow is the Time for CSreat Bargaias, and no Müstak?. K . BANKS, TTSTOULD rcspectfnily infortn bis oldcuslom f T ers uid others visking Detroit, thnt Ik lias removed to the corner of Jeflerson Avenue an'd Griswold 8ireef, opposite Michigan In.surance where he has on hand n Inr;.re Stock of READY MADE CLOTHIJYG, consisting in part of Ocr.r Coats, Box Cnats. Dress and Froth Cnaís, Vasts, Pañis, ntid every -rticlc in the clothing line, chenper thnn t lic ehenpc3t. A qtiick si.xpence is bctter ihnn ■■ slow shilling. On'y rive us a cn" ard we wïtl saiisfy every rnp; thnt isour maxim. Detroit. Öet. 7, 1843. 2ó-3in. T. LAMBER T, BEGS loave to inform the inhahitnnts of Arm Albor, nnd the siirroiinding country, ilint liaving loented himself in the Luwer Village, whh the view of cnrrying on the ;ilove business in al! its brnnclies, (some of wl.ii-h :.rr MOUSE. SIGN, nn'l ORNAMENTAL PAIJYTLVC, GILDING and GLAZLNG. GltAJMNG, iniituiion of nl! Woods, MARBLRIZIA'G, TRANSPARENC1ES, BANiNKRS, &c. fespectfully solicits a share of public p'ntronii;e, as liis prices shall be luw to conform to r!ie tintes and his woik done in the besi manner. T. L. ivould sjiy to Farmers tliat he is particiilarly . iJesirous to atinnd totheir calis, as produce Ü the hest kiiul of pav. Ann.Arbor, LowerTown, Marcli 0. 143. 45.- ly. DR. BANISTER'S CKLEHRATEDFEVKR AGÜE P1LLS.- Purcly VegeLubli, A eafe, spcedy. iiitd.siirn r'c'medy lor i'evcr and aguc, dunruuiic. chili fever, and the nilou8 diEenses peculiar to nêw conntriis. These pulsare designed for the afféetions of theüver and other internal organs which attend the diseases of the ncw and niiasmatic portionsof our country. Th o proprictor havintr 'ried them in a ;rcnt vnricty of enses confidently helioves (lint licy are superior to any romedy (fan) has ever 'men oiletcd to the public for the abovc diseases. Itispnvely Vegclahle and pesfectly harm'ess. and can lic taken by anyperson, nialeor témale vntli perfect snfety. The pills ;ire prepared in two separate boxes, marken No. 1 and No. 2. and acecomoanied willi full directions. A gretu number of. certificates might be proenred ia favor of ibis medicine, hut the proprieter hasthouht fit notto insert them, in as much as he depends upon the merils oí" the snmc for its reputaiion. Theabovepill is kept eonstapfly on hand !y the proprietfr nnd can be had at wholesnle ■inl rotailat the store of Beckley &, Co. Orders from the country promplly attended to. Ann Arbir, (lowor town) May 2l J842. 9 L. BECKLEY OF nll kinds neatly extemed at :be Signa. Ofiice, at the ahortesl notice, and on the most reasonahie terms. Booiï? Pamphets Circulara KaJldbillS Wltl "e l)rillU3(i lo ortler,aii) time. wiih the ino9t acenracv. ITT Orders by mail promptly filïed. SAL ERATÜS.. WHOLESALE aud Retai!. by H. BEGEER. Ann Arbor, Aag. 2, 1843. 15-lf. UiMORTGAGE SALE. DEFAULT hoving been made in the paymoni of a cerioin gum of money with the interest üiereon, secured 10 bepaidby n cennin indentura of Mortgage, bearing date the thirty-first day of October, in the year of our Lord one thoumiJ eight hundred and lorty, executcd by Eli Gran er, of Scio, in the county of Washtenaw and the Stiiic of Michigan, to Samuel Clemens of Limo, in the cour.ty nnd State aforesaid, win'cb Mortgage was recorded in the Jtegister's' oific of the county of Washtenaw aforesqd. on the sec ond day of April. A. D. one fiiousand, eishi hundred and forty-two, in Liber ter. of ftJorteoé es, at page one hundred and si.vty one, and d fanli having be n made in the cöndition of said mortgage, and no ouit or proceeding at fa hat ing been nstuuted to recover the tfhole or nnr part of the money now ciue on snid morf ■=! By virtue of which defnult there ie no claimt 10 be due on said mortgage, the sötn of ihr hundred nnd fi'ty one dollars and twent? centT for principnl and interest. ' w# Noiice is iherefore herebv given, that 'n1 suanceofa power of snle in said inden tuwF mortgage contained, will be sold at Dublir „t the front door of the Court Houíe ñ ?] ?,? lage of Ann Arbor, in. the conmy aforwnW V Í the seventh day of February next, at SJi f in the forenoon of said day, all the prcmse8 rf cribed m said mortgage, or so mUci tne.g ( ' tnay be necessary to at sfy the amount due toi prmcipnl and interest on said mortgage as w is nscoats for foreclosing the same.and describí, follows: "All that ccr.ain trac, or parcel óf lli Ivingr in the Stateoforesaid, known, boundcd and' desenbed as follows, tu wit: Thesouih halfofih. south west carter of section seven, 'in town two south, of range five east, except filteen ncnon thenorthsideofsaid quarter scciion, beinï one half mile in length running eam and wegt Dated nt Ann Arbor, this sixth day of Nove. 'Cr' SAMUEL CLF.MENS, Mor,gagM By O. Uawkc, lus Attorney. - __j9-12w MORTGAGE SALE, " DEFAULT having beei n.a.le in the paf ment of a certain sum of tnon. y with th mierest thereon, secured to be paid by a certain ndenture of Mortgage, bearing date the ment?, ethdiiy of November., ,n the year of our Lord one thousortd siglit hundred nnd thirtv-eight execu ted byEh Granger of Scio, in'ih."coBnTrf VVnslüenaw and State ofMirhisan. to Rhoda Phelps of the same place; which mortgage w reco-ded in thrreeistersoince of the county of Wnshtenaw, aforesaid. on the twenty-eixih day of Jamiary. A. D. one thousand eight hundred and thiny-nine, in Líber numberseven of mortgnge?, at pnse three hundred and seventy fow and deiault having been made in the cöndition of said mortgnge, and no suit or proceeeding at law having been instituted to recover the wholc or any pnrt of the money nowdue, on said Mortrage, by virtue of which dcfault there is now clnimed to be due on said Mortgage, the sum of one hundred and thirty-three dollars nnd fifty-six cents for principal nnd interest, which mortgage bas been tluly assigned to Samuel CIcmens. Notice is therefore herebv given. that in porsuance of n power of wile iri said indenture of contninej. will be sold at the front door uf the Court. House, in the village of Atnt Arbor, in the county aforesaid. on the seventh day of February next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of said dy, at public auction. all the premises_descriheil in snid Indenfure of Mortgage, or so much thercofa8 mny he necessmry to satisly the amount due for principnl and interest, on enid wcll as costs for foreclosing the same, nnd described os follows, lO'wit: the south hnlfoi the west h.ilf of the souih-west quarter of section seven, town two south of range five enst, cóotaining forfy acres, be ihesame more or less. Dated, Ann Ai hor, November G, 1843. SAMUEL CLF.MENS. Assicnee, of RfJODA l'ÍIELPS, Mortgagee. By. O. Hawkins, his Attorney. 29-12w Chancery Sale. Philip H. Hoeves, vs. n Daniel H. Scnlly, IN cank. 2d circuit. and Mnry Scnlly. In pumiince of a decretal order issned oirt of the Court of Chancery, in ond for the State of Michigan, 1 shall exposé to eale, to the highest bidder, at the Court Houss, in the village of nn Arbor, WosrTtehffw county, on the fifteenih dny of Jiintiary next, al JO o'clock. A. M. of that ■!;iv. the followinü described premises, "to wit:" 'AU thnt certnin tract or pnreel of land lyin in "Webster, mul described ns follows. "to wit:" ■'The west hait of iho somh east quarter of sec"tion thirty six. in township one south. of range ;ilive rast, contamine eighty ncres, inore or less. "Afeo theeast half of the norlh enst quarter of' ;Isection thi'ty six, in townshtp one south, of 'rnn'je five east, containing eighiy moro !or less," or so much thereof as may be siifH cient to raise the amount due to the complninant (or his principal, interest and cosis in this cause. GEO. DANFORTH, Master in Chancery. Geo. Mit.f.í;. Comp'ts. Sol. Nov. 24, 184S. 31.NEW GOODSÜ HA VING retired, not from business, but to the old stand of G. Ward, 1 will geil UOODS Ctcap. My stock is enürely vac, ind embraces n good v.iriety, well selected, nnd the goods.cannot faal to satisfy thosc who wisb to purchnse. J Imve spent most of the summer nnd pnrt of the fnll. in New Entnnd, where the Goods nr made, mui I have been abté to oiirchase such oiioíls nsTwánted; nnd at puch prices, as will ;nnhle me to se.!l thern nlom as low ns tlicy hnve been sold in New York, from Jobbing iiouse 'Inrinu tliissenson. Fsp:ÍHlly ícansell Woolen CSoths, 'rom the coirsest to superfine. 3-4 & 6-4 Cloths, Sntinctts. Cnssimeiee, &c. &c. at low prices. More: ! have on hand a good stock of Combs, Threud, Pins. Ncodles. &c. &c. whicl I cnn, anti will sell to atiy. who wish to buy by the nunntitv nt very low rutes. Í wül tüke ASHKS nnd BLACK SALTS, or PEAR LASH nt my Ashery: and will sell SALERATUS n qunnuties ti auii purchosfrs. TF.RMS - Cash, l'roduco, ir good Credit. I am, Genilemen nnd Ladies. Resp cifnlly yours. F. I) RN1 SON. Ann Albor, Upper Town. Nov. 7. 1813. N. B. Cash pnid for FLOUR, or Pot nnd Po;irlash, or advancetd on the sanie and solil aa usual. . 2D-tfÏEATHEl" THE nndcrsigned has just received from iho Mnnufiicmrer. ond will continue te 'esp,hed with n General AssoMment:nem ot t , A6 l - FRN TANNKD LEATHKR. whic,lJie will sHI at dccidwlly Low Pnces, (r CAbll or }fo will conlinuaüy have on hand Spnnisb and Slanchler SOliE ïiEATHfcRr , )f J t"ht. Mildle and Heavy Weigbis; Upper LenThet.OaJs andHeml iojf Tanned Cuh Skins, Pnmn and Slnughier Kips, Himt-ss nnd.Bndle Lentlier, l'.indings, Wliiie ar.d Colored Linings, Shoo Tlircml,. Ac. All persons desirous of purolinang nre requeated to cali at the ONE STORY RRICK BUILDING, No. 39. Woodward Avenue, ana examine the quulity and prices befpre purchasing C Sv" B The hièhwt Market Price will be pnid inCASHFORHIDES. jDBALDWipíí Detroit, Nov. 18, 1-843. 29-fi'_ Anti-Siavcry Book. AQUANT1TY of Anii-Slaveiy Book are for mie at this office, very cheap. Onlï soun, heforc they are pone. 3,000 FL(?Sb,BAKRELSCr". GARLAD Ann Aíbor. Upner Town. May S. 1H4.i CHIRLE "tt ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW A9 SOLÍCITOS IN CHANCERA JEFiERSON AYKÜI, DETROlT'


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