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-We have somewhereread an account of a celebrated Ice Palace built by the Empress Catharine of Russia, for a gorgeous winter fete, but the Yankees have erected for speculatioi an Ice House that "goesahead" ofQueen Catherine, and eclipses all cool place south of Greenland. On the borders o Fresh Pond, near Boston, Nathaniel S Wyeth has put up a store house of the following dimensions. The main build ing is one hundred and ninety-nine fee long, one hundred and seventy-eight feet wide, and forty feet high, covering more thanthree quarters of an acre ofground, and capable of containing nearly forty thousand tons of ice. There are three separate outer walls, with spaces betwcen for air. One million five hundred thousand bricks, and eight hundred thousand feet of lumber have been used in theconstruction of this immense edifice. - The sides and bottom are water tight, and the floor is below the level of the pond; so that before the season fbr packing commences, the water is allowed to run in and freeze, thus forming a perfectly smooth floor for after operations. There are five receiving doors, opening into as many vaults, into which the building is divided. When packed full it will look more like an enormous iceber"o stranded and lioused, than any artificial pile. The main building is joined by atooi house one hundred and seventy-eight feet long and sixteen feet wide, in which the apparatus for cutting, hauling and raising ice may be seen. The macbinery for moving the blocks isalso on a correspondingscale, as may be inferred from the fact that seven railroad cars can be laden with twenty-eight tons of ice in tour and a half minutes. Ice is now an important article of commerce with our eastern neighbors. and large quantities are annually shipped to southern ports, and even to the East Indies; and we may safely predict that within a twelvemonth a portion of the congealed water of Fresh Pond will be mixed with the sherbets of Calcutta and turned down the throats of wondering epicures.


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