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Government Sets Aside Money For Housing For Elderly - 10-Story Project Assured

Government Sets Aside Money For Housing For Elderly - 10-Story Project Assured image
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Government Sets Aside Money For Housing For Elderly Here

10-Story Project Assured

(News Washington Bureau)

WASHINGTON — The U. S. Office of Housing for the Elderly has set aside $1,750,000 to permit the go-ahead of a 10-story, 138-apartment housing unit for senior citizens in Ann Arbor.

Reservation of the funds was announced today by Sidney Spector, assistant administrator of the Housing and Home Finance Agency, who is in charge of housing for the elderly.

The money is a direct loan at 3 3/8 per cent interest for 50 years, to the Ann Arbor Senior Citizens Guild, Inc.

Site Told


The apartment building and a new Guild center will be built on a 1%-acre site at the northwest corner of W. Huron and Chapin Sts., about three blocks from Ann Arbor’s downtown.

John G. Stegeman of Ann Arbor, chairman of the Guild's . building committee, said the 10-story building will have hexagonal-shaped towers to give each resident varying views and to keep them a part of the "main-stream of outdoor activities.”

The building will have a rooftop cafeteria, golf putting green and a pub as a retreat for men only, Stegeman said.

He said the twin towers would be connected at the fourth and 10th floors with bridges.

Building Described.


The high-rise building will have achievement rooms on every other floor, where tenants can meet.

On the lower levels will be seminar rooms and group meeting rooms, a knit and wear shop and gift shop where senior citizens’ creations can be sold, besides a barber and beauty shop.

Nearby will be a separate Guild center that will replace the one at 323 Packard St. The center will have Guild offices, meeting rooms and craft shops. The center will be for use by the whole community as well as by tenants.

"This is a pioneering effort," Stegeman said. "Counseling will be available for the community's senior citizens.”

He called the high-rise building a "splendid redevelopment that will get rid of a lot gray area.” The new building’s site takes in six properties at Chapin and Huron.

Will Be Flexible


The 138 apartments will. be flexible efficiencies and one-bedroom units, Stegeman said, j His committee has been working under the direction of the Guild’s board headed by Avery R. Downer, president.

Mrs. Shata Ling is founder-executive director of the Guild and its board secretary, who will realize a long-term dream  with start of construction of the building.

No date on construction has been set, Stegeman said it will take about a year to complete the facility.

An HHFA spokesman said all details involved in processing the application will be completed within two weeks. A needs survey is now going on to certify that 138 apartments are needed, a step required by law, the spokesman said.