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OK Near On Housing Unit For Elderly

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OK Near On Housing Unit For Elderly<br><br>Government OK’s W- Huron-Chapin Building Site<br><br>Community Facili-<br><br>int f ?'mstration is c°mplet-mg Una] work on the Ann Ar-<br><br>i W ium°j. ji2ejS<br><br>housuif'center for<br><br>Jin s!f " W' H“r”n ,M C4a-<br><br>Regional CFA Director Pad<br><br>tape"'lo°f.eP,iCa!0 !aH ta<br><br>•XAXJgiS.**<br><br>ac*>v'K-»w.pi'=<br><br>ID.,,) A 1 and options on thp<br><br>land are running out.<br><br>Would Have 138 Units<br><br>t Jhf. P,r°jected housing center would contain up to 13s apartments within aP m-stnn building pius a new Guj]d 0 y<br><br>/oplaein. ,he oneUUa c?£<br><br>ackard St. ^33-<br><br>is being assisted by Dr Wilma<br><br>iifgss<br><br>P^elK WSd^ri U'M<br><br>lean MedicTjsLJLnTr‘<br><br>Us opposition to^#iJfcr5?.r medical care and in<br><br>avalanche of letters in ™ n | tar, of coagreaf °<br><br>[Hits ‘Propaganda’<br><br>PeH0l"i«kaaS°CU1 tarurity ex-pert, lashed out at what u„<br><br>1 bJjjated by the enemies of this<br><br>IcSL^TS ,he AJWA and I Chamber of Commerce of “cir-