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The Monroe Advocate, Democratie,, has a sensible article on reducingthe pay of members of Congress to $5,00 a day, and also the mileage. We shall see whet.her Mr. M'Clelland wil] go for reducing hisown pay! It would'be a prodigy if he should. We opine that, in thiV respect "he wíll foílow in the footsteps of his "illustrious predecessor," J. M. Howard. lt is so natural to reduce orher people's salaries first! But the mileage system, besides beingexpensive, is unequalThe Advocate says: '.'The Mileage, it is also thought, wilï be reduced, both in point ofamountpaid, and distance charged. No doubt it ought to be, at least one half or more. It is now eight dollars for each 20 miles travel, going to, and the same returning from Washington. The distance from N roo to the city of Washington, by the direct mail route, is computed at 500 miles. But what are we to think when our member of Congress charges, and receives pay, for 1065 miles, or #8 for each 2a of these miles- making for travelling to the Federal city, $424! and the same again for returning home; just for travelling fees! And $8 per day, while in session, say 5 months, 150 days, equal to $1,200; which, added to his mileage,makO $2,048! for 5 months time! A member frorn Natchitoches,La. charg es for 2650 miles,and is paid therefor $1,056! the mail route distance being only 1327 miles. And in addition to all this, thereis the Franking Privilege extended to members of Congress, which eats up ninety-five hundredths of the Post Office revenue, and entaïls upon all others the burden of supporting the Department by the payment of unreasonable and ex- orbitant rates of letter and newspaper postage. Such are some of the abuses to which the American pecrple are suIk jectedby their mammon-spirited public servants." (gr It is stated that Mr. Gilmer,who was killed recently at Washington, had invested more than he was worth in Texan land scrip. Also Mr. Upsher was deep in the same game. Senator Walker had refused $40,000 for his Texan lands The scrip has lately risen from teiTtó fifteen cents on the dollar,


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