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John Tyler And Texas

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Üj53 Many of our readers are inquiring "wbatabout the Texas Annexationr' The following is the most direct from the lelterwriters : Washington, Wednesday, March 27thAt an interview with two Congressmen yesterday. the President said tbat the Texas Treaty would have been consurntnuted and sent in to the Senate six weeks ago, but tliat tbere were some doubts whether Van Zandt waa t'ully authorized to consummate the treaty. And, iherefore, they have waited for tiendereorijwho is l'ully authorized to raake it. Mr. Tyler said, 'I teil you, gentlemen, that this Texas Question will ride over and ride down cvery other - and that the politicans will full before it as the oldiers feil at New-Orleans. It will kill all the men and parties that are opposed io it - and the voice of the people will come back in favor of the annexalion, likt; a mighty avalanche, sweeping both faciions into ruin before it. i at last ehall have the consol ction of knowing that I have done my duty. ï have do desire that war should come duríng my administration, but hy God, gentlemen, ij it does come I shall push ituirougii. i snau not give way one inch; nor ehall I yjeld one foot of our terntory of Oregon. shall not yield one foot, rely on ït. And I am satisfied that the people will sustain me in this.' Senator. - Notliing would give me so much pleasue as to charge the enemies of my country at the heacPof a regiment of moun led men. Tyle,r. - Well, sir, I think it vory possibla you may have a chance to do so.


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