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Danikl Ó'Connem,.- The morning afte Mr. O Cunnell's couvictio, he iesued the fo lowing: To the People of Ir eland. Merrion Square, Feb. 11, 1844. "Fellow countrymen- Once again I retur you my most heartful thanks for the peace quiet, and good order you have observed; anc I conjure you by the country we al] love, anc even in the name of the God we all adore, t continue in the same peace,quietness,arjd tran quility. I teil you solemnly, that yonr enemies and the enemieá of Ireknd are very desirous that there should be a breaking-out of tumult, riot, or other outrage. Be you tlierafore perfectly peaceable. Atlack nobody. Ofieml uobody. Injure no person. If you respect your friends - If you wish to gall your enemies, keep the peace, and let not one single act of violence be committed. You are aware that the jury have foand a verdict ogainst me; but depend upon it that I will bring a writ of error, and wil] not acquiesce in the Inw, as laid down against me until T have the opinión of the Twelvo Judges in Ireland, and if necessary, of the House of Lorde. Be you therefore, perfectly quiet. Do. no violence whatsoever. You could not possibly oflend or grieve me half so much as by any species of riot, assault or outrage. It is said that the great queslion of Repeal hasbeen injured by this verd-ct. Do not believe it - it is not true. On the contrary, the result of this verdict will be of mo6t material service to the Repeal,if the people continue tobe as peaceful as they have hitherto been, and as I am sure they wiil con tinue to be.Obey rey ndvice - no riot no tumult, no blow - Keep the penee for six monlhs, or a the utmost, iwelvc months longer, and you shall have the Parliament in College Green a gain. I ara, fellow-couutrymen, your affectionat and devoted servant, DANIEL OCONNELL. Frosi África - Attack hy ihe Americana o lite JYatives. - It was announced recently tha Commodore Perry, with the United State squadron, had sailed from Monrovia, vvith th Governor on board, down the African coast with the iritenüon of ascerlaining and punish ing the particular tribe of Africans who abou lwo years ngo murdered the captain and cre of the schooner Mary Carver. An officer o theSaratoga, just returned, reports the doing of the squadron, which made an attack upo a town in the district of Bercby, about eigh miles below Cupe Palmo, on the 12th of De cember last, and burnt tbat and five othe towns. As soon as the vessels appeared, whiie flag was raised on the shoie. The ofli cers and th9 crews of the vessels,to the amou of five hundred landed, and an interview wa had with the hing and his councillors. Com modore Porry having pressed close upon th king his ques'ion concérning ihe fate of the Mury Carver and her crews; the king, the in terpreter and the African people, turned anc run toward a neighboring jungle, but a volley rum American sailors instantly killed the k'ngjthc interpreter,and other of the fugitives. The natives, arraed vvith good English muskets.retrented to the jungle and kept up a fight of an hour. The Americans forced the strong picket fence which surrounded the town, and burnt it. On the 15th the boais' crews landed about six miles further down the coast, but wliile approaching the shoro, were frcquenily fired upon by the nativef. After Ianding.jfoe more towns vvere burnt to ashes, upvvards of one hundred canoes destroyed, and other damages inflicted. In one of these towns, the register of the Mary Carver, a piivate letter ot thecaptain ot that ressel, end severa! other papers were found. After the destruction of these tovvns, the boats relurned to the ships and eale was made, abont eig-ht miles further down, the white flag being hoisted. A treafy of peace was made with a tribe at this place, and infbrniation gained that at least filïy of the natives in the tovvna ob'ove had been killed.- Several of the American saslors were bad.'y woundod,_but none killed". The squadron consisted of the Macedonian, sloop Saraioga oud Decatur. The United States brig Porpoise was upon tfye coast at the same time.


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