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Cheap Travelling. - For a Cabin passage from Cinci'nnati to New Orleans, a distance of eome 1600 miies: only ten dollars is charged! This includes board - and at tables as well and profusely filled as can be found at any hotel in the country, and in as splendid boats as can be found afloat. Slitches in a Shirt. - A young lady in this town recently had the curiosity, while making it, to count the number of stitcheá in a. shirt. They were as follovvs; Sewing over nnd over, 6375 Fellmg, - 3353 Hemming, 1901 Guthering, 760 Button holes, 683 Stitching, s, . 2054 Thus we see, at the price of 50 cents for making such a 6hirt, about three hundred stitchee are taken for a cent Portsmouth (Y. H.) Journal. Odd Fellows. - They number 30,143 in the United States; have a revenue of $183, 1S6; paid out g50,000 for relief of menibers in 1843; to widows $51,06, and for education of orphnns S4,35C. it is said that the Parisian kdies wear email poniards, wiih elegant mountinga, as a portion of their ornamenta. Great virtiies, like great vices, havo, commonly, a close relatiouship, a sort of clustering'existeDce in the character of the eame individua).Order of Rechabites. - Here is a new orde under the sun. It exists in New York, New Jersey, Connecticnf, and Massachusetts, and its number are eaid to be increaaiiig rapidly. It appears to be based upon Temperance, but whether it has secreta or not we have not learned. lts different Societies are called tents, as Monument Tent, Union Ter.t, No. 7: Washington Tent; and its members are called Sons of Rechab. They have a paper in New York called the Rechabite Journal. They have titlcs, the iniüals of whicli have somelhing of mystery about thera as P. C. K.; D. C. K.; C. 'TL; D. IC: Leavite, fcc. ïtailroads in JEurope. - During the year 1843, therc have bften laid 760 miles of rail- road in Europe. In Gennany, 300; in Belginra, 96;inGreat Britain, 120; in France. 198; in Holland, 42; in Italy, 24. We learn that G. P. Judd, Esq., who origiually left this country as a missionary of the American Board, has been appointed by the King of the Sandwich Islands as his Secretary of State for foreign affaire. - Bvff. 6azette. JJmerican Bricksfor England. - Mr. Geo. Sayder, a briirk maker of Philadelphia is completing an order for 30,000 superior pressed bricks, for Mr. Gibbons, a gentleman of London. A AYw way of opening Oyslers. - Thay sav by sprinkling a handful of sruiFover thera, in a few moments they will sneeze themselves out of their shells. An English paper says that neaily the whole of the forty five aiilliona of Russians go without stockings. A late paper has the following complimentary paragraph; "Porgery is uow extinct in North America, it being found that there is no difference in the value of notes, whether genuine or counterfeit." The Weaker Vessel An obstreperou hueband, convictcd of beating his wife, upo being admonihsed by the judge that the wif was the weaker vessel, replied "Blast her, i she be the weaker vessel, she mus'nt cary's much fail." It has been very truTy eaid, that in larg cities funertils are perforrned; while in th country they are atlended.How toill yon have ü? - In one breath t-h whigs teil us the abolitionists are in leagu With the - in the next we are tole the Whigs are the only real friends of th Abolitionists! Our opinión is that ieither party ever d us any good, ít will be af ter this' ,-Dem Freeman. At a recent Repeal meeting1 at Tipierary in Ireland, a document was read, exhibiün,., the amount of property left by eleven bishop of the Irish Established Church. The ag gregate is a miïlinn eiglit hundred and sev entyüve iliousand pounds sterling $8,333,The advocates of therighta of women wil be,pleased to learn that the premier to the King of the Sandwich Islands is a female. I was to her that Mr. Brovvu, our consul, presented his credentials. What trade is the Sun. Answer He ia a tanner. Splendid Windows. -Veltis & Co., of Bos ton, as stated in the Boston Mail, outshine every thing in the vvay of vvindows.-each pane of glass being eight feei by sx, fiüing an on tire eash, and imporled from England at ($300 )er light. Characteristic- The? Whigs of Tip pecanoe township, Indiana, recently hele a meeting, and promulgated the following declaration of principie: Resolved, That Henry Clay is the tallest coon, has the longest tail, the most rings round it, and the brig-htest ones too of any other coon in all the American diggins. The Contrast.- A late writer says, 'A Greek would have formed a God to be placed under the arch of Niágara Falls; an American is satisfied with erecting a paper mili above it." Buying Indulgences. - The Herald of Freedom says: "The Baptist Society in" the town of Rowley in the county of Essex, State of Massachusetts, latelyaccepted the present of a carpet, a chandclier, and aBiBLE or their pulpit, on condition that they could nolhing ever to be said in n their hotise against American Slaveryl"Js the Lilcriy party enlerprisc one of mail importanceï Considered in a pecuniary point of viev,tli9 slave capital ex ceeds the eñtire banking,commercial, man ufacturing, canal, and rail-road capital of he Union; and is represented in, and exrting its tremendous power upon, the action of the Federal Government. {L? Anti-Texas meetings have been eld in Cincinnati and Rochester.


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