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Map of Courthouse Square attractions

Map of Courthouse Square attractions image

For over one hundred years the streets surrounding Courthouse Square were a focus for busy Ann Arbor life. Most structures that housed the many businesses and activities around the square are gone. No photo exists of Miss Monroe's primary schoolhouse, a crude log building with small glass windows and split log benches. It stood behind you on the northwest corner of Main and Ann Streets from 1825 to 1829, at a time when the square served as town founder John Allen's vegetable patch and members of the Potawatomi tribe traded berries in town.

The map above shows courthouse square in 1908. The numbers on the map indicate the area of interest in each of the other seven panels in this grouping (W4). Those numbers are at the top of each panel and reflect their orientation in the exhibit on the wall: 1(W4d), 2(W4e), 3(W4f), 4(W4g), 5(W4h), 6(W4b), and 7(W4a).

The buildings with heavy outlines are featured in the four freestanding exhibit frames, 7a, 7b, 7c, and 7d.

Frame location: On North wall of Courthouse

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