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AADL Webcomics Lab


Tuesday October 21, 2014: 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Malletts Creek Branch: Program Room

For Whom

Grade 9 To Adult.


Got an idea for a webcomic but don't know where to start? Having trouble finding the time to put into that comics project? Or maybe you just want a break from creating alone in your studio (or the coffee shop) and wish you could work along side of your fellow comics creators.

Come to the monthly Webcomics Lab at AADL, where you can make make your comics in the company of professional and hobbyist cartoonists alike. Get a chance to share your work in progress with fellow creators, put in some essential drawing time on your project, and hang out with the people who are all struggling with the same thing you are--expressing character, drama, and humor through the comics page.

Lab host Jerzy Drozd will be on hand to help you with your work, and you'll be able to try out new tools and techniques using the new AADL Comics Tools collection. Best of all, you can get your work published. Each strip you finish during the Lab can be submitted for inclusion on the new AADL Webcomics Page!"