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Ann Arbor and the Huron River Watershed, with Dave Wilson of the Huron River Watershed Council


Tuesday January 6, 2015: 7:00pm to 8:30pm


Downtown Library: 4th Floor Meeting Room


Come have a look at our beautiful Huron River, its delights and its problems. Despite urbanization and development, Ann Arbor and the other towns in the Huron River watershed have done an amazingly good job of maintaining the quality of this precious resource.

Join Dave Wilson on a pictorial tour of some of the stream monitoring and educational activities of the Huron River Watershed Council. Learn about the exacting subtleties of lake stratification, algae blooms, dissolved oxygen, sediment, and phosphate. Get acquainted with the fascinating little critters that live in our streams and that can tell us so much about the health of our creeks and river.