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Moore, Sam (Noel Samuel)

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Moore, Sam (Noel Samuel)
Warner Robins, GA
Born August 20, 1929 in Cass County, MI died November 16, 1997 in Warner Robins, GA of natural causes. Sam Moore was a professor in the Curriculum and Education Department at Eastern Michigan University. He was an avid fly fisherman who spent many years of his life in Michigan's upper peninsula. A traveler by nature, Sam consumed life with a love for adventure. He lived in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and many places in the United States and Mexico. Wherever his travels took him, he immersed himself in the lives and lores of the people. A consumate reader, writer, and storyteller, he charmed and delighted people with his witty observations and tall tales. His favorite pastimes included singing off-key, cooking for friends, and engaging people in friendly games of chance. Never a slave to fashion, he concocted his own brand of style and panache. He is survived by his wife, Fran Moore; sisters Shirley VonDette and Betty Sayre; children Shellie Moore Kosino, Jill Moore Raab, Andrew Moore, William Moore; his lifelong soulmates the Faunces and Lagoes; six grandchildren; many nieces and nephews and countless friends. With his death, the world becomes that much less spirited, but his own spirit lives on in tales told in taverns and around campfires across the world.