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Middle Earth Rotates Out of the University Scene: AADL Talks To Owner Cynthia Shevel

Thu, 10/09/2014 - 8:30am by Debbie G.

Long, long ago in a galaxy known as the '60s, Ann Arbor's first head shop, Middle Earth , opened in a 2nd floor walkup on Liberty Street and then moved to its iconic location on South U.

Owner Cynthia Shevel sat down with Old News last year to talk about the history of Middle Earth, how it changed over the years and the challenges independent shops face in Tree Town.

Cynthia announced the closing of Middle Earth yesterday saying that with the closing of the Selo/Shevel Gallery a few months back, she and longtime partner Elaine Selo will begin a new phase of their lives.


it's funny, i never thought of it as a head shop. i got my cinematic spinner ring there and some manic panic hair dye and postcards including 3-D postcards and Dia de los Muertos stuff, which I don't really need to tell you about cuz I just scored my Supreme Comment Master badge

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