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Control of Virus Diseases Other Than Polio Likely, Dr. Salk Says

Control of Virus Diseases Other Than Polio Likely, Dr. Salk Says image
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PITTSBURGH, Pa. -Control
of virus diseases other than
polio can be expected to result
from the discoveries that led to
the Salk vaccine.
This was the prediction today
of Dr. Jonas E. Salk on the
fifth anniversary of the release
of the Francis Report at Ann
Arbor which declared the Salk
polio vaccine to be "safe, effective
and potent."
Dr. Thomas Francis, jr.,
chairman of the University of
Michigan S c h o o I of Public
Health's department of epidemiology
who wrote the historic
Francis Report, today predicted
that further developments
in medical science can be built
on the "foundation of knowledge"
provided by Salk vaccine.
Dr. Salk, who is Commonwealth
Professor of Preventive
Medicine at the University of
Pittsburgh Schoo I of Public
Health, issued an anniversary I three doses of vaccine over the
statement which reads in part past several years has been
as follows: . greater than 90 per cent. It is
"The hypothesis that poho- . .
myelitis could be controlled by lheoretLcally possLble that steps
a killed-virus vaccine has now, al~eady_ taken to raise potency j
been well s ubstantiate " lt is• now clear that the im- feels . Shll further new developmunity
induced is nbt of short ments, . soon to be rev~aled, ~o.r
duration, as many had believed. enhancmg potency will faclhWhether
the effects of any im- tate th1s obJec!Jve.
munization procedure are of "The vaccine failures that
lifelong duration cannot possibly have been observed are for 1
be firmly established until suf- reasons now well known. Rather
ficienl time has e lapsed.. than revealing any fundamental 1
"By vaccination it seems that insoluble weakness in a killed
the virus of poliomyelitis may vaccine for the control of polio,
be so reduced in the human these have demonstrated the
population that eradication may possibilities that may be exwell
be approached. In the next peeled from application of the
few years it will be interesting principles established to the conto
see whether the increase in lrol of diseases caused by other
potency of components of the similar viruses that will eventu·
vaccine will bring about further ally be added to those of polio <
limitation in spread, and pos- to produce a preparation that
sibly eventual eradication, of will immunize against still other
all three types of virus. diseases at the same time as
"The over-all effectiveness of immunity is induced to polio."
sc•·amble for copies of the historic Fran·
cis Report