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Comics Are Great! 106 - Talent or Effort?

When: October 29, 2014 at Netcasting Studio

It’s time to unbox the age-old question of Talent vs. Effort on Comics Are Great!

How does your comics work change when you shift your focus from “expressing yourself” to “putting in the effort?” Are these terms mutually exclusive, or does the focus oscillate between those poles throughout the project? If so, how do you know when it’s time to change your focus?

I’m joined by Zack Giallongo, cartoonist behind Broxo, Star Wars: Ewoks: Shadows of Endor, and the Stratford Zoo Midnight Review series. Together we explore how a career in cartooning is equal parts creative expression and herculean effort, and how one finds balance between the two.

Links mentioned in this episode (thanks to Eric Klooster for collecting the links!):

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October 29, 2014 at Netcasting Studio

Length: 1:17:32

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