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1 prmTTIHKn nrrnT Fridjy Hramra. in ÜM TMrd Story 5 IMck B0orm,rof Main .nd Huron Street, Jlnn 2lrbor, Ü.lasl)tLnau) (L0., illirl?. Entrence on Hurón Street, opposlte the Franttlin ELIHU I'OlSrX?, Editorand PTiblisher. jy-TKRMS, l,5O A YEAR IN ADVAWCB . adviírtTsino. rU for every Insertion .er af r. On „quare 3 mmtl W gg ,, ,'„, 18 0 Jo J Jo 8 do lvrar S6 g d, I?"' S One do 6mo 36 Vwo sq'n 6 mos 12 Om do lyear o Iw d „'„-"".'nt,' aniccomjMtod by ritten or TrUJ ürtíon wL" bo publishod untü ordered out, and charged CTli ihertisfments, first insertion, 50 cents per folio, Ï5c1tperfol o fr .h subsequent insertion. When "ponemént 8 addod toan advertisoment the Wholo .11 be nnrgcd the same as for flrst insertion. JOB PBINTING. Pmph1et,, Hana-billH, Circular. Cards Ball ■fickot, and therTarietiesof Plain nnd Fancy Job l'rmting, oxecuted wlth promptnai, and iuth REST STTLE. BOOK BÍNDING. Connected-ith tho Office is a Book in charle i of a Iroüs Office.


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