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fUítiitsí 3Btrtftíri. ïTo. o. f. WASHTEXWLOPGENoü, of the Independent order of Odd Fellowa meots at their Lodge Room, every Fridav eveniner. at 6 % o'clock. O. COLLIER, N. a L. W. Waixack, Sec'.y TWITCHELL & CLARK. ArromxïYS and Counsellor at Law, Oeneral Life and F!re Insurance asents. Office n City Hall Block, on Huron St., Ann Arbor. Collections prompüy made and remittod, and special attontiou paid to cflnveyancing. D. 8. nrrroam, [743tf] k. p. clark._ JAMES B. GOTT, T AW OKFICQrffb. 2, over Slawson Geer's Store. r. SCOTT & TOBEY. Astbrottpr k PiioTOGRPn Artjsts, In the ronmB formerl occupied by Cordley, over the store of Sperrj' Moore Pertec t sHtisfaction guar.intped. L. D. GODPREyT" ATtormiy anu CotT.vsKU.OR at Iji. Ann Arbor city. Office . Nirth-FastCorner_of_the Court Hoirne. SFTHEKLAND & BELL, Wnoljs.M.B .1 rittail OROCRRS, East HÍde of Main Rtreet A„n Arlmr. ag Provisions bought and gold SA W. N. STÊÓNG, DKAira in T)ryOoods, Boots aml Shoea, Groceries, Bonnet", Fancy Good, ftc. Eichange Block, Ann Arbor. " "WIÑES & KÑÍGHT. DuiijiBs in Sta ple.' Fancy Dry (Joods, Boots and Shoes, Jtc. Jtc, Mnin Street Ann Arbnr. _ MARTIN & THOMPSON. rnürn-RK Waru-Rooms, Dealer in all kinds of Furniture, Sc. Verf Block, Main Street. ' ETSDON & HEÑDERSON, DE U.FRS in Hardwar,-. Stores, 'House Furnisbjnjf goods, TinW'nre Sc. &c., N'ew Block, Main Street. A. P. MILLS, DlAtniinaple Prv Gooi, "firoceriri, Boort and Jhoo and Ready Made Clotliing, Huron Street Ann Arborl JOHN W MAYNARD, Bkiiv in Staple Fancy Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, kr.. te. , Main Street. Ann Arbor. BÉAKÉS & ABEL, ATTOKorrs fcCorNSELLOKSATljw, andSolicitors in Chan ktj. Office in the oM Post Office building. Ann Arbor KINGSLEY & MORGAN, Aitorvets, Counsplloríi, í'olicitnrfl, and Notarie Public, hüveBooks amlPI.ils shnwinp; tilles of all lands in the ountv, and attend toconveyancingandcollecting tlemands, Md to paying taxes and school interest in any part of the State. Office eastsi-'e of the Square, Ann Arbor. JÁMESE. COOK, JrfmcKOFTire Pracs. Office noar the Deuot, Ypsflanti, Michigan. jTlovejoy, m. d., ÏVrYSICUX S: SrRfiKTO, hu pcrmnnently locttted n the City I „f Ann Arbor, and hoidá hiinself In readiness to attend to 11 calis n thclineof his profession. Kesidence on North St., 'dhouse east ofCatholic Churcb. Fm. LEWITT, M. D., PHTSraix 4 Scrgkon. Office at his residence, North Me ofHuroo street, and 2d house West of División street, Ann Arbor ___ __- O. COLLIER, MomCTURKR and dealer in Bootu and Shoes. EsAange I Block, 2 doors South of Maynard, Stebbins k Wilson's itore.Ann Arbfir,Mich. „___ , MOORE & LOOMIS. Mucfictciwrk snrl iealer n Bootf and Sboes.Mainst naf door north of J. W. Maynard'n. __ Wm. b". SAUNDERS, PJAL1IR In Boots, Shocs, and Rubbers, Ann Arbor Cash Boot & Shoe Store, outh side of Public Square. M. GUITERMAN & CO , WnoLBSAL e.n& Retail dealers and raanufauturers of Beady Made Clothin . Importors of Clotha, CasBimeres, DoeriQK, &c. No. 5, New Block, Ann Arbnr. cTbTporter, Wk Surorotí DrvnST. Officp corner nf Min and JE B Huron streeta, over 1'. Bach'fi store, Aun ArWm. WAGNER, DKAUm in Ready Made Rlothinp; aoths, Cassimerea and Testing8,Hats, Caps, Trunka, CarpetBags, ic. Main st., Ana Arbor. M. CAMPION, MbkchatíT Tattr and dealer ín ïleady Made Clothing, No 41,Phoenix BlocV, Ann Arbor. BACH & PIERSO1ST. Qbalerb in Dry Goods, Groccries, Hardware, Boots & Slioes, Ac, Main etret, Ann Arbor. "ÜAYTSTARD, STEBBINS d& CO., Dealers in Dry Goodn, Grnceriea, BiMgD & MedieincR, Tïootfi k Shoes, kc, corner of Main and Arm st reets, juut below the Enchanpe, Ann Arbor. ËBERBACH & OO„ DMIÜIM in Druf-s and Medicine, IVrfumery.ToiletartioIes, a fe door outh of the Franklin House, Ann Arbor. 8LA"WS0N & GEER, (1 ROCER8 Provipion fc Coinmisi'ion Mfrchantp, and deaT Ier in Watkr Ijmk, orie door Fastof Cook's Hotel. ; C. BLISS, Dïalkr inClork, Watches, Jewelry. and Fancy Goods, at thxignof theBigWateh.No. 27, Phcenix Block. J. 0. WATTS. Dkilrci in Clocks, Watches, Jewelry aod Süver AYare NoJ 22. New Block, Ann Arbor. T.B. FREEMAN. Bardrr and Fashionable Tlair Dresser, ilaïn Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. Hair Fronts and Curls kept constan tly on band. _ SCHOFF & MILLER. DiALERfl in lïiscellaneoiis, School, and Blank Books Sta tionery, Paper Hangings, te., Main Street Ann Arbor , . D. DkFOREST. tttholesalb and Retail Dealer in Lumber, Iath, Shingles, W Sash, Doorfi, Blinds, Water Lime, Grand Rivcr Piaster, Piaster Paris, and Nafta of all sizes. A full and perfect ttortment of the above, and all other kinds of building material constantly on hand at thelowest possible rates, on itetroit Street, a few rodn frora the Railroad Depot. Also perating oxtennively in the Patent Cement Rooflng. WASHTENAW COUNTY WLB1ÖC1ETY. Depositort of Bibles and Testaments at the Society prices atW. C. Voorheis'. CHAPÍN, W00D & C0v MANUFACTDRKHS OF DEri3Q.t5 Book., - AND - COLOREO MEDIUMS, VSTjr,]pi3li3.s Paper.ífco. ANN Alll!;il MICH. CJ. 3B, POH.TUR, D.ENTlST OFFICE corne of Mrain & UuroiiHtrovtH, opposiie 1he Friinklin House, Ann Arbor, where lio contin-ies to offer bis customere any style of work deairod ia the art of Surgical Mecbanical & Deniitry, Teeth filled with crystal gold foil and spongenoM, irhich for beauty aud durabüity cannot be puxnsBed. Particular attention pid to diseasesof the roouthand guras, remenying irreguljirlty of the tceth, and operación for chiMren in cases of difflcult and imperfect lentition. There are mnny ik ind beautiful improvcmentn lately introduccil int.. Mr-chanicalDentistry, which for beauty, natural eipresKion, and strengtlisüf ivork, cannot fail to picase. Whole or partial set on ROld plate,iUver plate, continuous gum, n-ork platina píate. Also a newfand improved method of iiiBerting teeth on the vulcanized rubber and gutta pereba base, called Coralite which in many respecta supersedes all motalic 698 DEFOEEST, ARMSTRONG fc CO. DRY GOODS MERCHANTS, 8O & 82 chambers St. X. Y. Wwm K?TIFY TUK TBADE tlmt tney are oppning ' "M1"y, inntw and beautiful patterns, the Ja THK A Kw Print, which excels very Print in the Country fo peftwtionofexeeution and ajg,, in full Madder Coi. "l5"rÍL 1Í5. tl"" y in tnertagvlh ertnstve nJe. Wm pwmptl ttteadcd to j33il