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To My Mother

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I.vewandered far from thee, mother, Far from my happy home; I've left the land that gavo me birth. In other climes toroam; And Time since then has rolled its years, And nrnrked them on my brow, Vet I have often thought of thee - I'm thinking of tbee now: I'm thinking of the day, mother, Wben at my tender ide, You watched the dawning of my youth, Aiid kisaed me in your pride; Then brightly was my heart lit up With hopea of future joy, While your bright faney honors wovc To deck your darling boy. I'm thinking of the day, mother, When with such anxions care You lifted up your heart to Heaven- Your hope, your trust was there, Fond memory brings your parting words While team rolled down your oheek, Thy long, last, loving look told more Than ever words eould speak. I'm far away from thee, mother, No friend is near me now, To sooth me with a tender word, Or cool my burning brow; The dearest ties affection wove Are all now torn from me; Tiey left me when the trouble canie - They did not love like thee. I'm lonely and forsaken, now, Unpittied and uublest; Yet still would not liave theo know How sorely I'm destressed; I know you would not chide, mother, You would not give me tilame, But sooth me with your tender words, And bid me hope again. I would not have thee know, mother, How brightest hopes decay; The tempoer with his baneful cup Has dashed them all away; And shame has left the venoined sting To rack with anguish wild - Yet sf.ill I would not have thee know The sorrows of thy child. Oh', I have wnndered far, molher, Since I deserted thee, And left thy trusting heart to break Beyond thf deep blue sea; Oh.' mother, still I love .thee well, And long to hear thee speak, And feel again your balmy breath Upon my care-worn chetk. But ah! there is a thought, mother, Pervades my bloeding breast, Thai thy freed spirit may have flown To its eternal rest, And while I wipe the tem mray, There whispers in my ear, A voiee thatspeaks of Heaven and thee And bids me seek thee there.


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