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A Difficult Question Answered

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"Can any reader teil why, when Eve was manufacturad from one of Adam's ribs, a hired girl wasu't made at the time to wait on her?" We can, easy. Because Adam nevcr carne whining to Eve with a rajrged stocking to be darned, a collar-string to be sewed on, or a glove to be mended "right away, quick now!" Because he never read the newspaper until the sun got down behind tho palin-trees, and then stretched himself, yawning out, ''Ain't supper ready most ready my dear?" Not he. Ho made the fire and hung over the tea-kettle himself, we'll venture, and pulled the radishes, and pceled the bananas, and did every-thing else that he ought. He milked !:e cows, and fed the chickens, and looked after the pigs himself. He never brought home half-a-dozen friends to dinner when Eve hadn't any fresh pomegrantos, and the mango season was over. He never stayed out until eleven o'clock to a "ward meeting," hurraiug for tho out-and-out eandidate, and then scolding beeause poor dear Eve was sitting up and crying iuside the gates. To be sure he acted rather cowardly about apple-gathering time, but then that don't deprecĂ­ate the general helpfulness about the garden, He never played billiards, nor drove fast horses, nor ehokod Eve with cigar smoke. He never loafcd around corner groceries while Bulitary Eve was rouking little Cain's eradle athoniH. In short, he didn't thiuk she was specially created for that purpose of waiting on hini, and wasn't under the iinpression that it disgraced u. man to lighten his wifo's cares a little. That's the reason that Eve did not need a hired girl, and we wish it was the roason that none of her fair desoendeuts did-