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Good Advice To Young Men

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Horace Greely, in his editorial coiiiuients upon bis private letter to Win. II. Seward, draws tho following excellent moral froui it, wliich we hcartily indorso: "A single word of iinprovement to tbe young and ardent politicians who may read my letter and thls coniinout. The moral I would incĂșlcate is a trite onc, but none tho less important. It is summed up in the Scriptural injunctiou - 'Put uot your trust in princes ' Men even the best are frail and mutable, while Principie is sure and eturiwl. Be no niau's man but Truth's and your coun try's. You will be .sorely tempted at timos totakc this or that great man fir your oraelo and guide, it is easy and tempting to lean, to f'ollow and to trust; but it is safer and wiser to look over through your own eyes - to troad j'our own path - to trust i:niilicitly in God alone. The attuosphero is a little warmer inside soine great mans oastle, but the free air of beavcn is ever so muoh purer and more bracin."