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Anecdote Of Douglas

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Une oi th norestes .f the Nailon] Cnventin f Printen, 'va nefjwion last WCeK !lt N::silVlllü. 1'ehlleS tile filllowiníj ircumátatice as h'aving occurred on thé ompí between Loiriavillo and Nashvillo. - It is periectly charactöiistic of Senator IW.glas : " v'e were speakintr of Donslas' chsnres, and as tnight be expected, while hip fricnds wore lasding his manly and trnjy Democratie, erarse iu tlio Leconjptiiii trouble, íómeone t0ok it upon hiinsL-li" to denounce him. Among thósö oecöp.ving fuats in the oars was n liero of Chei iibus en. :i hém truly, fór he Inst both hts a'lTns ontbat bloody dy, Ho had been a siluit observer lül ha heard tho name ol Uougliis denouneed, when he apironched the party, aml tuking a Beat, rocópnted the inaiiüor of Lis loss, stating thut he h:nl been to Washington to have his pension dou'ded, il' posible. Whilo there, he became penniloes, was unaT'le to pecurchis pension, anr was :u;fuaily Kuficrinp for tlu; nofcesaries :f' life. - He went, hesuid, to varions of the wenlr tity and itiHuontial members soliciting aid wjffictent to take bim hotne, bat without tlie lunst puecess in a single instance. - He became preatly discouragcd. The pou'.he'n rrembers had refuód evun a pittance to one from their own section. - At last lio bothought hiruself of áxkitig a sniall loan of üouglas Ho sccordingly calli'd i)])on him atating his nècèssities. - He was lint permitted to closo his ippeal. Tukinii from hia pocket porno fifty or pixty dollar, all in hia posfeéssion at the ime, ho frankly offeréd it to him huing, ' Táke thi? my triend ; it is all I have herO." I shal! endeavor to return it, God willing. ' Don't trnnblt) yoürself on that Fcore - rod Iiik blessea me, and if I can do you r t'avor, accept it ). a gift, or I am Inahing it n-tth interest for tl e liittu'e." - Gentlemen, ihis it the wy Donólas figïjtf' hifl etieinies, and he is bound to triumph, God bless him !"' The geotieman'í nn'e is Phaler. and ii may befonud npoDtherollof Uiè "BloiSdy Pif eenlh" at WasbiDgtgn. His werd is 5Pod.