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- Ora pe growera sny Zins lá va ue :i j;rüai wimü ear. lAHitumy ttícre nevur was a better promise of grapee i'n' Connectteut; whúo iu tho Uliio wine (listr'fcts tho prospecta aro uncoramonly t. Up-Tiirdst (ff 40Q0, acres are luid to vineyardd in the ueighborhood of Cir,cinnati. Jjast year thd j'ield was about 360 gallon to tin; ncre - a very &Tg$ product. It is certain that iho qúantíty of wído obtained ibis year u Ohio alono, with average good weather, wil) ainount to nearly 1,600,000 gallóos ! iíosidos tho Oío va'ley vineyarda, tliero are esténave onéfi iu Missouri and other Western States, w liile tdü Southern States. Georgia and Snuth Carolina especially are rapidlv extending tho cultivation of the vine, ín those two States, as well as North Caro"tiia, Touncssee and 'i'esíis, a large jiaitity oí wine i an'Miaüy projneed. Tin) Wlk í fho North Carolina grapo wine ra the kind made írorn (he nativo Carolina knnn as ''S'juppernong." and n Toxas the wild "Mu4an" grapa ís convcrU'il into wino ol a rich brígDt ftí'l color. Of all the American grapas yut tí'kd bv the wino maken, the "Delanre," originating n Ohio, i the most r.igb-ly cteined for tha excpllence of its wine. California in all probability, is deatiDed' to be the most extensivo wi:ie producing State iti Amorica. L3 -V Wostern editor recenlly offered a hut for the best essay on iadeptndooos Tho followiog obtained the prize : Xa lional indopendence is easier raaaifled than doscribed ; personal independeneu consista empliutically in a clean shirt, drawers, Bocks, and a nicely hlackod pair of boots, willi at luasta dollar and a half iund a clean cambrio in your pocket, on Ruuday morninir, with youi wifo upon one arm and tho baby upon tlio otht-r, taking your courae toward your own preacher, in tho xpectation of doing your own noozing in your own pew, wherein no one iieg venturo to nudga you with their clhow, or tiekle you with a straw.