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Tn our last issuo we prcsouted otir readers with the qames of i'io Dominees of thu Democratie State Convuntiou held on i..1 28tb alt. Today we place the list at the head of our oolatnaa, and propose to keep it there until thu 6t!i day of November ïK'xt, at which timo the people of Michigan, acting in view of their ovni iutorests, anti like prudent business men. will eleot thora to the sevenil offices for which they are designated. We Deed not presuiuc upou the ignorance of our readers and detail at length the qualifioations of each and ovcry oandidate on the ticket. Most of thera are kuowii to the wholo people of Miohigan uu men whoin in foriner timos they have dolighted to honor. üov. B.vukv headè the ticket, and though not our first ohoioe, lie is the people'a ehoico. lic has been tried, and hts name is the s'nonym of offioial integrity. He is now wantod at the head of the government to redeeui tho fiuanoial reputation and credit of the State as ho did iu 1842 and 1843, after the treasury had been dcpleted hy the " Woodbridge and reform" adininistration. Th:'pople vróüld do well to insta! hiin agaiu iu the chair of Stute. Wii, M. Fknton' is oue of the most aljle presiding offioers the State ever had, and s needed at the head of the Sonate during the next sessiou. Dor Jreasurcr, mos r arxswokth is a model candidato. Agninst him uo repullioan will daré to breatho a brenth of suspiciou. He is necdud at the door of the trensury. IJkmíy Pennotbr, tlio uominee for Auditor General, is a man of Roman firmnesa and iutegrity, aud if givon the opportuuity will purify that departmeut. Cuauscky Joslin', the Aüorucy General caudidate, is well kuown to the people of tuis County, and aa they have dulighted to expresa their confidence iu him boretofore, so will they givc him a big vote now. With Wsi. Fsancis, the nominee for Secretary of State, we are not peraonalfy acquainted ; those who know him, howover, speak of htm as a " tïp-top" man for thst position. He is an editor, and is well posted in State uiattcrs. Wo know S.MITH, the nominee for Cummissiouer of the Land Office; we knew him as a school mate, havo kuown him since as a business man and a legislator, aud can chalk his back .19 "Iwuufc; capable and faithful.:' Siiearm.w, the nominoe for Superintendent of Public Iustruction, bas beeu tried timo and agaiu ; and Lyos, the candidate for ][cmbcr of the Koard of Education is every way rjuulilicd for the place. Suoh, Democrats, and such, citizens of Michigati, is the ticket we present for your suffrages, and which you ought to elect. "Will you do it. in ii Witf.rb is " Jake The following paragraph out from the judicial reporta of a New York City peper; has not yetfound its way into thp columns of tho Bopnblioan papers of this 5t;ite. When thu original judgmont now set aside, was rundored, the orguns of the State admioistration were not sloiv to announee it, and vied with ench other insinging poans to Attornev General Howard for havng recovercd to the State some $-10,000, more or less. Bul that rioWAKD has saved tho State Bothing; the followiog is the evidenoe : pupBeme ooürt- ortekal term. jub 23: UCKOKE JtTKTICU.i St:T!lK:iLANn,. INUtUUAM, I.IÍONAKD AXD BOSXÍT, OKCISIOSS. The State of Michigan vs. the Phe nix Hniik. Judgment set aside and now trial granted ; ooata to abide évent ÜÜST It s authoritatively announced that Cai.eb Cushino is to be appífnted to the Judgeship madu vacant by tho recent doa'Ji of Judsro Danmbl. All right. Esnu sold hia birthright for a mess of pottage, and why should nt Cl'siiixo be rewardod for hia base treachery at Chafleston and Baltimore? It is such politica) sinner8 Bwiianan has dolighted to honor ever since tie turnecl liis back upon tho Cincinnati platform. Bat, oh that sych an arrant demapogne as Ct;siiiNO should soil the ermiore. JJ53"11 This odition is authorizcl by Mr. Lincoln." Such is the hoading in tho repulilican organs ol an advertise ment of the camprugn ndition of the Douglus-Lincoln speeches in Illinois. It mny be aiithorized by Mr Lincoln', bat iá cortainly not authorized by Mr. Dot'glas who directly charges that his speochos have baen mutilated, while thoso of LiNCor, have been revised, correctod, and improved. it is a partí san edition. LW TIio Jackson Citizen says : "Joslin wasturned out of office by the people of Washtenaw in 1856, and beatón by B. F. Grangür for Probate Judge." TLo Citizen ought to know it don't teil the truth. Joshn' was not a candidato in 1856, and was not beatón by Granobr or anybody elsc. And in tho same little article the C tizen tclh half a dozen other lies. JS3T The "City Fathers," on Monday eroning passed an ordinance prohibiting the firing of cannon within the City limits uudtr heavy penalties ; and refusod to pais an ordinauco closing tho drinking and gaming saloons on tho Sabbath. The cannon raaims or kills a man once in three or four years, while the drinkitg and gaming saloons, besidea violating the I sanctity of the Sabbath, do more to oorrupt the moráis and breed physical diaeaso and deatli on that day than in the other six. Was the right ordinance passed ? JSf The census of Jackson, just completed shows a population of 5,340. JC3S-" 'nc Japanese have played out, and sailed on the 29th uit., in the Ningaia, for their island home. Good. L3L" ö. P. li. James, tho novelist, iñ ilead, and the "solitin-y horsoman" who figured so conspicuously in all bis works will havo a rest.