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The Position Of Forney

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Uicl tlie republiumis maku anything n electing Joris W. Fornsï to the Olerksh'tp of ííie Housé ? Tbat tbey may answor this nttjrrogStorv s.itisf.u;i tonly and in view oí thy facr.s ve qnotw j frpm The Prsss of the 25th ule. i nby's support of DovdLxa dostroys :ill thuihopcH of Limcoln' friendd íor Penni Bylvaria: "It now remanís for us to statfe tho ; poeiticm of Tie Presa n the nailipaigii which is nbout to cornmenoe. " Uhf raadera ül beobsorved that i wo havo do il;injei t!iu iia;iii.i.i.i of Jüdge Douglns as dnc notonly tohiin, bnt to tliü ntegrity of tlie Deinoorutic party, and alao that we havti 6id that no otliur man naoicd wonld ruCöi're our j support - oot bi;e;iuse wo regardod o:irsel vea as bouild to tho fortunes of Mr. Douglasibut ouiy beuause hisqvorthrow would dissoiví! all obligatioDs of iionest ilion to tho Democratie p;irtv, when that overthrow w;is to bc oiïoc;tt;ij as a punshuiL'iit for n fearlesa perforraaaee oí duty. " While, however, we shall support the eleotion of Stophep A. DouglaPj The Press will n no respect bo a party newspoper. It can scarcely go furiher in vir.dicuting him than it has already gone, and whilb fo!jow,Dg tho path it has murked out, will not hesrtate to do justioo to other candidatos and otbei1 partiee by abstaining lcomall imputation9 upon their integrity, and by reit erating nono of the si% candáis and oalumoiea oí their adversarios. To this remarlt we must makeione exoep tion : The Press is tho uncornnromininf toe oí the Disunion-Secesaioa Adminiatration party ; the íoo of its eandkUtea, of its leaders, itáorgans, and its apologista, North or South. And the strongest cluim that Duuglas has t thü vuip:itliy of tho Amoric.iii iníissc-s 8 prob ubly to bo fouiulin tho f ct that he is the ayowed antagonist of all enemie of this coofederaoy, and particularlv tho inoii in tho sluve Satos uho seek to muke Slavery the only tost in Democratie politics, and eagorly accept everv protext tn endanger the existence oí tfie Republic."