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SPECIAL ISTOTICESr o. n. n !'a, Tiit-fr trains now Inte tho eeveral statiouj in ttlil Cuimtj-,as foüuwtj. GO ING WEST. Mail Ex, Marshal Ae. Night Ki ypsünnti, S.6u a. x, 6.35 F. u. 9 lo p k" ínnArbor, 'J.10 " " Í.00 ' " tl :jo " . Il.-xtoi, 9.115 ft 7.ö0 ■' 05 . Chelsea, J.5ü ■' " 7.05 "" lO.lüa.k GOINC tEAST. EveningEx. Marshall Ao. Mili Ei. CbalfBB) 5.16 a. m. 8.15 a. m. 4.S6 u Daztsr, 5 mi " 8.40 " " 4 5ü '■ Ann Arbur, 5.55 " " 9.10 " " 5.15 ypoÜHuU, ü.10 " " 9.40 I ' j'jjj ii ■ SAVE YOÜH HORSES. "Wf takc great pleasure in rccommcmiihg th5 Mustang Liiïimsnt asa valuablo and QiÜBjjonalblo articlo for Sj.rains, tures, ütratchea or Galdi on Hurise. Our muil have u&el it for Bever Burnx, BruUei, Sores, Btlff Juk.ts and Hheumatic l'aina, and all aj it acts Uke magie We use no othcr Liuimcut. J. W. HEWITT, Fofemao for Amerlcao, Harndon'ï and Welln', Fargo & Co. 's Express." "Ui.rrtEME.-i:- I had a negro worth tl,200 wbo took colrl from a bad hurt, and was usóles for over one yoar. I had trie.1 orurything I could hear of without bcncQt, until I uscd the Mustang Lnment. ]t bas pcrieotlj cuTcd him, and I cnu now take the above price for him. Respectfuuy yours, JAMES I OIUU.VCE. Evfiry Planter, Teamtter, and Family should have thl invaluable article. Suld by all respfctable doaleri ere rywhere. BARN'S 4: PARK, Prprletor?, New Tork. BANK TOTE, LAND IVA KRANT, SPECIE AND EXCHANUti: QUOTATIONS. Carefully Ruvised and Coirected every weck. KVIK-i l'UKRENT AT Ul-.T Banking IIouso of' U. Preston & öo , 72 Woodwml A-.. Detroit Juno 15, 1800. 1UNK NOTES. Detroit City Banks, Par. Qanvia, (itll flulvent Uanlcs) " N'. England and X. York, (Solrent Bank) - - " New Jersev aud Delaware, .-..." Oblo, Kentuoky and Virginia, --.. l'a , all notos par at rittaburgh or l'hlladolphia, - " liank of the Slato ol' Indiaas, " UXCURREXT FÜNDS. IUiiioip, Wincousin, Missouri and Iowa ouyingli Dia " " " ï' nlHog 1 to 3i " Eï. Carolina, S. Carolina and LouisUna, - i " In-üiiiut Stock Notea; ü ■ TennesBco', --'---.3 " Georjria, --.-. 2 and 5 " l.'mti-d Sfnti-H Pos! Office Scrip, - ... " Bank of Eugland Notos, L, . - - - - $4 62 Buk of '!'-■'. Lunsoii. Michigan, .... Exchange Hauk oí D. Hall Ji Co 5 " ÜL R RAThS FOK DILIS OF KXCH.VXGK. Huving. Holling. On Kew York and Boston, ; y On Washington, ' . ar On üuualo, i.... y% Oa Cleveland, On Cinciimati, ,, ö On Chicago, i' ?c, dis. for $100 or upwani. GOLD AND S1LVKI!. Bujing. Sulling;. Am. Gold, lots of $100 or upward.s, y9 l American Silver, LAND WARRANTS. Itu ivf . Eftlltar. 40 Acilü W.vElu.vitf $ 41 $ 40 SO " 72 80 1M " S6 100 100 " llo 130 Itevovolutiunar) Scrip, (per acre,) 80 kU. 9Q cis. P1ULVIUM COINS. Hl.VKIt COIXS. GOLD CC 1X8. Span I'üliir Dollars, 1 05 I Sovpreigns, 4 84 and 4 84 Moxican Hollara 1 04 20 Francs 3 83 Fivc Krant; Pioces 96 25 Franca 4 06 Frencu Crowna 1 0b" 10 Francs 1 90 (jerman " 1 05 5 Francs 95 Prussiun Thalers 09 Ten Thaler Pioce 7 80 GuUJers 38 X ïhalor Pieces 7 86 English Silver, (shilling Ten fc uilder Piecos 4 0J 2Sc.) Ui 60 Spanish Doubloona 1 ) 00 Old Am. Half Dolls. 103 Patriot )5&0 ta On lots of Í100 or un I California Oold 10s 6d wajds, 1 f!c addiüonal $5DS and 20s ld old Duit, $16 to $16 O por oz. Spanish changa 1 15 por or. or 22 cent for quarter", 11 for shillings, 5for sixponces. On Iot3 of '20 Oïj and npwarda, SI 18 per oz DAVID PRESTON & CO., Bankers. 72 Woodward Avi., Jjotroit. J6S" Office liours, from 8, A, M.r to 6. P. M. MRS WINSLOW An experieneed nurseand feinale physician, has a ÍVrup for childrcn, tecthllig, which greotly facilitates thi process of tcething oy softoning the gum, roducing all in Qauimation- will allay all pain, nnd i MIN to lOgUlato thi i bowels. Depend apon it, inother, i'. will give rest to yuurselvei, and relici and henlth to your iufants. Perfeotly sfln all cases. Sec advertiscinent in another column. 5-Thc Grtat Benefactor of hls Rncc.-g& The Oreat Healer of Mankind.' Herrick's Sugar Coated Pilis 77i whole World United! Sick People tliink! After whick act. You'd scarce expect,at this lato day, With stnrllinfrcuresa book to üll; This is the case, themillion sav, W'ith the cures of Herrick's i'ill. Tuey come from East, nnd North, and Weet, And with glad tidings the papers till, Bectuse tliey are the cbaapeat, anfet, bftst, Auü superior to others is Hemck s I'ill. From Root,, and Plants, and Flowers they're; Tliey alvays cure - they never kill Thousanil.. nuiv in their graves were iaid, W'ere it not for Herrick'Hl'ills. Eacb Pili wkh sugar is coated o'er - A rare discovery of matcbless skill, Their like was never seen before, L'nlil it appeared iu H irrlct'l Pili. For years lie's worksd to tne sich, Witli joy elato his bosom (illi; For tenso! thousauds now rejoice At the mairic Powcra of Herrick's ?ill. (F HKRlilCK'SlIATCHLiSSVEGKTABLE FAMILY PILXá have inundated tbo orid with their populanty. Over five million of boxes are used annualv, Kiviug employment to eiglity-live men and women toput them up Their cures are numbered by tliousands- their praises oii the tongues of all, Citizeus of Washtonaw Co-, and e'seuhere, have you ever used them'iPut up in English, Spanish, Uerman, and French dn-ections. Largo fainilv boxes, '& cents! Five boxen Tor $1. Sold everyivhere". Seeaclvorlisemont on 3d page ThkLoxdox Sterkoscopic's business has increased to such an extent that thoy have deemud it neceasary to establish a depot in New York for the supply of storeoscopic goods to the trado generally. They havo arrangedtoforward to thoir Manageru every week a case of goods that shall contain all new subjectü a3 well as iirat-class standard pictures and they will then bo cnabied to offera complete assortment of stock of unequftlod diameter, at prices considerably lower tban those of anyother house, It must be evident to dealera in stereoscopic goods that they will be Consulting their own interest by doing business at the New York Brauch of the Lonüon Sterkoscoi'IC Cumpanv, as at IÍKAjKKwitTKna. Orders can be sent to Thkj. Lksskv, manager, 534 Bioad war, New York. Stereoscopes of all kinds aud prices from fifty cents Views and groups from gl 00 per doien upwarda Iy715 Important to remBles. Dr. CEESEMANj( PITLS. PbüPAEF.D BT CorXRLIUS L. CHEB8BJÍA.V, M. D, New York City. Thecomninationof ingreJientn in these Pili are th result of a long and extensivo practice. They are niild in their opvratinn, and certain in correctinjf all irrogularities, Painful Mensurations, removüig all obstructions whether from cold or otherwise, headache, pain 'm the side, palpatation of the heart, ahites, all nervou aftections, hysterics, fatigue, pain in the back and liiubs, 4c disturbed sleep, whicharises frem interruption of nature! TO MARRIEI) LADIES, Dr. (Tieeseman's Pilis are nvaluable, as they will bringon the monthly period with regularity. Ladies wlio have been dlsappoioted in the use of othea Pilis can place the utmost conüdence iu Dr. Checsenlan's Pili doing all they represent to do. X O T I E E . Thtre is ave ctmdititm nflhefemalt systlm in mhich the Pilla cannot bc taken without ■prodvcmg a TECULIAR RESULT. The conilHion rtferred ta is PREGNJNCY- the rtsull, MISCARR1AQE. Swh ! the ineiiitoble tendency of the medicine to rentare, the sexual functiov to a normal condílitm, that evn the reproducttve poteer of nature cannot resirt it. Warranted purolv vegetable, and free from anything injurious, Explicitdirections, which should be read,ac compaoy each box, .ent bj mail on encluiiug tl to lm CimxBLics L. CnKKSEM.i.Y, Box 4,5ïl,Pust Ollice New York City. iST Sold by onc Druggist in every town in tbe United State. -E R. B. HUTCHINCS, Gknekal Agk.xt por the U.vitfd Statw, o, 14, Broadicay, fleic ïwA, 1 To whom all Wholesale order should bo addresstíold in Ann Art)or, by AIaykakd, STïHBl-Na ál Wilron, and (J, Grkxvjli.k, 7S6yl THE GREAT ENGLISH KJBMEDY. SIR JAMES CLAKKE'S Celcbrated Female Pilis. PKOTECTED ffljijïïl L II T f E R f BY R0YAL 3X PATÏNTPrepared from a preteription of Slr J. Clark, M O., Physician Extraor&nary Í tht Qven. Tuis inraluable mediano ia unfailing in the cnre of all Uioio painful and dangerouv diseaxei to which the feinale ,iutiiutiou i subject It moderat all exews and remove all olxtnictiou, and a ipeedr cure mar be relied on. TO UIHIIIKI) I.AU1KM It ia peeuliarly suked. It will, in a ihort time, briof en the monthly period with rogularitT. Eaeh bottle, prioe One Dollar, bears the Govenuaeat Stauip of Great Britain, to prevent countetfeita. Thttc Pilis ikmild uut 4 taieti 4y ftmalet èmrinf tht FIRST TH REK MONTIIS of Prtfaxef,iu tktf an ture lo bring o líitctrriat, bul tí uy tUur Hm UU) or taje. In all caie of Nervouj and Spinal Affection, Pais In '.-e Back aud Limba, Fatigue on ilight exertion, Palpita tiun of the Heart, Hylterica, and, theee Pflls wiB eH'ect a care when aU othor meani hare fiiiled, and hltbough a pewerful remedy, do bot contain iron, eaiene] ajiüiiu uy, or acy tbing burtful to the oonaütntlen. Full directiona aecompap.y each paekage. Sole Agent for the United Stat and Canada, JOB HOSB8, (Late I. C. B.ldwin t Oo,l Kocbe.ter. ïi! T -41,00 and 4 postage itampa neloied to any as Agent, wfll innn a betUe of te Pilli bj rr taro I Sold by G. Gim'VILLE, Ann Arbor, and by %lntggits iu every town MBXICAN MUSTANG LINIMBNT. Intriiisic virtue aloae coulil insure the hucccss wliich this article has atttÍQd, Vov Rheumatifcro, Salt Hlieum, ' UurnK, Bruisop.Stitf Joints, or GaliU, Spraiu, I'oie Kvil, intl Swtíllings upon Horsen, t has no equal. No person will be without it who has oace testel its valuo. "And with refero ucc to the g'-ncral eatimatioii of tlio Mustang Liniment, I can choerfully say that ao article ever porformed bo many cures in our neighborhooil aw this. L. W. SMIÏH, Ridgtjield, Conn," y. Leitcu, Esq., Hyde Park, Vt., writos, "thut ttie liorse was con.sidered worthlcss, (hi. case was Spavin), hut Kince the free une of tho Mustang Liuinient I have tiold him for $150. Vour Liniment is doing wonders up here." Such testimony i.s reachingus every day. Tlu1 half i not tolil. Evcry fnroily should have it. Bewnre of imitationt. Tho guuiue Mustang issoid by atl ïespectablu dealers throughout tho worM. lï'VRXES t PARK, Proprietors, New York. 4w740. 3j W.MORGAN, Agent for Mutual Life In?urauce Ompany, Nw Tnrk. Accunmtiitcd Aflteti, - ... $6,360,000. he lea'Hng Life Insurance Compsny in tht U. P. Knickerbocker Ufe Inparaucc Oompany, New Yrk, - a first daas $afg Co. - terms rpasonahlo, Xïumboldi Fire Insuranc dunftuy, New York. apital, with aliurgn surplus, - $200,000. Peori Marüifi k Tire losuxanoe Qa.j rnria IÜ -4k No. 1 rii-o rnsurance Uii. TOTtf taij .... 300,000 MICHIGAN SOUTHERN & NUKTHKKN" IXÍHAN'A RALLKOAD. IZü 39 r757T' vFíSTI BÉ- MP 1800. SUMUER AKRAXCiLMKXT. 1S60. 1 1 iíds now run on thia roaI, Sui.'liv-t exceptad, i; followi! km ToMo'orChlcngoatlOMA M.,a,i.I lO.íáT. M. " Detroit ■' ■' " 7.20 ■ " 7.40 '.' Arrlring in CKicngo from Toledo nd Detroit at 8,00 I'. Ai. and 8:00 A. M. Arrive t Detroit from Tolodo, al 7:05 A. M., 0:50 P. 1., iji.I ll:l'U. A. SI. Aitívo in Mtroit from Chicago al 6.60 P, II., and. 7.05 A. M. irrlT In Tutoda frum Chicago 4,10 I'. M. and 4.50 A. M. aiida.40 1'. H. I eavp A'lrian fi.r JacicKon ftt ■ Jacluvu for A. irían at .5,00 A. M., and 1,30 I'. M. COXSI'XTJONi. At Toledo With Cltrellni i; Tohido llail Ruad, iith Wabub Vnlley I'.ail RoaJ. At Ijujk.íii - With Grun'l Trunk Fatlway, with Ureftt Wosteni BaUwáy, al:jo, with the i.etroit aodlaUwftukée, R&ilroad Al NKW Ai.ha.v & K. II. Cros.sin(. - With Trains for I afayetle, New Alimnv acá Loüisville. At CiijcAUo - With Chicufro and Koek Iwland, GaU-na, liiliraukce, Chicago, Hur'liuston and Suincy - North West Railway- Chicago, Altuu imd St. Loui, lUhiuii . Central, and to lili Tfiints Wrst and tíontb. Tiains jiroriin bj Chicago linie, which is 20 miuutett slower tlian Detroit tilín1. JQ-JS" WowlrufPs I'atent Slw-i)in{ CaM accoinlianj" thu Xight Traína on tliis Route. N'o clian; bof cars betwecn Detroit, Adnan and Chicago. (JIJ, Patent Ventilators and Dustcrs arcuiedon all Slimmer Traini. - Timo and Fare the. ,sau:o as hy any other Kail Ruad Routi) J-NO. Tl. CAUPBKIX, Genc-al Suponutendcnt. E M P IË BOOK STORE! J. E. WEBSTER & CO., CITY HALL BLOCK, Opposite the Franklin House. RKS'OW OPENISG. DIRECT FROM PÜBIJBHEIB , AND Manufactur(jri,a N'ew and Comísete stock, ut LAW & MEDICAL BOOKS, School Booka, Miacellaneout Books, Blank Books, dan Wall and Window Papef, Drawin and iathematical InfltrttA6nil Music, .Tuveuilo Librario.s, Euvolojies, luks, Ciird.J, Gol and other Pens Window Coruicc, abadui and KixUire, POCKET CUTLEKY! Anti evt-rythinji portaininp to the trade, a uil moifc to whiebthey wuutd irvite tko attention üi the Country. In condiictinj? our business, we shall d sil that can be that no rcusonubltí inau, woiiiau or child hall önl any fault. W'e pusosM facilitiea which will enable u to nupply our BtoiniTS at the Lowest Possible Pigures. We pronose to íell fer READY PAY , at a 3inall adrance. W oxpect a prolit un our Roods, but Cash Sales will Admit of Low FIGURES. We liavo enca;od the services i JAMES F. SI'.UjDIKO, herefore are pi euared to l'arni.s'i Visiting, Wedding and all Other Cards lüritUn to order, with neatness and dispatch, by mai' or otherwise. Tlio "bBM H"OK Stoke," hl raanned at!"od 'crew,' nd they wrill ohvays be i'uunO olí the "ciuarter deck," ready aud iUiDg tu attendto all with pleaiure, who will favor thein with a cali. líeniember tho "Empire Book Store." JAMES R. WEBSTER & Oo. Ann Arbor, Mar, 1860. 74e -ANDSHOE MAKER'S STRIKE. THE JOURS WILL GET TUEIR PRICE FOR THEIR work aud Boots &. Lhoes will be hlghsr Will have to pay more for your goods 1 HAVE JÜST PURCHASED AN EXTENS1 VE STOCK OF inaDj of them, on atoount of ihe LARGE SUPPLY IN MARKET FB.OM $8 TO SO PER CASE LESS THAN It Oost to Make Them and shall Sell them ti 11 I have to Pay more for them, at tus EXTREMELY LOW PlilCES mmH below. MENS' BOOTS. Men's $3,50 Calf Boots, for $2,5 '' 4,50 French Calt'Superfiue, 3,50 " 3,50 American Calf doublé soled, 2,75 " 3,25 Kip, 2,50 " 2.50 Sninmer, 2,00 " 3,25 Doublé Solé Stogas best quality for 2,7o GAITERS. Ladies' 50 ct. Gaiters, for 37: " 75 " Gaiterb for 50 " 1,25 " Gaiters for 1,01 Ladies' best quality of Gaiters w i ti and without heelsfrornl.25 to 2,50 Ladies' Leather, Csilf and Kid Boots and Congress Gaiters from 8( to 1,00 Men's, Boys', Misses' and Oliildren's of every desirable kind. Trunks, Valises and Satchels All the fcbove goodsand niany otbern, wH be sold, at MÜCH LESS PHICES thnu havo Ever Been Sold in Ann Arbor. Wm. S. SAUNDERS. Ann Arbor, Bareh 20, 1880, 7S0m3 Bonnets ! Bonnets ! Bonnets ! 'J1HF. SCllSaUBEll HAS A I.ARGE stock of SUk añil V L L V E 7 BONNETS, of hite alvlps, tbat he will mil at oost and lesa Lr-e-s-s T-h-a-n C-O-S-T-, to filóse them ot. I'riceB ranBf froro onk to TEN DOLLARS. L, ('all and eo them. at tho New Betroit Store, Kichnngo Block, Wu. N. ÖTKUNÜ. ioeTiöeTïöeTioêï TSE SlíBSCniHKR ta prepMW to tktúftih ramilien and allpsrsoüK niahing it too short uoticc. JVüI duliver to families, 10 lbs. per day at 9 1 per moni ïi Uirgftr quAntitl at 30 CENTS per 100 POUNDS. Al] oidewt left witfa Thomppon Sj ivül le thaulifuU-v eoei-oíl and promptly oxeoutflt(JlÖIENT R. THOSfPSOV. Ann Ai-rr .pi-il t, 1860, ro-,71