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I i Ax nperiont St imachlc pn'p.irat'on of IUONT purteiid In Oxjrgen and ; 'irtjun by cotnbti rtion id II', dr #.". 8mictiunirt by Vne hlffhont Meutcal Aatboritl.H, both ín Ko ropo and the Uoited SI;l ; ■.- , aud prescribo! iu Unir prac lice The xpcrienceof thouanda Jally prora that do propuraliimot' Iruii eau bi? couiparc-J with it. Imporiliiíd ' of the blood r'dejtressiuns of vital energy, : I win aiekry compleífluuj ádicatod [t'á &ece.-Hity ia alinoBt . tvi'i-y conceli ■.}■[.' cfuw. Inaxíous iu ail maladiea ín irfaieh it han bwn trícd, I lurs pruvadatuulutely cunitiïeln eaeh of tüe fuUowiftg comptontff, vise: ín Oelílllly, Ñervo as Alft tloim, Einnriallon l uraepila, Conatipfttlon, Dlarriwea, ! i, Intlieat Coustimption, Heroftztoiu ! rculosl, 6'nt Hheum, frtismtrustriiation, Whi'c, i Chlarttiê, LivcrComplninii, Chrmiic II adaches, matiij,,, Interrmittcnl Fcvcra, Pimpla un tké Pnce, ke. Iu{cait6 of (xHHBfiL DXBiLiTT, rhether ri;.-,ult of acutí ! diseaso, oe of the continuad tfiminution of' nervous iind muscular energy from chronic compUiintá, oae trial of this rc.storatívo has proved succeuful to un exlent which no deacriptlon nor writtcri attentatlon troyld rwider crc-diblo. Invalidj no lon# bed ridd.n as to have becomo forgotten tu tbeir own noiffbborhoods, bae suddeuly rc-nppoH.rd in the buay írorkt as i(' junt retorced i from protracted travel in a distant land, So&m ?wy íg nal Instancea of tliia kind are aitasted of femalft su emaciated rictlnu of uppah'nt maruoui, Kunguiiiruws exbii ustión, critical ehange, and ttmt compliestion of Borroua and d.i -ípt-ptíc avmfcni to air mid exerebse for wUícb the physicinn bus nu EUfiBO. Ín N'lSTOCR APPBOIiUKa of all kindn, aud fot nasoafl fuiniliar to medical men, the opexatloa of ttua prepara tion of iion must uccfssaril be dalutary, fbr, unlike the oíd (ixidfla, it ts rlgoroa]y totiic without being exciting and overheating; andgcntly, rcgularh ftjeriLlnt, even the most obstinate cases of costiveneas without even bciug a gastric purgativo, or infÜctíng a dísagreeable seiisation Itis this latter propvrty, aiuong others, vrhich niaki it no emarkably effectaal and permanent a roinedy for Jilea, upon whicii it also appears to exert a distínct and speciiic action by dispcr&iug the local teudtucy which forma them . In Dvspi.sia, as are its omines, a single box üf these Chlybate l'ills have often üufficed i"or the mo.U habitual cases, ncluding the attendeut CurtiréIMM, ín unchecked Diarruo:., uvon when ad vaneed to Dyscn tery coufïrmod, eraaciatiriff and uppurently mftUgiianti tho effects haviQff been bqually decisive and astoni.shing Iu the local pains,los3 of ílesh ndatreaijtti, dcbilitatiug cough, and romitteat hectic, vvlncli gi-neially indicate Incipicnt Consinnption, in suveval vory gratifyíng aud intere3ting instances. Ib Scrofitou Tubcrcuolsis, íhis medica ted Iron has hfUI far moro than the goud effecis of the most cautíously balancod preixirarions ot iodinc, without uny of thoir well known liabilitlei. Theattention of femalmcinnot betooconfidently invited to thi remedynú r storaticc 'm the cases pteuliarlj atlecting them In Rhcumatism, both chrnnic and inflammatory - n the lattc-r, hoffewr, more decide lly - it has been invariably well reportcd, both as alleviating pain and roducing thb swelllngS&nd stiffnessof the joints and musecls. In Intcrmittent Fever itmu.l DOoossarlly bea grt-at remedy and enwgfltíe restorativt1, and its irorüss in the ucv settlementa of the West, wül probably be oae of high ronown and usefulneaa. No remedy has ever been disco vervd vj, the whole Listory of melictne, which exerU Huch prompt, happy, and tully re.storative ettoots. Good apjj''t]te, complete digestioi., repid acquisition of str-nth , wtth an umiüiial (iiipositifm for active aud cheerful exoreisa, unnn-diately folio w it.s uge. Put u) in neat flat metal boxes contiuing r&n p'íls, price "iO cents per box; for iwte by druggistij and dftaWra. Wtll be sent free to any adürena on receipt of tliö price. 411 fatten, orders, etc, should beaddreswd to B B. LOCKK,&Co , General Agent 4T7yl :i:iy Sroadway,N. V. G-RENVILLE & FuLLER, TTAVINC ASfV)TTATEDthemaelTeiï for the purposo of X 1 denling iu the various mticle in the Drug trde, offer for sale a full asdOitment of Pure and Genuino Medicines, Winefl, Note and Letter Paper, Liquor.% &o.( Fancy Articlea, Perfumory, llaTorfng Extracta, Combs, FabiT's lncils, Broshes, Arnuld'j Inka. Hair Dyb, Popular Patent Medicines, Jaynfw1, Adnnis' Li ver Ralsam, Ayers', Hostetter'n Bitters, U'illoirays, Roofland'ï Gorman Bitters Brown's Troches, Townends and Bryant'á Paluionary Balsiim, Guysott's Sarsaprïllu. PAINTS, OILS, GLASS, &o., &c. Ziac, Vamishca, Patent Dr.wr, Iliberaiu Green, Bujning Fluid. ('amphiuo, TlldènJt Fluid Lxtracis. Sugar Coatod I'ills, and Granulen. N. B. Pre4?ripton3 coinpoundfij witli ncatiH-sa and dispatch bv experieuccd penooSi G. GREWILLF. JOHS T FUI,LÍ:R 742. t Ayer's Agüe Cure. A New"ÏÏKIVAL Boots a.xxc3. Sliocs Oí all descriptions, anJ wil! le S O X ei O HIJ a. 3E= 3E! r THAN CAN BE BOUGII7 L This City. Alto a large asortment c( Of ail kindi made n the mest Fashionable Styles BY QOQO AND EXPEPJENCED WOKKMEN, -OTJXlFRENCfl CÁLF BOOTS are NTOT Mi'KFA&wn tin? sMe of New York City, and are warrnntcil not to MP, Our PfOGASAND KIPSi, are made of the best materíals Our stock of Moroeco Bootees for Ladist is the the best in town, with heels or without We Mnlte to Order, and never miss of firrnj((i the ftrsttime ho givo ui cali rnd wc will show yon uarátoek free of charge Wenar goured the services of two Ex(icricnced Journpymen who do ourmeudioff In the iVoatet iUamier, and on shertett uotice. Our motto b Quick Sales and Sinall Proilts Tïmnkful 'nr past favors va hope bjpftrlng strid atten tit.nto our businos.s to merit a liberal huro of youï pairnna'1 for tlie tutu. Keruemberwe are not to bfl iindci"!i. -x' MUORE & LOOMIS Ann Arbor Marble Wors. W. F. Spalding, & Ob,, IT AVE on hand a fine asaortuient of American aud 1 TA LIA N MA 11 B L E which they aro preparad to manufacture into MONUMBN S. HEAD STONES, TOMB TABLES, TAHLE TOP$ Ac, etc, Ac, &c, 'm all thoir nurfettw, aml iu a WORKUANUKS niruuur. Haring had eooaiderable txprtic9 m the buxinetw they flattcr themselves that they will ba ab, to pleajK all who nwj favor tiieiu tyk iheii Cïdérif, Yhtah' pncM are as LOW AS THE L O WEST, Thone wislung anj tbiug in t}in;r !nc are respoctfuUf in'itedtn cali iV. 'T. SJ'ALDLNG, k I o. ■ jor. Aiw.12,1853. ('07 y SÏLVER FLATÏNG ri Mis QVB8CBI3ÏÓ ifi ñon prtírcd to 0d all kiaba of X jilotrg', P fiioither ou Copper, Bras, or Genoaa Siiver, al-ii to replate. ÍPOONS, KOURS, ÏBAYS, CASTEItö, BUTTElt KNITES &c üu üie the Uorteat not ico, Price reaAonaJble Qrdero may be K-fl, cÍUrt at the ruifl4nc (■[' ihc Subsci iLht, (One door nurth o: the Old Aeademy,) or at Wood■uif & Bptrry't Bnvoaoetu1 factoiy, WM M. DAVI3. Aun Arbor, Juna Mth 1800. 5ü3 WASHTENÁW C0ÚNT7. ) C'l-ICKK'.S ÜKlK-li, V Juuo aOthjlSfiO; J NOÍICE hereby given, to the Xownbip Clork oí id aoiuity , that eopim t f the Report or Mipcrint -nleot of I'ublïc Iu.struction for the y car 1S50, havo been eoelvedat thie iíUcc, aud aro reo4v for iktributioa. 'ownahip öurkS will p!ea8Q cali andobtain the same, t..-; be dintrioutyd to ichool dist riet sin the Mroralton a gw-763 KOlibUÏJ. HAUK . HUBBARD'S PATENT HAKVESÏER! LOOMIS & TRIPP ro rMtftvÏDE a nuraber of the above machines whicb tbey imito the laroiera tj cü und -x;:üiine büiuiv purebaaiug, as we -rv coaLdut tiieyj.i c the Lest in uao, Ana Arbai , ïfiy 28, 1-X0. 8749 ■-rcrtfy ptcfl i , . ■ rt ESSENCES OFUQUORS trede. r Addrc E3 A J.H-j - f- - s-' , -=-=- CHICAGO !LL. new""göö"ds". We aru now locciving uur .n.tuaA . tock of GOODB. Qiring to th Great Falling OfF in I'rics East, NEW & SEASONABLEGOODS ! The Euling Prices of Murcli und April. Our 3todm LAROK nnd VAHIED, oud ( Dcre rior inJuceincnts tü tho.-ie frUhlsg FASHIONABLE SUMiiER OOODS, Our asiortraent of II VT S3OOTS AND SHOES Crockery & Family Groeerles, WAS KEVER SETTER, HitViDg docidyd to rcduos our 1-ïiKDl TiLIïiT, reoffer our ÜÖO'tt tu At prtcos llitiit canaot "all to bö satisfactory. WINES & KSIQHT. A5M A8BOÍ, Maj 17, 1S0O. 747 tf Rifle Factory! A. J. SÜTHERLAND HA3 removed nis 6nn Shnp tothe Nw Block n Huton etreet, south "f tho i'ou l Hr ijst.oijtne aecond floor, wheie he is prepared to iurui&h Guns, Pistóle, Ammunition FasJcSy Pouches Game Bags, and Every otlier artïcle in Lis Line. Ön the most reasonahlr ttirma, nndto 'lo bil :inlê (f 3Ll 3E3 2T %- X XI I TÍT E n the hcrtet notice, and in the beet mannen , A fuil aaaortmeut filways k:pt nBhand, oüd madetoo4e r. ryUE PEOPJA MARINE & FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. OF PEORÍA, ILLINOIS Capital, - - - $500,000 one of the HEAVIKT, SAFKST nd BEST Tniurance Cu's. in the U. S. Iiisur on rt-usituabie temí, bik! a'.way pay promptly There 1 no tter Fire lnïuraace Compauy. Money Wanted, Who will liOiid Moiieyi TAM ItKQCEiTED BY SEVCU.U. pr.RSON'S tu obtuiii ru;uey for them ftt Ten Per Cent liters st, (OrMore.) For any one wíIIÍD'í to lenI, I. C-flO fi1 once inrt'íít on good ooencamnred abnadaat TLF.M. ESTATK wenritj auysums of muacy uud sc-e that the UUe itad ivcarüj' are all EtjrjnT. LL=■ The borro'.ver pnylng all esponics, tnclading rocordinir. E. W. MORGAN", Anu .Vibor, 7, 18fi9 715Ú MRS .VVIiSL0W7 Au expeiioncoU Nure and Kemale Ph jsic.-an, j,reeati to ttie atteutiuu üf mótheta, tuw Soothing1 Syrup, For Cliildren Teeliun. wbich great ly facilítate the proces of teetliinp. Ijt )ft%ván% the gi:m.s, reducing all inüammutiun - will nllay al pain and epasmodtc acticn, (uul ia SüRE TO RBÖULATE THE BOWELS. Depend uponit, mothers it willgive rst tü yüurstlvcs, AN'D RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YUCIt IXFANTd. Wu have put up anl sold tliis nrticle f-ir over tooi VHM, Mml tan My,li confldenaH and ttuth sf abiot SOOTHING SYRUP, ■ any utli . __: er medcna- NCVEU HAS IT 'ATT,KO, I S1OIjK IMSTANCK, TOBl-PEfT A Cl'RE, when tiraely used. Nevtr dtd we knov an fnstüce ei diseatis'.'actlon by any one who used Ou the conth i", all are delightdl witli iti Opera titma, aod spea!; m tf-rn'ií of h'ghe-it Qommndation of R maj !!! ( ffects ■ nd medical virtuea. We speal iu th b matter ■v.Jint we lo know," after ten j'ears' expwinee. ntni ï-1ü- our rrputtRion lor the fulfilïmi ut of what we licre declare. In alxncst CTery but&ncfl wlierc the inlant is suíTertn from pain Hnd exh&tUtiOD, reliff 11 be foaod in uiteen ot tweofy müiutes afier the syrup m MduiiDistt-red Tliis vatuable piepni-atwn :s tho prtiscripiiou f one of tbr most ESFERIENCED and SKIIJPtt fVR4ES in New Kn-hiuJ, and has been used wilh nkvek -fjulinu klcceüí TIïOtSAïDS OF CASES. It not only relieves the chüd frpm pain, but (UTÍgorftt4 the sti m:ich and bcwelfl, correcta ucidrty, hvA ives Urne and enerary totlic whole 8jum. Il will uluiuat iitstunth relieve GKIPltfGtntlijBO'U'Hr.S, mul AVIND Collc, üíA overeóme :rT'FTTTT"fvO"'t:it;ie üïlvuiüD vhicïi, if not T Uit f iÍIijJjHlljJy p e Bêily meOii.end #TEETKING. fej thum , . , 'BEST s,!1 r REMFÜY IN THE WORLU, in il oubw of DYS' KNTKKY and IjIAKKIKKA IX ('IIILHREN whethor ït aribes frum teething, or from any o i hei cftosf. Ve wóul l say to ever mothar who has u i-hil.l Bufivring front any of the forcRui eomiuiin!.1 - Dü BKIT I KT vm R PKEJUSICKS! NOB TUiC J'KliJL" l'l UF UftfUta, Slaiid hfiwcui voi.r (sufTetjng cliild nd the rt.. tluit wi bv í?URE e ■ ABBJ l.ï KLV SÜRE- to füllow ti ■ tue of !i einf, if timi'ty Yuli direcltcns forusn will aoeompany eacli boitle. Norre mtïne nnlesa the (Hcsiuile of CURTÍS Sí PEltKJAS, New Vork, is om the oaisi.l.- wriqij.i i'. Sold by Drngfists throijghout the worW. Pr;nJinlÓíHct. No 13 Cedflfr Strcit, St Y. P. ice only 25 Cents per BotUe. XBLOÜiDl7KSSVrC;'1T)":i7 1 ,000,000 Boxes Sold. _(lK- Moreüea dl'ss MAGNETIC PLxiSTER. rtiHB saormoaa qauititrof thlt Innltutblsfienwd bat L bom p;trcha.sed by citiaeiift oi the l.'nit-K' i-tRt(diir:nif the thori tnn it bat buen before the public. T'ib reuot) for tbia oxtraordinjiry tucew II simply in actual th. truth aad n.lue of th artfo!. No otw buyi tlie ÍIA0NL'IIU yj..AtfTIER wiihoui, bfcoiuiug its friftiid. It pur forma all tlit is prtnnie'l, and tarri.'H v.ih it itw l rfc.iiinnK'naation. Truly this iri n VleiOTJ - pvftoeful and bloodleM - but we beiicvf qot los glitrioiu than the tri mn;bs of war, with it truin 'of carnaje nd dolatloii. The MAGNETÏC PLASTER ii undoubtly th rati and l'tu Utstroer that töience bat yet dlheoTored. If ycu put 'hitt pUustoranriHipr, i' !'ain i there, the Ráster will -lick unttl the Pain ha tuiiahtxl. Ttufl 1 hiaUTiii.tgni'ti.'is ■v Pain uvay, and TA1X CANNOT EXIST lVLÍKJili TUW Piaster i b -rrüec3. Rfeei m&ttam. !.:un'Mi., RtilfneM, TVMknM, I9W i j, Kcrrou lu-Ha, Neuralgiii, l)-,-s (-[Ni, c.iulis nrt oolds, lirnuuJ velu's nf rery klf. nrc IM .i-.l lA'ii 1,1 Hft l.lU'fcli, n.ii'1 vrlth n litl ]:,: n:ioc. l'!-.HM..KN"n Y. CCKED, h [the uia'.ical lnflueo o the MAt-NETIC K. it ia -iiiii.ti . wur-t Bvfebt, pleHDtett au rliriqi' . 1, i-.nirwlv i.i i' i-nc'-. lis ajiplicatluQ ö univura!- oquaily tu tbt) Btrbtig unn', the -iii i-me wvman, aii'l 1 ïiv fetblu iiiN'.ni. ItR nucUai rt i..i'. aud wthouL aiiiiovanre 01 truiil.ip. IU pria ifi witlillinaeb of al] - ru-1] ■tr poui'; al! iny liuvo it , and allbhould iiave it, and all ïho ild Lfcre who are sick an.l sufferlng n uqï ƒ. KAH'.rrais imlPLANTEKS ihntiH l-r.yi b nppllcd with the VAiXKlIO l'l.AS'HJ!. It v'.U be tho t";,.r..l I 1 yicinu in any UousohuM. rcad at all times kot] tt namit no'Jce. Put up in air ti; ht tin bo: o ■- Facli hoT"will taakr gix tu 1 i . M pi liter, 1 ui any chiM cftn proad th m. Trie, .ó cuntí a box, wilh fiill'anc] pluin (iireoj im D. C MOREHBAD, Inventor t Proprictor, 19, Wallier st.t N. Ï. MOREHEAD'S MAGNETIC Í'LASTKR Is SOLD BY ALL DKUUGISTS n ovoiy City, Town aml Vilhige ii tbu Uiiittü átale Howaid Association, Püiladelphia. í líi rr 'vj'cjí Inittititíon c'riblíshcd bv special ivd trm ni. for rtHtf of 'ht Sck and D'ttrrsaetd, nfiliered iritft ' Virri-tnt utid Epidemie Itisru?. and mly for 'ñr 1 Cure of Dhe. ises'oftMt Orgtnu, íiiensaTy frte tnpalietts tu aüptuUofth Unitr.d Sfntts, VAtUABU RE! li;r.-iinspi'inial(in-lnra . ] .,.,.. ni ti..' Sexual Orpins, nd on the NEW REMEDIES Miyf'l. Boit to thc afilioted m st-íil.-.l mv0tnpet, 'r tt oharg?' Two or ttïr StampB for'postag be will be ' Ci'piablo. A'-WroiBÖR. .', SKTI.IJN' HOtWHTOI, Acog Surgs.ipUu-drf] Aísociatton, Uto 9,i,iutli N'uílh Street, 1 delphta., !"=, TSfyl LÍerrick's Sugar Ccated Pilis ICT CHILDREN CRY TOR THEM ! xí ,-í V . American remi r ,& y - - - - 'V? V JK. % tcrm. ■ o [( ■ vVW hijO ''"■"" . '■ -- glaii ■■. i ■- Lís attenderi wftb the faappfe1 eflVct, ín oíJ i t-ncirg ..■!' itaLneM, Mnn dw- rcpaU3 i qoc-r.1 ■ i c!. ■!)'■.- tl.c yi-ni, thatgnud bealili ehiMgein cmt'ToysacDi ordlellt m caují -■: c montha, bwU il" iuuut oiber kinds. T-.y t.:e i &, ortbe price nfundcd. They ar co - ch-sper. w.í'-r, pr'tiur, and in-al! ti rícr to atiy purgativo j Hi ííj the t.-rld. . y, y o' cnúnriy , pul wiih irff ea&ted v.;;. :■,-. Ali uthem re countêrfeit-.aiïd i; un , w .1 d ) tana anJ 4. Hctrfck's ) IUjs u SO in i hut.w'th a 1ni;' wfart of dirctiuiu 26 ix'. U frerbux; 6 boxed for $1. Hkr.UGK's KjD 6TREKQTfiEX"K0 PLAflT' krs. Tftc grettt Strritgtltr and FairDestróyer, The Beht and chcttyesl Household Remedjfin (he icrd. Tbpse re&oirnod Píxaten f-Mi-c j-r.'rjj, irelnicssju I tres in the back, idea tuk! trtwttC, A 6e ïi . - oiM-tiunareüi.';. todo Üiix, Ümt Uie p . n tiiem. Spread ( I n, tvíauní i bfsautiftit Lid leatlier, rendt-rs them peeuüai í.- waiita uf Femóla &ü0 others. Tlielr applít t uii'v.'Tíií- eqnally tu tb atroné m&n,tbf ■.'■ an.l Uiy feebla it.Uut. Toeachandall tS balm anJ a bUaniag. Xbeir uséis agre ublu annojas&e or truublo. Kaoh Pbutvrwlll tu íur moulhji, j.ii.l ir; rtoamatte complaíi'. and brutees, frequeully efloct cnits n Li n ditw fail. í'ull áírrctlüiifi tvill be found i ech. Public 8jH.akera, voeaUsta, mtsJsten oí th( aadotbera, Wíl) -'ü their lurg.i trui :. . '. Tuicos t7 nrearíog tLtm oü Uuúx bieaat. Ti c Í85Í cents. & The !tljo7e arlícloa are soKHjy all 'be dw-.lsr ít An Arbor and bj DruggiAti througbouttfa l_ . ■ Í7na das ;tf!'J Soutb America, al wholoáala !j; aíl L.iP: DrngjidUiD tli' pHneipal dtím HEItRïCS & UKOTFÏER, iy"ST P]aencALüffEirdTa, Aftanf, S. T. Ayer's Clierry Pectoral, Important National Works, Fubiiihfcd by D. APPLF.'i'ON & 00., 4G AND 348 BROADW&Y F.W TOPIf TÍiq f(í!lofcg iT(?)í are Marf in v.nh rtUn ir, onj p of tiie cjüiitrv, (upou receípt vi PMaflpfiot;,) bj" n - or expnuii, re T14K IVliVV A0tKRTA tV(.tÁPJB3) Papular Díctiüoary of General Kiii vWdgi . Gso.RiruT and CüAnrtö a. 1;asa, aídd by ai ■ lecl cu'ifl of wrilera in aU braacfaea cf Bc! i auil l.iterature. Tni- worli La beÍDg pubbVhfdli 15 lrge octarorolumeHe&ch contaliuog 750two-co! ez p&fw. Vol. l.f II.. ní., IV. k V. aro dcw readj . ContaÍHiiig near 2.&0üorgmal arUcles. An a . rolóme wfll be uublíahed once ín abottl thiec :., :. ,-.. t'iív:, In Cloth, $S; 8iiO8pr$S.fiO; Batí EuicJ ach, TLe Xi-w AAmlcsfi Cyclopft;(!ta ís pOi t'ftr vít' inp superfieial] leumed trilhout beíug pédairtic, c hcn'.ivf but sufficic&tly detaíieil, freefrom periow Hiid part; prejiidiotj ft-wb and yét stcift'öcomplete statement ol' all tliat is k iiowti uj on ev i v ir. portant tofji witkln tbe scope of Lurnan iiilcl gt ucc.- Evwy importas nrtk:e i& it has boeu apvefcü; for it-j 1í:i;'v.i by meiMvho 6r authoiit(8 uxuo thi ' ■■' cu wbicb tbey ípeak. Thry re r6 quineto % u i subject up to tlio present toomout; to atSi.9 Jim stauds i1. All tha statistical informaUoo in fr i latest reporta; thc geogiaphical ftccountn kap fu the latest exploratioBa; kstor;cal matiprs mch fiesiieH jusr víqwij tb biographtal notice-: t. only of the dcad but ttUooí' tUc Uvin. It i . ; of itöelf AnHlDGBHEKT OF TÏIF D'.nATR COiVGRESS Beí&s a PoÜtical II, tory Mbe I . ■ States, from fbe '■■: tdaitíon of Ihe ö. t Fd#raJ ire-táin 17S9 fea 1890. BlHdaiKÍ c mp W by Hoc. Ts Hart liENTov.from 'he Official EeO rda of Congrí The Work will be coiplelod in 15 royal oefavo ve. r: of T&O pau'Cieach, 11 ofwhJeb are xïow ready. Ar &. '- üitional ToluiDft itll b' pL.bltsbed once in tinéi merr1 i-.-. Cloth,8; Uw Staeep. lialf Mor.. $4; HmM Calf. S4.5J each. A WAT 01' PROCURDÍG TUE CYCLOPDIA OP. DEIUTL3 Form a club of four, aöa rvmlt the price of fuut bx ! and flvO oop!es wlll be (nt a', the rfrnitter'a er-' ■■ uarriagej ur lor toa subscribers, eloruu copies wüi üt sent at our expensu for carriage. T AgMtot Ifo'other work wfll so liix-rariy rwar-.i ?he exerí.-'í-'-f of vínts. An Aassn was tel i tüis CorNTf Bsftde Vnown on applicatíon to thö Pabl&berf. Aun Arbor, Uarch. 1859. 9Cftimt "D Pev. TünR. Wught, ageat tt EJnoo 4: in.'tba I BookStor, ypsiÍHutl. 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