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Washtenaw County Agricultural & Horticultural Society's Meeting

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iL (je pttcigHïï rgus. Ann Arliur. Juno 23d, 1H60. Agiveable to adjourninent the Board of Mnnngirí met at the Court House in th8 City - President Carpentor in ihe ehiiir- nnd the fol. luwing nicmbers present, naniuly : Messrs. Basom, Boyden, UeForest, D&vis, Gi-egory, Hill, Niller, Pheips, Parker, Vunntta, Wellington and Whoelor, On motion, Bills tu aniount of $1QG79 werí íiliowni and ordered paid. On motion, a eommittoc of 3 was appointcd to procure the itms of several billa Jliíai's. Uilier, Parker and Hogers w re appointed. sai J commil tee. On motion of Mr. Millor, the meeting adjourued to half past one o'clock P, M. AKTEÜXOOX KESSrON, Mr. Milltr, chuirman of commmitteo on itcmirng bilis, made a report whioh was accepted and adopted. Mr. L. Davis presented a bilí for printing, vhicb, on motion of Mr. Hill, waa referred to a. coimnittee of 3 to be appointed by the Chair - The Chair appointed Mesars. Gregory, Burd and Miller. Mr. Miller mov.-d to take the Memorial of 14 Members of this Society froni tlie table, in re gard to the eontrsted scats cf Mussrs Rubison Bnd Hill. Adopted. On motion. Mr. M. H. Ooodrich was granted lave (o speak as attorney for the contestant of the seat of Mr. Robison, ilr. Gillett of Sharon. Aftcr a lengtliy speech by Mr. Goodrich, Mr. Hill moved that Mr. Goodrich have liave to withdraw the memorial as far as Mr. Robison was concerned. Carried. Mr. Goodrich dcclining eo to do, Mr. nill lien moved that Mr. Goodrich have kuve to speak upon the balance of the memorial, provided he acts as attorney for Mr. DeForest. Carried Mr Goodrich stated that he was not authorized to njipear for Mr. DeForest, Ou motion of Mr. Davis, the question of the Memorial was indefinitely postponed. On motion of Mr. Miller, leave was granted to Mr. L. Davis to present the claims of Messrs. Stone and Nowland ia regard to Blood Horses. Mr, Vanitta moved that a committee of 5 be appointed by ihe Chair (o report in regard tothe change at the lato Festival of Blood Horses to Carriage Horses. Carried, and Messrs. Gregory, Boyden, Davis, Parker and Burd appointed as 6uch coinnrittee. On motion, the Treasurer was authorized to pay the premiums awarded at the late Festival aceording to the published list, and also to pay all bilis audited this day, at Bignt. On motior. of Mr. Hill, Resolved, That the Treasurer be authorized to pay to Wm. S. Maynard the amount he has in hand, received opon the notes of life members, takiug his rooeipt therefor. Also for the amount paid over by the former Treasurer to Mr. Maynard as received upon Life Membership Notes, and see thal the whole is endorsed ujon the notes in Mr. Maynard's hands ; also to take a receipt of him for'the notes belonging to the Society whteh he has received and taken of the Society as pay ment. On motion, Resolred, That the Secretary be instructed to obtain of Mr. Maynard tlie bla'nk oerlificates of Life Membership'belonging to the Society Al eo to obtain a list of all certifieates already ïseued, and keep poíscRsion of the same. Mr. Gregory, clmirtnan of committee on L. Davis Priuting bill, made a report recommendlng its'allowtince. Report adopted. Mr. Wheelor, chnirman of the committee on Rules and Regulations made a report which was ttceepted and adopted. On motion of Mr. Wheeler, the President and Secretary were instructed to make out a programme for each day of the Fair, and publish it in the premium list. Mr. Wheeler moved the appointment of o business committee of five by the Chair to makc arrangements for the next Fair. Carried, and Messrs. Gregory Parker, Sheldon, Burd and AVheoler appointed fis sueh committee. On motion, the Treasurer of the Society was directed to obtain the subscription paper to the Horse Premium Fund, and collect the balance of the subscription. Mr. Rogers, ehairmati of the business committee, moved the following report, which ws acCflpted, and on motion of Mr. Gregory, adopted, with the exception of that part rclating to the extensión of the track : Your committee would report that the bilis for expenses of the late Festival contracted by us, amount to the sum of $732.93, as per bilis this day audited, and that they know of no other bilis in regard to the late Festival contracted by us, none having been presented. The mochanical work and hardware were used for permanent improvements upon the buildings. The track also has been repaired where it had washed, and the fenees and stalls have been put in repair. We would respeetfully suggest tnat the larga unfinished building in the centre is Tery weak and unsafe for a large crowd of people. nd should be strengther.ed and enclosed in a euitable manner before the next Fair. It is also generally desired, and partieularly bo by those whosubieribed tothe Horse Premium Fund, that the track be compltted bo as lo make lt one half mile in length, previous to the next Fair ; and your committee would respeetfully aak to be discharged. MOSES ROGERS, Chairman. On metion of Mr. Gregory tho Clniir appointcd a special comraittee consisting of Messrs. J. B. Newlsud, T. F. Leonard, O. M Martin, John Geer and M Rokers to solieit subscriptions tow ards extending the track to one-half mile in length. On motion of Mr. Hill, the business commit teo were instructed to expend$20oo. Society funda in extending tho track previous to the next Fair. Proviuing the amount of subscription will warrant the completion of the same. On motion of Mr. Gregory, the Treasurer was ratructed to pay the interest falling due nex August on the [urchase of tho Fair (jruuuds of the Society. Mr. Gregory introduced tho following Resolutions, which were unanimously adopted : Resolved, Tliftt the succc8 atteuding tlie Sheep Shcaring Festival, held on the grounds of the tíocietj', warrants the eontinuance of Festivals of 6imilar character in future. And, Whereas, Attacks have been made upon the Business Committee arpointed by thisExecutive Committee in regard to their management of the recent Festival, thereforo Resolved, That this Exeeutive Committtee are entirely satisfied that their Business Committee eonducted the business for vhicb they were appointed with economy and good judgrnent ; and that the iuccess of the Festival jmtifies the Oommittee in endorsing their netion. Resolved, That in the opinión of this Commit' all the ttneks upon the Committeee appointrfd by this Board, and all ridicule attemped to be cast upon the Fair and Festivals of this Society are calculated to injure the Society ; and do not prooeed froin lts frienda. On motion of Mr. Burd. adjourned to first day of the Annual Fair, at 11 o'clock A. M. at the Ticket office on the grounds