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How Not To Drown

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- As accidenta vrill occur on the water as on the land, and as, beside?, we are entering on the season when thousands of persons Beek recreatlon in the limpie! elemente, it wil] not be out of place to give the following facts, in the connection with tho preservation of lifeiu people hnmersed in the water, but who have not been instructed in tho art of swimming. The recommendation how to act in the omanates from a scientific gentleman, who has tested tho favorable result.s oi liis plao very often, A inultitude, he says have been drowned, merely because of ignornnce concerning tho simplest acticn in the world. He adds: "If you wonld escape this sort oí death, when you find yourself in tho water, you havo ouly to conBider yourselt inan open pitcher- to clasp tho bands behind tho back and to raise the face, so as to cause the nose and mouth to be upward, and highor than any ther part of the face. If your do this, yn are safe. But once throw up your qam, an(j down you gp ; in other words, lik ajlted pitcher. It will be well to rememlrÑ' ese jmtr uction.