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%nthtn jBifettotq. I. O. O. F. WASHTEN'AW I.OHGENo9, of the Independent oro .er of Odd Fellow meeti at theur Lodge Koom, vcrv . i .y evenmg, al o í oVlock. O. COIXI ■, N. (i. W. Wallach, Sec'j . TNVITCHELL & CLARK. Attokneïs uud Cüun.sollors at Law, General Life and The Insurance agent. Office in City Hall Ulock, on Hurun St., Ann Arbor. Collections proruptly made and mitted, and special attention paid to couvejancing. D. S. TW1T! 1IEI.I , [743tf] . r. CLARK. JAMES B. GOTT, IAW OFFICE, No. i, over Slavrson 4 Geer's Store. i SCOTT & TOBEY. AMBiiOTYPK is. PiioTOGitPii Artists, ín the rooms fermer! occujaied by Cordley, over the store of Sperry fi Moore lVriVc t rfatistaction guaranteed. L. D. GODFREY, ATtor:iey AmCoENSKtLOR atLsa-, m Arbor ty. , OJtice-North ralCornor of H Cuurt House SUTHERLAND & BELL, nTnoi.KAi.R l RirtAiL gbockrs, East sideof Main street ï Anu Arbor. gS l'rovisions bought and sold -ffi W. N. SÏRONG, T"haib in DftJ Gooda, Boota andShoes, Groceries, TïouXJ nota, Fauc üoudá, StC. licchange BlucJi, Aun Aibr. "'"rINES&ZNIGHT7"" DBiLEKsin Staple, Fancy lïry Üoods, Üoots and Shoes, &c. Ate, Main SU-eet Anu Arbor. MARTIN & THOMPSON. Trtfljt.vm uu Was-liouus, Dealer in all kinds of Furniture, ! Ac. Nw Block, Mam títreet. RI8D0N & HËNDERSON, DEALERS in Hardware, Stoves, houat furnishmg gixïda, Tin Ware tsti, feo. , N'ew lilock, Slain Street. A. P. MILLS, DBAUIR in Staple Dry Guods, Groceries, Boota and Muu and Keady Male Clotning, Huronjfjtroet Ann Arborj . _ . JOHN W. MAYNARD, Daler in Staple Fancy Dry Goodü, Boot and Slioe, ie. St. , Main Street, Anu Arbor. 1ÍEAKE5 & ABEL, ATTOR-iBTS k Coc.vseu.ors AT I.AW, and Solicitors In Chansery. Office in the old l'ost Office building, Ann Arbor K_ÑGSÍ__Y & MORGAN, A ttormcys, CounBelIors, Solicitora, and Notaries PubX_L lic, have Bookfl andl'lats showing titles of all land Ín tho joiitity, andattend toconveyaiicingaudcollectiag demanda, ud to pjiyiiig taxes and school internat in auy ptrt of tlie rítate, (jllicw east sie of the tíquare, Anu Arttor. t JAMES E. COOK, Jcmcs or thï PüACü. Office near th Dept, Ypiilanti, Michigan. _ J. LOYEJOY, M. D., PHYHaíS S Scrgko.v. has permanently located in the Citv ti Ann Arbor, and holds hiniseli in readiness to ttend" to 11 oall in the line oí hls prolession. Kesideuc onNorthSt., MhouBe east of Catholic Church. Wm. LEWITT, M. D., Phtuciax i SURGBON. Office at his residcncc, North sido of Hurón Street, and d house West of Umsion ttreet, Ann Arbor. _ O. COLLIER, MAsryACTfREK and dealer in Boots and Shocs. Eichange Ulock, 2 doors tiouth of Maynard, Stcbbini & Wllson'i itore, Ann Arbor, Mich. MOORE & LOOMIS." MiFurCTURBPa and Joaler ín Boots and Shoes.Main t, ono door north of J. W. Maynard's. Wm. S. SAUNDEBS, Dkallr ín Boots, Shocs, and Rubbers, Ann Arbor Cash Boot & Shoe titore, suuth bide of PubUc Square. M. GÜrrÉRMAN & CO,, YT7"H0iLSJ.LEand Batall dealers and manufacturera of W Ileady Made Clothing, Importers of Cloths, Caiiiwerei, Doeiikius, &c No. 5, New Block, Ann Arbor. C. B. PORTER, ' iiMuiiy ffjüL Surgbow Dkntist. Office corner of Sltn QjfíjfikJsiM ani Huron streets, over 1. UacU's store, WjSfffsf Aun Arbur, Micliigaa. Wm. WAGNER, Dxaijir in Ready Made Clothing Cloths,CBsiraereB and Veitingí, Hats, Caps, ïruükü, CarpetÜags, &c. Main ■t., Ana Arbor. M. CAMPION, MünrauTT Taylor and dealer in Keady Made Clothing, No 41, Phoenix Block, Ann Arbor. BACIÍ& PIERSON. DBjwjceb in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Boots & Shues, &c. , Hafn itrect, Ann Arbor. MAYNARD, STEBBINS & CO., DKALKRa in Dry Goods, Groceries, Drugs k Medicines, Hoots k Shoen, &.c. , corner ot Main and Ana ëtreets, juit below the Kxchangu, Ann Arbor. EBERüACll & CO„ DK1LÜS5 in Drugs anri Medicines, Perfumery, Toilet artlcls, a fow doora south ot' the Franldin House, Ann Arbor. SLAWSON & GEER, GEOCKBfi, Provisión & Commission Merchants,and dealers in Water Lime, one door East of Cook's Hotel. C. BLISS, DKluntinClocks, Watches, Jewelry. and Fancy Goods, at thtsignof the Bi Watcli, No. 27, Phoenix Block. J. O. "WATTS. DiuuiRinClocks, Watches, Jewelry and SU ver Ware No 32, New Rlóck, Ann Arbor. T. B. FREEMAN. BittiiKR and Fashionable Hair Dresser, Main Street, Ann Artor, Mich. Uair Fronts and Curls kept conBtantly on haod. SCÜOFP &"MILLEE. DáiUilU in Miscellaneous, School, and Blank Books Sta tionery, Paper llanginge, 4ic-, Maiu Street Ann Arbor. ,t D.DaPOEEST. WH0IB3ALE and Retail Dealcrin Lumber, Ith, Sh!ngles, Sash, Doo, Blinds, Water Lime, Grand Kiver Piaster, i'laster Paris, and Nails of all sizea. A full and perfect atóortmtut of the above, nd all other kinds of building materials constantly on hand at the Jowest pÖBslble ratés, on Detroit Street, a few roUs frum the Kailruad Depot. otrmiug extensivcly in the Patent Cement Hoofing. WASllTENAW COUNTY B1BLE SOCIETY. Pbtositort of Bible and Testaments at the Society J price at W. C. Voorhei'. CHAPÍN, WOOD & CO., BUCCES8OR? Tü xcnsrx, oi3CA.iX3Nrdb Go MANUFACTUHEUSOF - AND - COLORED MEDIUMS, tVi-,jpi3li3.s Pnper,c. ANN AltBOU RI1CH. O. ZO, IOHTÏH., D E N T 1 S T OFFICE come of Mr.iin & HuronstreetN, opposite the Franklin House, Ann Arbor, whcre he contin-ies to offr hiB customerb any htyle of work dcsircíi ií Liic art ef Burgical Meolianical & Dcnistry, Tteth flllcil with crvsfal gM foil and spongc goW , wnich for boauty and durability cannot be Burpassed. Particular attention paid to diseasesof the mouthand ums, rcmedjmg irrcgularity of the teeth , aDd opera♦lona for childreu in cases of difflcult and imperfect ditjtion. There are many new md beautiful improveninti latoly intruduced intoMcchanicalllentistry, which for beautj, natural exprcuion, and streugthsof work, cannot fail Ut picase. VJiole or partial set on gold plat,silTcr plat, coatinuous gum , work platina píate. AIbo a newand mprovcd ïftethod of inserting teeth on th Tuhsaniied rubber and gutt percha base, called Cnün wbixli to uanj csjpets upeiEodet all rooUlle.