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Mr. Lane's Letter Of Acceptance

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Baltimoke, June 23, 1800. Uon. Jo.ieph Lañe. : - I am direoted by a vote of tlio National Democratie Con rention to iiiform yon that you Ii3ve beun this day nominated by it as the candidat of the Democratie party for the office of Vico President of the United States, and on their behalf to request you to accept the same I beg leave, at the same timo, to enclose you a copy of the resolutious adopted by the Couvention as the political platform on which the party stauds. I have the honor to be very respectfully. (Signed) CALEB CUSHISG, Pres. JTon. Caleb Cushinj, President: - I havo the honor to acknowledge tho recoipt of the oommunication you make in bebalf of the National Democratie Couvention, in whioh yon i.ifurm me that on the 23d T was uuauiiuously nominated by that body for the office of Vice President of tho United States with the reuest that I should accept the nomination. The platform adopted and of which you endose me a copy, meets with my hoarty approval, as it euibodies what I have beun conteuding for as the only means of stopping sectional agitation. by seeuring to all eijuality aud their constitutional rtghU, tho denial of which has led to tlio present uuhappy conditiou oi public atfairs. Compromisos of constitutioual principies are ever dangnrous, and I am rejoiced that the true Demoeracy has seen fit to plant a finn foot on tho rock of truth, and to give the people an opportunity to viudicate their love of justice and fraternal rogar J for eaoh otlier'srihtt-: - .0:1 interven tion of the subjict ot' s'avery, I inay emphatically say. is tb.3 cardi uu niaxim of tho Democratie party. Non-iuterrentioa by Congres, -and n .n-in'e venti n by Teterritorial le's.ition as is fully statod iu the first resolutiou of the adopted platform, ia vain should we dec'aro the formar without insisting up )n the lattcr, bojauso to permita ter tirial leislature to jr hibit or establish slavory, or by aafrieo Uj legislation to invalídate property, would bs granting powers to tli 3 ercature or agent which is admitted do not appertain to the principal or power that ercates, besides which, it would be fostering au element of agitation in the Territorios that must nceessarily extend to Co.igress aud the pooj)le of all tho Statos. The right of every citizen to enter tho oommon territory with whatever property he legally possessos neccssarily devolver upun the Federal Government the duty to protect this right of the citizen whenover and wherever assailod or infriuged, - tlio Domocratic party honestly meets tb ia agitating question which is threatening te sevcr and destroy tliis brotherhoodot' Statos. It does not propose to legislato for the exteiision of slavcry, but to givo to each State and to every citizen all thy. our iorcfathers proposed to givo, viz., perfect cquality of rights, and tlien to oennmit to the poople, to climate and soil the detcr miuation as to th kiad of institutions best fittod to their reijuiromeuts in their cónititutiopal limita, and doulariíTg as a fundamental maxim that the people of a Territory can only establish or prohibit slavery when thoy come to forra a constitution preparatory to their admission as a Stiitu iuto the Union. ] f, happily, our principies shall prevuil, in era of peace mul harmony will bo restored to our distractod country, and no moro ehall we be troublod with the agitation of this dangorous queetion, beoause it will be ronioved as wel! f.nin the Territorial lugislatures as froni the llaüs of Congruas, when we sbuli bo fiee to turn our attuntion to more u.eful issn.js. Our Udíod must bo preeerved, but this can only be done by inuintaming tho constitutiou ioviulit in (til its provisions and guáranteos. - Tho judicial authovity as provided by the contifution must bo niaintuincd and itB decwionn itnpüoitly obuyud, us wcll ■■i i '■■.■i:-(l lo tliu riüiiis i propei iy ín t''; tcnVrii'S, aí ■ :n ;i!l othor ni !f ■!■:■. l!::i.ii:;: !'. r jyicoiS ;:ii'l truslinr n ihu; ;. ', . .-,;!■.■ of (he priroi ' -; vi niu; j)!;!y, :m.l iij Ibe DWine Proví■ fliat h:is wütchfil oyei' us and (Ande iw'i nenf th? trreut nat'i;uis of the enrth, trui thfit. wo my poi);i(uie to incrif Divine prptectiun, 1 cheerfujly i!'(Vpt . t fio noniiiKitiiin si) iitiBim c.tife;Tp] on me bimj cortjialljj e{.dtrus tho .'alt. rm mlupiod hy llu1 c-iri c.':in". I nave tbo Ín tt ■]■ !■.■, sjr wiili much : t, vuur Iritíuü and obvUieut ssjr Vil! i. m ignéd)