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"Under Which King."

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The Repuslicuns of Michigan woro olwjp-fallen, v. i' chop-fallen whan Skwaüd was defi-ated at Chicago, a:.d coukl se arcol y conceal eitber thuir grief ir disgust. Tlu'v had so long worhipiid Sewaed it w:is hard to loave their idol and bow do?-n tö i st range ' ({(ui, ;ind t!:i:y 'ikivo nuver tiikun kiudly to LiN'COjbiK 'l' c-üdi rse-meutü of i "höffest Abo,'' " the niil-spl.iüT," h:ive been cau'Joun, tnd their húrh.hs for hiiri fdreed anu í'.üiducd ; bhowingtbat ih.y would g'iadly esc; pe thodoseil'i possiljtó, but ihai they rmiHt needs sbut : tboii' evos nú dnwn with Ibe bitisr pül. At last, hotfeyer; a refittidy luis been fouiu!, :iul jqj;ullv have tfiey embraced it. Wo iiO UDgr licar any luüTíillS ÍDI LlN( -O!,, tiO !'.);r;l' 8fe ti.ld of his vvondt.-rf'il riil-sp)itling ont, :mri no locger reminded that he has buon once uatneroifiilly beatón by Poiglas. " Every dog has his day," and " o!d Abc" is only a sad vorili'jation of the truth of thu proverb. Ilia s'ar bas gnne down boyond Uio horizon, and that of iJRECKixiiiDOE has ciilminuted in the repubican zenith. BitKCKiN'niLKii; is nów the repubjican oandidaïé ; their papers dwtll lipón his merita and calou latea úá chaticcrt; their orators gizehis virtuca and magnify his coneistency ; vchi'e their strofe t poütieians split their brazen thr'oat? in sliouting hn name and j.rai.-ies. AikI thero i.s nóthiagj strange in this. Thoy swear by tin) 1 irreprossible conflict," and so does BRBCKixmuaE; und it is nothing that thoy tako one ho'rb of the conflict and !iü the other, for it has long been said a full bloodwd abolitionist makw the hardoat plantation (ivoisi-or. At all events, thuy are all Brkckinbiücie meni and propone to havo a Bkeckinkidgr eloctoral ticket run in Michigan and in evory Northorn Statie. Il you have doublé on tho subject, seo if tlie Bral repúblicas you meet don't hurriih for UiiücKRNuiDOB and teil jou how inuch he ill beat Douqlas. ii i m in - i