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A Change Of Tune

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A inw weeks ago tüe Kopubücans :alked of largo majorities m this State, ind 20,000, 25,000, and 30,000 wcrc uodeBt figures for thcm to raake. They lad only to trot out their candidatos, go ,hrough tlic motions, gucss off the vote without going through the formality of a count, and instal the officers eloct to fatten at tho public crib for another term. - Uut a chango has evidently taken place in their views; the cloud no bigger than a inan's hand, which portended no rain, uoíy thrcatens astorm, and Republicans are called upon to prepare for a "sharp coQtc3t." Tho Ddtroit Tritune says of ;he actiou of the State Convention and the ticket nominated: "Thore could be no more complete dcference to the strength of the Kepublican State nominations, than the action of the Democratie State Covention yesterday. It then put forward ita best men, and has made a really strong ticket ## Tliis ticket comprises a number of popular elemente, and is intended to help the nomina! ions for Congress and lcgislafure. It is a ticket that will provoke a sMkrp contest, and republicans must not suppoae it can be bcaten without an effort, and by an immense majority.1' Democrats, the eneiny begins to quake; tip guards and at thcni. yy Sorce of our Democratie exphangee publigh the name of our candidate for Auditor General as IIenry S. Pknnoyer. Knock that "S." out and it will bc correct. Heury S. is a very different man, a politician of another stripe, a ranting republican, living somewhere in the pino woods of the Saginaw County. Don't vota for him, one of you. IfíX" Wo havo been sbowu a private letter from a resideut of Soutbern Illinois. Tbc writcr says : "We have two political partios here, tbe Douglas and Bi;i:( KiXRiDüij ; Lincoln is no wbere. Eveu strong Republicana who have kuown tbeir candidato for years, declare tbat any party tbat will nomínate sucb a map as Lincoln for President must be bard up. Put down Illinois as certain for Dolólas." And sucb is the opinión of all wcll iiiformcd on the subject. I3P The Detroit Tribune copies írom the Local News a strong endorsenient of Gkanoer, combined with f. prediction of his truinphnnt eleotion, acd eredits it to tbe Aígut. Wo havo madü no prediction of tbe kind, and don't think we could do it trulhfully, as ws fully oxpoct to eo tbe Judge soundly thrashed. A LAME NAO O TUK TltACK JoE Lanío mak s a bad start on the Prosidential courso, the result of the recent Oregon election affording evidonce that he is not backed by bis friends. Logan, republiean, is reported elected to Congress, and tbe oiiIí-Lane demócrata and republicans combined have a mnjority of 18 in the Legislatura, insuring the defeat of both Lane and Smith, at tho session to be held in August. This estabüshos the fact that the Lane ticket canuotearry Oregon, and that the vote of tbat Stato is sure for Lincoln if the Admimstration emissaries run an electo ral ticket against Doeolís. J Jamks Buciianan madu a speech :it Washington on the evening of the 9th inst., er.dorsing the nornination cf Breckiniudob and Lanb. The President is no longer " the domocratic platform," but having secretly been luboring for two yoars to kill off the party vvliich elected him,he bas now openly joined the seceders. He will find that "Jordán is a bard road to travel." Mark that. jjg" The steam tug A. S. Field, running on tbc Detroit river, oxploded on Tucsday evening last, and of the seven persons on board, five were killed. Their namcs were : Rayraond Dumont, mate ; Easton Owen, eug'meer; Samuel Abbott, fireman, colorcd ; Joba Ilookr, coloree! kitcben boy ; and a negro hand, name not known. Oscar McKenzic, wbeelsman ; and Mrs. Murray, cook, were seriously injured, as wero also several persons on board the sebooner Hay State, and on the wharf. The explosión is cbarged to the negligence of tlie engineer. m-- - mt i - ■ i i jL3T" Auothcr destructive firo occurrcd at Leavenwortb, Kansas, on the Oth iust , destroying fourteen frame buildings, involving a loss, partially cuvered by ineurance, of $15,000. tSF liovr does oar statistical cotcmporary, who is algo supposed to bo tho embodiineat ot' the protuctiou principie, likc JuJge Guanqkïi's views ou the tariEf, which are gonerally understood to ba the same oíd ones whioh he held when a demoorat. A delégate in the mninatiiigJ convention expressed his desire to know bis position. but was hushed up by anotho delégate - an ex-democrat - who thought the queatbn should have been asked bcfore the ballot had been taken aud the majority indicated thoir man. Does our neighbor tolérate " free-trade sophistries " in it.-i oahdidates, and coadumn them only iu dcinoerats ? IIH !■ II tj?" Tho Chicago Herald, a paper started iu the campaign of 1858 to oppose Doi'olas and prevent, if possible, lia ro-cleetioD to the Sonato, and whïöh t.s uil along opposed his nomination, ow places his name at the hoad of its olumns, and pledgos a hearty support t prefora Douqlas to LiacotN and ill ot longer follow the admirjistration iii ts attempt to breuk down tho party. - ■! ui 1 It is time that the Congressbnul Committee of this district issued a cali br a noniinating convention. "VVo can ee no object in delaying longer, tho epublioan candidato is at work, and it is time we placed a man on his track. Givo us a cali. III WW J55f The Young Men's Tcmpcrancc Journal, published in Detroit, and by Kepublicans, says that Walker, McIniïre aud Estkbrook wero shelved in the recent Congressional Convention because, from their known temperance principies, thcy could not get the lager beer vote of tho district, and especially the 1200 Germán lagcr-becr votes of Detroit,' and that Grangeii wasnominated because t was supposed hc was eutirely unobjec.ionable to the class of votors uaraed. lowever that may be, we know that the Journal has correctly stated the strong argument used secretly and publicly against thé gentlemen named, for days )efore the nomination. We have scissored the JournaVt article, but as it would )e ungenerous to stir up prejudices against Gkangek, just now, when his ime is occupied in settling a serious famly diiEculty of anotlicr stripe, we lay it by 'or future reference. Tho GraDd Trnnk Railway is hreatening to sue the Great Eastern teamship companr for breach of conract in not coming lo Portland, large ums baving been expended on the strenglh oí the engagement; the doek alone, built for her aecommodiiüon, costing about 880,000. Id6r" Heenan denies being the husand of Adah Isaac Slenken, the acres8, and her recent born babe will lave to seek elsewhere for a father, [Tow is it vrith the other half dozen fe males who have claimed the honor of }eii!g the wife of the pugilistic horo ? %S" I' 's 8a'd that the Snprome Court, at its reeent session at Lansing, ducided the provisions of the tax Iffiw oí 1858, authoiizing certaiu proceedings Dofore Circuit Conrt Cornmisoners, unconstitutional. Whitney Jones and is tnx specnlating colleagues will have :o try again. jjjg The weather has not been very promising since our last, certainly not the best for lmying and harvesting. Much liay has beeu spoiled by the eontinued rains. Farmers are now in their wheat or anxious to be, and every sunny hour is improved. The erop is a good one, bettcr than an average we are led to believe, and every care should be taken to secure it in a good condition. Farmers should see that their shocks are well capped. J53T We learu by the Plymouth (Iud.) Bemocrat, that M. A. O. Packakd, formerly of this State, and a gradaate of the Michigan University, has been unanimously nominated by the Democracy of Marshall and Starke couuties as their caudidate for Representative in the State Legislature. It is a good nomiuat'lOD. C Marshal Rynders has been removed for refusing to opposo DoüGlas. Good! It is 8aid that ''theblood of the rnartyrs is tho seed of the Church," and remováis of this kind will be the death of the Breckinridgo party. jjj" Grapes are promising abundantly in this vieinity and wo ncver saw vincs lianging so full, or tho fruit, so early in the eeagen looking bo fine. Isnbellns, Concorde, and all the cultivatad kinda, are loaded down rilh clusters, which even in their greon stato nro tempiing. What will tliey be when ripef t Whortleberries are coming in abundantly, and have been selling frotn 8 to 12 cents a quart, but tend downword. Larg quantities ru being brought from Docatur ior private uut, where they are oought at 5 cents a quart. The Breckinridge Convention. Mr. Breckinridge accepted the nomination of the Secessionists as a National Convention. Senator Pugh noticing this, says : " But on reading the report of the Committee on Credentials, he found that neithcr Maine, New Hampshire, Vcrmont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, llliuois, Michigan, Wiseonsin or Iowa was represented in this intensely National Couventiou. [Groans for the Convention and laughter.] He discovered that the Stato of New York, entitled to seveuty delegates, had but two, and the State of Pennsylvania, with all the power of the Administration, had but twelve ; Minnesota, the only oue of tho Northwestern States that thrust the smallest end of her finger into the Conveution, had but one delégate, casting half a vote ; aud a friend of his at bis elbow informed him that that man was a citizen of Marylaud. [Laughter.] The State of Keutuoky was represented by ten delegates, casting five votes ; Alabama and Louisiana were dlegations rejeeted by the legiti mate Convention. Such was the Conveution that Mr. Breekinridge called the National Cenvention The Uemocracy of Massachusetts was represented, but by those gentlemen who were always on hand to take the Federal offices, and who took pains to have the Democracy so small in numbers that they could fill all iho offices.'