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Arrest Of A Supposed Burglar

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A man uamed M. V. B. Stevens, for1mor! y a student in tho Normal School, ia uuder arrest - his examination being set down for to-diiy-- for tbe robbery of Ilewitt & Ilill's store a few weuks since, and other burglaries aud robberiea comtuittod about that time. He vfasbrought to tHIs city ou Mouday by Policeinan Fletcher, of Cineinnati, whcre he was arrested. Ex-Marshal Warner claims to have first suspectod Stevens from a res'iniilaiicc whiuh lio bore to a man whoin he detected, and shot at aeveral times, in a supposed attempt to break iiito tho dwclliüg of Dr. Kinne. The faet of Stevens having shipped a couple of boxea from this city about the time of leaving, he haring always been supposod to be in indigent cireumstances, teuded further to excite mispicion. - These boxes were addreBsed to "M. J. Stein," and were claimed by Stevens at Monroe, and were opened by him in the freight house iu that city. Those who saw him unpack them do not describe the con ten ts very particularly, only that it seemcd to be packages of goods. - Stevens stoppcd at a hotel in Toledo, where he registered his name as M. J. Stein. He was traced frora there to Cleveland, where the trail was lost. - These inve3tigationa were pursued by George Wandless, of this city, who acted for the authorities and private parties bere, aud who followcd Stevens to Cleveland. After having gone thus far, Mr. Wandless roturned to this city for further instructions aud means These were furnished, and accompanied by private policeinan Blodgct, of Detroit, Mr. Wandless again proceeded with the search. In Dayton, Ohio, it was found that some cheap silks had been sold at private houses, but from a miniature of Stevens in the possession of the officers, he could not be identified as the iseller. From here they proceeded to (. incinnati, where Stevens' baggagc was found at a hotel.- Háving gonü thus far, the matter was left in the hands of the Cineinnati pólice, who arrested Stevens on the following day. -