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T 4 e w -A dver tisemente. TO RENT. A HOUSE AND LOT, woll situited, to rrat. il Kuquire at thia O(Be. JXOT1CE ! SEAl.KTi PROPOPAI5 wiH bo reeeived for rontrartlny .. to fiuish the (jran-l Stand Building of the Waitbteoav Cduiuy .' griculluml and Horticultural Society, by J. F. iM e-, ;■-■■ tlie ilniiking O'Ticu uf Miilcr, Davmdi Wauitar t e ci'y uf Ann Arbo-, accortling to,a Un id 1 i cauuuB in hia bmodi), nin lor the printi:if tift-a hui - dred pampbleti rónfamlng the ruim, regulatiorn til the premfuaa ttt uf said So-iij tor the jvr 1860, t# d tinne by tlio folio, and for the prinling of 500 largo pOiterij- the prigramme Tor the dajs of exhibitiwn of the aocittU'. 'Ijk: timo for rt'Cfivinjf the nbore propoial rill continue nntütha 21t ofJulj inat , oq which dy tiiy Huniiie.iri CorainiUee vrill meet at the house of S. Cook, in the city of Ann Arbr, and iward tho sW eootr.ieU to tlio iuwett rt-spottiibto bidder, liy erder of thu Business Committee, C. a.GRECOUV.Ch'n. Aun Arbor City, Ju'j 1y 18 60. Chancery Sale. ÍNT prs'.ifttico mid by TÏrtue of a Pccroo of the Circuí Court Lor the county f Vaihtcnw, in Chancer, inadtt Jn!y lülh. A. P. 1SÖ9, in a case in said Court bttwecu Williaa Ilulbcrt Omp tai naat, and Lojal Tower, l'tbby Aun T.-W'T, [nnidt liollngg, and Justin Kellogg, its, 1 r.hall sv at public venduo t tbe Court il;c City of Ann Arbor, on the 25th day of next, &L noüu, tlte scuth li'r-ievcn and one flfth aru of the South east quark-r, iud also tht eouth uno-llfth of the south-west quarter of bection 'S. liiiri.jr--.ix, iu Tuwnshtp Xo. t)iro soutlt of rango üt east. lyiini in Loilt, In safd county, except bout onefour fa of an aoredeeded to Uuhsel Briggd, a; d one aer aeiriei t StAnbes An !ru;. Uated, Jiily ïuth, . D 18C0. C. H. VAXCLEVE, ïSÖtti Circuit Court Commii4ionor M. W. HAWLEY'S" Celebrated Embrocation. For Human and Animáis. ÍN calllng tho attentiou of the Publle to thl Medlciiw, wo woulil say that it has been fully tried, and hundreds who havo useil it Mak in the most compllmentary terms of its wonderful effectó upon Human Flesh and tb brute crcatlon. I; h fait gatnlnjt popularitv. Wherever used it ie recelvcd with acclamations of joy, and pretiounced tn be the tmntcst Kemody for Ache's and Pain aver offered to the Public. lts mterly effects over dlsoase, when applled. itItm h l celobrlty unsurpusscd by any externnl preparaüon now in usö. Tlierefuro we can eay, with the utmost confldnoa the Euibrocation wil! Curo Rhonmatlsm, " Burns and Scald. "Weakness of Joint, SweltiriRs and Tinnor, u " Ilemctrrhoidsor Piles, ■ " Cbilblains, " " Tnoüiachc and Chappd llnfe JUnbrocatlon will Curo OM Sores and Cranipt, 11 Boils and Corns, " Contracted Mu.icIm, " " Gall of all kind, " Jüns; Bino nnd Poll Erll. Cailous and Spavin, Embrocattoa Till Cule Swecny and, " Springhault and Fístula, BcratciieM or Greasc, Kxternal Foisons, " 8and Cracks, ' " " Lameness and Stralna, Enbrocatlon will Cure Foundered Feot, Manee " " C;racked TeaLi, " " Garf-et In Cowa, " " Foot Eot in Sboop. „ ., . , "". -&UBÜKX, N. T., March , 18fl. We, tho nnderelpicd, do certify, that we have used v W. Hawlkt's Celeiirated Embrooatiox, for Inflammatory and Ohronlo KlicumatiBm, and cherfully reoonustnl H as tho best remedy we have over uscd J. M. Morris, M. D., James I.. HewBOB. L. W. Clemonta, Orrin llurd. Peter Fiero, B. F. Oonld. J B. Kohin5on, of Prophctstown, UI., saya: I teem II the best Limment I have ever known. Ie givos nnlrersal satfsfactlon, and I can testify t ita efficacr from mi owa experience. Manufactnred by M. W. HAWLET, Aubuni !f T C. N. TUTTLE, Auburo, N. T., General Áüent.'lB wbom all order shoald be addreased. - Sold by all Drugglsts and Morchaota throocbont lt ooontry. " and by MA i'NARD, BTEBBINS WILSOV, Ann Arbor, ilich. TO KXCÍIANGE forTown IM in Ann Arbor. with o' without dwelliugs, or for improved land within fl milosof tho city - a (uantity of prairie and timborde Iiiii.I, lylng within ono miïc ot' the liubuqun nd i'aeiff Railmádfin the county of Grundy, lowa, aud ner to ft dt'pot. Kor furtht-T information addrtss 1t mail, E. S KETCÍUM, tfwT6S Commorcc, Okland County, Micfa, Ayer's Cathartic Pilis. ÁN ORDIN ANCE Amendatory of Stetint o 7 and 8 of Ordinanre No. 4. BE IT ORDAINED by the Mayor, Reeorder, and Aldermun of lhe of the Oitj of Aun Arbor : Sec 1. That Section Seven of sid Ordiiianc No. Four, entitled "Au Ordinanca relaative to the prevention of fin," passed in Ocmmon Counoil on tha seventeenth day of June, A D. 1851. be and the samo ig hereby nmended by inserting after the -word "firnrras" in eaid sectiou 7, the wordf "xoept cannon," Öec. 2 That Section Eight of raid Ordi. nance Number Four be and the saméis hereby amendod by striking out eaid eeetion. ond in8erting in place thcroof the following Sec. 8. Every person who Bhall fir eannon within the limita of said City of Ann Afbor, nnd evory petaon who shall aid or tl5iat in the fi mg or cnusing lo be fired ry cannon within said limitü, and eTery prrtoQ acoess.ry before the fací to the firing of any eiinnoii wit.liin said limit, shall forfeit and pay a fine of one Uuiidred dollara or b impriaoned io the cominon jail of the County of Washtonrw for the term of 30 day, or hnll be punÍ8hed Uy both fine and imprisonment ; nd i n case of prosecution indcr this section. half of the fine colleotod of any iucli perion ihall bo paid to i.heinformer who ehall maka :onijl!iint and inatitute such prosocution. Made aud paésed in Comraon Council tbi Jd day of July. A. D. 1860. ROBERT J. BARRY, Mayor. D. 8. Twitcheh-, Recorier. C-w155